lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Many thanks to Lesthi for tagging me! I'm so proud to be somehow inspiring to someone ;A; and to think that most of the times I can't even inspire myself ''XD

Five odd facts about me

1. I'm a tea junkie. I know, pretty much everyone on the Internet is a tea junkie, I'm not saying that it's something special, I'm just saying that if they told me I can't drink tea anymore I'd just shoot a bullet in my head because I couldn't live in this planet anymore.

2. Cats scare the living shit out of me. One time I found myself alone in the street with a cat and I started running and crying as if it had been a psycho killer with a butcher knife in his hand. I have a really hard time on tumblr because of this phobia, you know.

3. I'm really clumsy. Not in that cute anime girl way, I mean in a dork way: I trip/step/sit over stuff, I break things, I forget everything like five seconds after I've been told it. I think I'm driving my parents to insanity, and this flaw would probably make me the worst roommate. Remember not to share a house with me, it might be dangerous for your safety.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion changed my life for good. I can't describe my bound with this work, it's something I couldn't explain even if I tried (and God knows I've tried). Not only it is the most amazing show I've ever seen in my entire life, but I've also grown up with it, so it has rooted so deeply into my mind that when I hear people despising it (which is not the same as criticizing - that would be totally legitimate) I can't help but judging them. I'm (not even) sorry. It's like if someone was insulting the person you love the most in the world just because that person is so complex and complicated and amazing, and they just couldn't understand him/her - because they didn't even give it a try - and for this reason they decided that s/he wasn't worth their time. Wouldn't you hate them for that?

5. I'm one of those people who are good at quite a lot of things, but do not excel in anything. It's like my curse. It's like you scattered your talent, you know? Assuming I have any XD.

I'm supposed to tag 15 people, so here's my list:

Feel free to not do it if you don't want to ^^ I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy reading your blogs and how much it inspires me, fashion wise but not only :)

So, uhm, just some days ago I wrote that I wasn't going to buy anything for a while.
Well, I was lying. Of course I was, I mean, you should know me by this time, I can't not buy stuff for more than a week or so.
BUT this time I was good, I spent like €24 and look what I came home with. I love sales, and I love how you can find items from last season that you missed because at the time you didn't check the shop properly, and now they're basically throwing them at you.

Opera gloves!
I already have one pair of these, and from the same store too; but these ones are longer AND they're made of lace and satin, not only satin. I know, that's not even a good excuse... but come on, there's no such thing as too many opera gloves, am I right? Especially when they're selling them for €4 (ok, THAT's a good excuse :D).

This is something that I absolutely needed in my wardrobe: a leather skater skirt. What? Every single girl on lookbook has one!
Of course, fashion arrives in Italy like one or two years later than in the rest of the civilized word, so by now maybe everyone's stopped wearing them (I need to check on lookbook), so that would make me so last season in the fashion bloggers world, but as long as I stay in my country I'm definitely the It Girl.

This is another lucky find.
It was on sale, it was the last one and it was too small for me, but as a coincidence I needed a waist belt to wear together with the skirt.
€4. I love it when this happens.

And this brush came for free, because I still had €13 in my Sephora Gift Card. From now on I officially have to pay for my make-up. That's so sad.
(Luckily enough, I think I won't need to buy any more make-up for, like, the rest of my life).

And, well... I also bought an action figure, but I should dedicate a post just to it and a fashion blog's not the right place for that. Also, it was quite pricey and I've just said I wasn't wasting my money - except figures are never a waste of money, but try and tell that to my mom. -.-

Have a nice week ;*

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

More gifts + Latest buys + Sales haul

Hi :D!
I'm back with loads of new clothes and stuff <3 I'll start with an outfit picture, in which you can find some of my new purchases :).

My new pants <3. I love their colour - which you can't see very well 'cause the pictures came out very dark. Well, it's a dark red, a sort of maroon, one of the few colours I wear in the rare cases when I'm not in total black :D. It's nice to buy something different from the usual stuff once in a while, isn't it?
The spiker hairband is the one I bought at Topshop in London last September :) and the Doc Martens are the ones I bought during the same trip.

A spiker collar :D I've been longing for a collar for ages! What I had in mind was more of a dolly-kei thing but when I saw this one I decided it had to be mine. There was a bunch of spiked collars in that shop but this one was my favourite; the spikes are silver, but they look like they are black 'cause they reflect the colour of the leather. I love the effect. I guess I'm more into creepy cute and nu-goth than I thought I was.

And this is my new ring <3!
It's actually a Vivienne Westwood replica; I bought it at a manga store 'cause this is inspired from the ring Nana Osaki wears in the manga Nana by Ai Yazawa. I've lost count of the people who paid me compliments for this ring :D it probably means it's my best item of clothing - together with the Jeffrey Campbells: whenever I'm wearing them there'll sure be someone who'll stop me to say "omg I absolutely *love* your shoes". Mostly gay male salespeople :D.

