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Lucca Comics & Games

Last weekend I was in a comic convention in Lucca, Tuscany. It's the biggest comic convention in Italy (more than 180.000 people came from all over the country) and I go there every year.
This convention takes place on the outside. Not entirely, of course: stands are in sheds, but the cosplayers' stage is on a promenade. The city is encircled by its medieval walls, along which there's this promenade, where there are stalls, bars and, of course, cosplayers.
Every single year, it rains on the sunday. It's like a curse. I don't even know why they keep doing it in november, since it's clear that the weather will be bad, cosplayers will be cold, events will be cancelled, and everyone will be forced to stay stuck in the sheds with thousands of other people.
By the way, I was there and I had a lot of fun. I missed Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Bakuman) but I found some friends I hadn't seen in a while. But what's important is that I finally had the chance to wear my shiny new Mollflander dress :D!

These are the only pictures where one can properly see my dress ;_; (click for a better resolution). That's too bad because it is so beautiful. I'm wondering whether I should wear it again at the next comic convention on November 17th, or if I should go there in lolita and then wear the Mollflander again on New Year's Eve. It's killing me ;-;

 Sitting on the Iron Throne surrounded by my two ASoIAF favourite characters. I couldn't possibly ask for more.

Yes, I'm a Lannister. Unfortunately they'd run out of Lannister t-shirts in size S.

 This is a Cersei cosplayer. Our encounter was quite fun, actually.
"... may I ask you... who are you portraying?"
"I'm Cersei Lannister."
"How's that possible!!"
"They were always telling me "die, bitch!" ;_; and you're the first one to ask me for a picture!"
Then she called Drogo and Daenerys and told them:
"See? See? Someone wants to take a picture with me!"
"Are you kidding, you're like my favourite character, I love you, you're the best!"
"Yea! Yea! She is, right? She's such a perfect character, omg thank you, really, I love you."
"Thank you! I love you too! Can I, I don't know, hug you...?"
"Oh you can do whatever you like <3!"
And then we took that picture and we said bye to each other.
"Bye! Thank you! I mean it!"
"Thank you! You're so lovely! I'm so glad I met you!"
(This went on for way longer, I summarised it for you)

On the second day I wore a pretty plain outfit, because the weather forecasts had announced heavy rain and I didn't want to ruin a good dress. But they were wrong, the weather was fine. And I lost the occasion to wear an amazing outfit T_T

This is me with a friend of mine after the presentation of her book, which hasn't been translated in english (but it really should be; if only I, as a translator, were allowed to translate in a foreign language, I'd do it right away).

I've changed my hair colour. I went to a new hairdresser because the old one just didn't get what kind of blonde I was asking her, and the new one told me that my hair can't get that blonde, because my base isn't an ash colour, but a golden one, which is a typical trait of mediterranean hair. I would never have thought that I had mediterranean features: my hair is a very light brown (dark blonde, actually), my skin is super pale, I have grey eyes and freckles, and I'm often mistaken for a German or an English. Why do my mediterranean traits show op only to get on my way to platinum blonde...?! -_-
Anyway. I was really sick of dying my hair blonde and never getting what I wanted, and I didn't want to be blonde if it wasn't *exactly that kind of blonde*. So I asked him to do my natural hair colour. Which isn't the one you can see on the pictures, but he said that's the closest he could get. Meh. I hope next month my hair will be the right colour, I don't want to do my dissertation with that blondish brown on my head -.-

Oh, I almost forgot: my haul.

 Nerv sweater. If you don't know what Nerv is, just go and look for Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes, like, NOW, in this very moment. You'll thank me later.

Pins <3
The first ones are Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach. I've been shipping them since 2008/2009 and I know they'll never be canon, but I still think they're one of the best love relationships I've ever seen in a manga.
The second ones... well, you should recognize them, by the way they're Oscar and Marie Antoinette from Versailles No Bara ("Lady Oscar" in Italy). I shipped them at so early an age that I didn't even know what "shipping" meant.
And the last one's Asuka Soryu Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion (which I meant to buy together with Shinji, but I couldn't find him. That's too bad because I wanted to buy pairing-related pins). She's my favourite character from my favourite anime ever, her name's been my nickname for years, she's the character I've related to the most in my entire life, she's episode 22, she's... well, I don't have enough time and space to properly explain what Asuka Soryu Langley is to me.

And, yes, I brought home some Magic the Gathering cards which me and my boyfriend got from playing a demo, but they were for free, so they don't count as "haul" :D.

And I guess that's all!
Do some of you like anime & mangas, or like to go to comic conventions? How are the comic conventions in your area :)?

18 commenti:

  1. You look amazing in the dress :D
    And i also wanna sit in the Iron Throne !!!

    God luck with getting the haircolour you want, hairproblems can be so annoying!

    I haven't found any interest in manga and anime though I have tried! :(

    We have conventions here, it's very popular in sweden and I have been to two. On one of them I was dresses as Asuka Kazama from Tekken 5. :D

    1. Thank you <3
      You're a fan of ASoIAF too? I hadn't realized that :D! I'm glad we have that in common :)
      I know Tekken but the last time I played it it was Tekken 3, and I don't really know the new characters :(
      That's too bad you don't like anime and mangas! Which ones have you tried so far? Maybe you just didn't read very good ones :)

    2. Yes I loove the Game of Thrones, I haven't read the books though, I'm scared now that they are going to reveal something I dont wanna know yet xD I hope season 2 will come soon.