I have some relatives who live in Milan, which is quite far from my home since I live in Venice - it's like 250 km or so; I usually see them at Christmas. I'm glad I met them 'cause turns out my cousins are now into gothy and nerdy stuff, and not that they've grown up our age gap doesn't matter so much anymore :) so we had a lot to talk about and we had some good fun together.
My uncle works with some make-up houses and, just as last year, he brought us some products that the factories had dismissed; they're still good products, and he brought us giant boxes full of make-up. Do you hear me? MAKE-UP FOR FREE. Yay!

This is what my mom took, which I consider part mine 'cause she said I can use it xD:

Eyeshadows palette.

I guess this is a foundation, but I wouldn't really know because it's meant for darker skins than mine, so I'm not very interested in it.

Eyeshadows palette. I don't really like the colours, I'll leave it to my mum :D

This is a kajal; it looks like a black but it's a very dark brown. I tried it on and it's so good, I think it's the best kajal I've ever used.

And the following stuff is what I took for myself :D

Black shimmery eyeshadow. It's not too glittery and it looks very good.

Two eyeshadows palettes. I don't know why I took them since I have two giant palettes and various single eyeshadows, but I guess I just did it because I could. xD

These two lipsticks were my luckiest finds. I was just thinking I needed a coral and a peach pink lipstick, and voilà!, my uncle brought exactly these two colours. They're very nice and they don't stick to my teeth like the Kiko red lipstick I have.

I already have a grey polish, but hey, make up for free is always good.

Uhm, I'm not really that into glitter, so I guess I just took this one because it's black and it matches the eyeshadow - plus it can be good for special occasions, not necessarily goth events - but the truth is that I'm in the mood for some change :) and putting some shimmer in my polish may be a good start :D

Talking about change: this is a colour I've never liked. I still don't. But I feel like giving it a try. Who knows, maybe I'll found a way to make this shade of red look less vulgar. Just give me some time :D.

 This one I needed. Sometimes I let my nails take a little breath from all the dark polishes, so I just put on a transparent base coat; but it's not very nice to see my nails, like, naked XD, and since I'm quite good at doing the french manicure, I can use this polish to do it from time to time.

My cousin Melissa gave me these Christmas tree decorations which she made herself, and printed this picture of me and her - this dates back to my best friend's graduation, so we're talking April 2011. I was still a redhead but I had already bleached my hair once, so they came out in this weird shade between red and orange. I liked it, though. I wish I'd kept it instead of giving blonde a try.
By the way, Melissa wrote a really nice note on the back of this picture <3 even though we're just cousins, we feel like we're actual sisters.

 These are french pastries; my friend Fabio, who spent a year in France, bought them for us. My other friends gave me tons of candies, too.
Not to mention my boyfriend, who filled my Epiphany stocking with all this (when I took this picture I had already eaten some stuff):

 (Please note that the ones above are in a double row)
I mean.
Since I don't know how many of you are Christians and acknowledge this italian tradition, I'll explain it to you briefly: Epiphany (January 6th) is a Christian festivity, very akin to Christmas, which celebrates the visit that the Wises pay to Baby Jesus. According to the tradition, on Epiphany Eve an old lady called the Befana delivers stocking full of candies to children. She's old, ugly and wrinkly, she dresses in rags and she flies with a broom (just like a Quidditch player :°D). As a child you're told that you'll get candies if you are good, or a piece of coal if you are not. Of course I've never heard of children receiving coal in my whole life. It's like a female Santa, but she gives you candies instead of gifts.
Considering that by January 6th you've already taken some kilograms because of Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners/lunches, and considering that right after Epiphany there's Carnival (which means more typical candies) and then there's Easter (chocolate eggs), the winter months are the worst for your bodyline in Italy :D.

And now, onto the other things I bought *_*!

 Awww! It's not a secret that I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan, but it's not easy to find SM related gadgets. There are no figurines, for a start. No t-shirts (here in Italy, of course, I'm sure that abroad you can find them). A few pins, maybe, but I'm a bit too old for pins.
When I saw this I thought, "this is perfect". It's sober but it fully expresses my love for the series. Plus it's a very pretty item of jewelry, isn't it?

I bought this one at the same shop as the pants above. I hadn't even spotted it before the sales, I just saw it, thought it was cute and eventually tried it: it looked amazing with the pants, so I bought it even if I hadn't obsessed over it for weeks as I usually do.
Yes, I only buy the things I've obsessed about for weeks, I never go "hey, this is cute" and try it on and buy it. In order to be bought, the item must have been tried on and observed and discussed about for several days. Or it must be so stunningly beautiful that I start screaming OMG THIS IS AMAZING IT HAS TO BE MINE, NOW!!!, which is a whole different thing.

Here, this is something I'd been obsessing about for a fair amount of time. I don't know. This is not my style for sure. I don't even know what to pair it with. But before buying it I had told myself that I was NOT going to buy an item, no matter how awesome it could be, if it didn't at least look good on me.
Well, it did. Could you expect it from a giant shiny red bow hairband? But it did. I had no other choice than to make it mine.

This is a plain black sweater. There's nothing interesting about it.
Except that it took me *months* to find a black sweater that wasn't too large, or too tight, or too thin or too thick. This one has the exact soft shape I was looking for. It keeps me warm because it's made of wool, but it still is pretty - I hate those sloppy wool cardigans even if I have one and I wear it quite often (only because it's the only one that keeps me warm in the winter T_T).
I even found it on sale, so I spent half of its original price. The perfect black sweater came to me for only €20. Don't you love it when this sort of things happens?