      Our playstation died last year so i haven't played Tekken in a long time, the last one was Tekken 5, I also wanna play Tekken 6 which is the newest I think.

      I have tried several ones actually xD I have read Power!, Tokyo Mew Mew and DN-angel and some other I didnt finish because I felt bored.
      The series I have tried to watch and finished most of is: Bleach, DN-angel, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew mew, Chobits, Trinity Blood, Loveless and Gravitation
      But I just dont feel the same way about it as I do with other series, I never feel any urge and excitement about it so I gave up xD Pokemon I do like though!

    3. You should be scared XD there are spoilers you can't even imagine *_* by the way season 2 has already come out :) it's a bit different from the books, and this is bad for Daenerys because in the tv series you don't really get how awesome she is.

      Mh, it seems to me like you have read a lot of shojo manga (and not of the best ones XD), except from Bleach (which was AWESOME until #26 or so, and then became quite meh). I think the best mangas are Mars by Fuyumi Soryo, Haikarasaan ga Tooru, Sailor Moon, Paradise Kiss, Kodomo no Omocha and Saikano. And my favourite anime are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Madoka Magica :) try some of these ones if you want/have the time ;) they're really worth it.

    4. Sorry I meant season 3 xD *confused*

      Thanks for the tips :D

  2. Your dress looks amazing on you! You should definetely wear this more often...

    1. Right? I totally agree XD unfortunately it's a dress meant for special occasions and I don't have that many :/
      Well, I have this convention, and my graduation, and New year's Eve next month, but then they're too close and in the pictures I would always be wearing the same dress XD argh!

  3. Nerv top! Yayyyyyyyy!

    Pretty sure anyone can go platinum blonde if they are willing to completely kill their hair. Just takes several doses of bleach. Lol.

    Asuka! Do you also beat up poor innocent boys? Lol. I think that was cool. I do think she's pretty cool though. And I feel sorry for her. She's probably the most easy to identify with, because Shinji and Rei are so withdrawn. I want the yellow dress she wore in the original anime, which wasn't in the OVA. You know what else wasn't in the OVA? Thermal expansion. Lol, that was hilarious!

    1. Ahah XD no I swear I don't beat fourteen years olds XD!
      You know, you're the first one I hear saying that Asuka's the most easy to identify with. People usually have sympathy for Shinji or Rei because they're soooo cute and kind (yeah, sure. Rei's the kindest girl in the world, with her creepy stare and her monosillabic answers XD and what about the boy who was wanking over his girlfriend in a coma...?). Asuka's always perceived as just loud, annoying and bossy. I don't how someone could misunderstand a character so much and most of all not feel all the pain that came from that girl.
      That said, the first Evangelion episode I saw was 22, when she finally had a breakdown, and I felt so close to her because she was always screaming on people's face but the truth was she was grieving and hated herself. Finally I could find a character that could feel something as strong as I did.
      (Ugh, I really wish my english was better now.)

    2. Oh, and that yellow dress? Awesome. I once found the perfect red patent maryjanes she was wearing on episode eight but they didn't have my size. That sucked so much ;_;

  4. Invidia a mille!!! anche io voglio :-(
    soprattutto quella spilla di Lady Oscar!


    1. Pensa che c'era tutta una bancarella che vendeva gadget di Lady Oscar, tra cui agendine, spille (più belle di quella che ho preso io), illustrazioni e, la migliore... CARTA IGIENICA. Di Lady Oscar. Quelle cose se non sai se amarle o odiarle :D

  5. That picture of you on the Iron Throne is the best ever! Even if you are a Lannister >.> (I'm Tyrell hehe)

    1. Thanks <3 you know, you're the first person to tell me they feel like a Tyrell :D I've heard Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters, Baratheons, Martells, even Greyjoys... but never a Tyrell! Which I don't understand because Loras and Margaery are super cool characters, smart and hot!
      Yes, I'm a Lannister, but just because of Cersei. I don't like Jaime and Tyrion's the character I dislike the most D:

    2. You don't like Tyrion?!?!? But yep totally a Tyrell! I'm actually going to get "Growing Strong" tattooed on me, as part of a slightly bigger tattoo.

    3. Ahah XD well, it's not that I hate him, he's just the one I like the least. They're all amazing characters. What bothers me about Tyrion is that he's worshipped by fans like he's the only decent men among all those motherfuckers (especially the motherfuckers in his family XD) but nobody notices or seems to care about his blatant misogyny. (That's maybe because nobody's bothered by misogyny). Everybody in ASoIAF has a dark and a bright side, that's his, but it's not very evident so fandom seems to think he's perfect, but he's not.
      At any rate, I think he's funny and very, very clever: I think he's the only one (except for Tywin) who could really sit on the Iron Throne. (My dream government would be Queen Daenerys and Tyrion Hand of the King :D).

      Wow, you'd even tattoo their motto? You must really be a fan of the saga! That's amazing anyway :)

  6. Héhé, its Lady Oscar here too.

    I've been very fond of animes and mangas. I don't go to conventions anymore but I did in the past. It became only shops and so on, so it's not super interesting.

    I'm a lannister too btw :D

    1. Yeah, that's true. They did actually sell clothing (gothic, lolita and punk stuff) and there were loads of people selling polymer clay jewelry. But since there aren't many alternative shops in Italy, I'm actually glad I can find them at conventions ''XD

      Oh, I'm glad to hear that <3 but there's a distinction to be made: are you a Lannister because you like Tyrion, or do you like Cersei? XD 'cause I don't like the male members of the Lannister family, I'm just fond of Cersei <3