And this is another weird case of "oh, that's cute, I'll try it on" and then I bought it. My boyfriend was like "... what the hell's happening to you today?" and he was right. I'd gone to that shop to try a little black dress and a top I'd spotted weeks before, but then I saw this one and I liked it so much that I tried it. And then I bought it. I still think it's awesome.

This one I saw when I went to buy the red hairband. This was a "OMG I NEED THIS NOW THIS IS TOO AWESOME OMGGGGG" case.

The collar you saw above :D.

And then... the item I've obsessed about the most over the whole month of december. I thought I would have found it on sale, but it came full price. Fucking Disney store -_-

Did you see Brave? I did and I loved it. Of course, I would've preferred if she had just gone through her adventure without even mentioning love interests - it all revolved around her refusing to get married in the end, so it was still about a girl and marriage, not about a girl and her adventure. But I think it can be still be considered as a step forward. Besides, Merida's beautiful and so is this doll.

Uhm, I actually bought this watch in December, but for some reason I didn't have the time to take pictures of it. Well, here it is :D it's the most beautiful watch I've ever seen. It has a heart and black roses, which are among my favourite things in the world. I love it.

I should have written a post just for them.
I'd spotted them in that shop two years ago. For two years I've been hoping for the shop to restock them, and they finally did it: I bought them immediately.
They're just perfect. I've been longing for a pair of shoes like these for ages: dark red, high heels, platform, pin-up style. But I couldn't find them exactly like I wanted them: I found shoes that were a too bright red, or without a platform (which made them impossible to walk in), or that were too expensive.
These ones are exactly the shade of red I like and they didn't really cost that much (€36). This time I wouldn't miss them.
Of course I should stay sit all evening in order to be able to wear these shoes in public, but I don't give a damn. They're perfect. Perfect. I dare you to find a flaw in these beauties.

Well, I already had a red eyeshadow, but a friend of mine told me that it was more of a coral than an actual red. So she suggested me to buy this pigment. It isn't a dark red: it is actually quite bright, not very different from the one I already had. But it cost 3€, so I don't mind.

And this belt.
I'd seen it before the sales and I fell in love with it. For some reason, I didn't buy it. I came back to the shop where I'd found it during the sales, but they told me they'd run out of them.
One day I decided to go back to that shop and check, so that I was 100% sure that there were none left in the shop... and I was lucky because there were two left. One was too small, the other one was attached to the display stand with a security system and the salesgirl had quite a hard time trying to get it for me.
And the moment I reached the counter to pay it... I found out someone had stolen my wallet.
I promise, I've NEVER been that angry in my whole life. The nicest thing I wished to the robber was for someone to throw a bunch of needles under his nails. The nicest one.
I decided that I wouldn't let him stop me from buying my precious belt, though. The following day I gave classes to this kid and with the money I earned I rushed downtown and bought my belt. In your face, motherfucker. In your fucking face.

And then, while I was at the mall with my cousin - who was choosing a gift for a friend of hers - I found this single earring on sale. I payed like 3€ for it :D isn't it lovely :D? I wore it with crosses-shaped silver earrings and the effect was amazing. Too bad I don't like pulling my hair back :( but I'll do it for the sake of showing off my new earring ;D

Aaaand that's it. And that will be it for a while, since the thief stole quite a lot of money and I had to block both my credit card and the pre-paid card that is associated to my paypal account. This idiot caused me no end of troubles: now I have to wait for the bank to send me a new card via mail (and if you knew italian mail, you'd understand why I'm freaking out xD) and then change all my datas on my Paypal account. I just hope I don't have to verify my account again because please NO.
I hope next time I'll have better news ''XD for the moment, I'm just happy with the things I bought :)
Bye ;*!

giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

Monthly Theme: New Year's Eve


This time I managed to participate!
To be honest I've just got a few pictures of my New Year's Eve outfit, I was too busy playing Munchkin Cthulhu and Magic the Gathering in the Nerd Corner :D sorry about that, but you should be able to see what I'm wearing even in these few low-quality pics :D

<3 as you can see, I'm wearing my precious spiked Litas.

The bracelet I'm wearing is this one, one of my Christmas presents:

The ring is this one:
And the pendant is one of my latest buys <3 it's one of Sailor Moon's crystals, the one from the third Season (Sailor Moon S). What was its name in english XD?

I know the colours of the pendant didn't match the other jewelry at all, but I couldn't resist, it is too awesome <3

The funny thing about the dress is that I bought it last year for New Year's Eve but ended up wearing something completely different, and then it rested in my wardrobe until three days ago. I just didn't know how to match it: it's too elegant for everyday wear, but also for a gothic outfit, so I was about to sell it. But I didn't, and I'm glad I didn't because I hadn't bought anything for New Year's Eve's party, plus it perfectly matched my Jeffrey Campbells (which are spiked and made of leather, but I love combining lace with something more rock-inspired).
I hope you liked my outfit <3 and I wish you all a happy new year :*!