domenica 27 ottobre 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk in Venice, 2nd edition

Hey :D!
I'm back again, and this time with very nice pics <3. (I can say that, 'cause I'm not the one who took them XD.) Last sunday I went to the Harajuku Fashion Walk that took place in Venice, for the second time, and I had a really nice day. I also modeled for a gothic photoshoot and I can't wait to show it to you guys <3 but I first should find the girl who took it; meanwhile, I'll show you other pictures of the event.
This time me and my friend Beatrice were the only lolitas. There were a couple other girls who had an outfit that reminded of lolita, but I'm talking proper lolitas, according to the style's rules. This time there were quite a lot of goths and metalheads, that don't have anything to do with the theme of the walk… I mean, it wasn't the "alternatives fashion walk", it was the "Harajuku Fashion Walk", so I think people should at least do the effort to come properly dressed. You can go to other events, there are plenty of goth events everywhere… but enough with the ranting. Onto the pictures.

(right-click and open in new tab for better quality)

[Really sorry about not showing the faces, but I couldn't ask every single person whether I had their permission to show them, so… XD]

[My outfit. You can't really see my blouse, which sucks because it was so cute; by the way that jacket was amazing on that outfit, 'cause it created a bustle on the back,  which you can see on the following pic:]

[I loved how it made my jsk look even prettier :D]

[This man was so lovely, and also very good in his job. He told me how to pose and how to smile and how to lean and stuff.]

[I love how my skirt looks in this pic. That jacket really did wonders for my jsk :D]

[This is me and my friend Beatrice, who might be reading right now :D. I love this pic so much, not only because it came out really good, and I like how we posed, but also because me and Beatrice are always taken pics of together, 'cause our styles contrast so much :D by the way, I love her classic taste, and she's always flawless in how she dresses, even in her everyday life.]

[This one was taken by my boyfriend, and I think it's really cute. I especially like how she came out, this filter is perfect for the colours of her outfit.]

[Here we were having a strife and yelling things like "en garde, you felon!"]

And then there were close-ups on my face, which I won't post here 'cause you'd only see a black heart. But as soon as I get my photoshoot, I'll post it here :D I hope you liked this pics in the meantime <3
Have a nice sunday ;*

sabato 19 ottobre 2013

A haul (yes, another one), an award and a real life update

Heeey :D! I'm back!
I wasn't gone for long actually, and it hasn't passed more time than usual since my last entry, but what you don't know is that I've been quite far from home in the last days, and that's why I'm feeling like I'm "back".
I didn't tell you guys something quite important, but I didn't know how to introduce the topic 'cause it'd have looked like I was making a big deal out of it and, see? I feel like I'm doing that even now ''xD
Long story short: I've been admitted to the university I've always wanted to get in. I passed a killer test and later moved to Milan last monday :D
I'm not going to bore you with the snags I encountered; not many actually, but still, for a girl who comes from the country, a big city's something new and different and hard to deal with sometimes; all this despite me being one of those people who've always had the dream of moving to a big city, so I wasn't unprepared, and by the way I know Milan quite well. Anyways. Let's focus on the good stuff!
The good fashion-related stuff is that, hello?, SHOPPING IN MILAN? I mean, Becky Bloomswood would have killed to switch places with me. (And I'd kill to switch places with her, since she lives in fucking New York city; but I'll settle for Milan right now. It's quite the improvement after living in the province of Venice for 25 years.) The shops, guys. So many. So beautiful. So much stuff.
I've noticed that collections arrive a lot earlier, and there's a lot more clothes, compared to where I used to live. That's great on one hand, but very, VERY dangerous on the other hand - for my wallet.
This is what I came home with when I *accidentally* went to via Torino 'cause my afternoon with a friend blew up and I was left with a free hour.
Lol this sweater is A LOT longer on me X°D it like covers half my tights XD by the way I really needed a sweater, I only have one and a few wool cardigans, so I'm not feeling guilty about this one.
Well; I actually spotted it only because I was thinking "well, ok, but I can't wear these leggings with skirts anymore, it's too cold... I'd need some long sweater or something... oh! There is one right there <3!", so I picked it, tried it on and bought it. Only later I realized I needed it more than I needed the leggings.

And these are the leggings. They're glorious and flawless and this pic is shitty, but you're going to see them very soon on some outfit posts, and then you're going to be overwhelmed by their beauty.

This is actually the first thing I put my eyes on... a necklace made with baby pink hearts which each say a letter of the word "bitch" <3 it sums my personality up perfectly, 'cause I love pretty pink stuff, but I'm also what people usually call a bitch; it describes me better than any word could ever do.

And the bracelets <3!
I actually hadn't planned o buy them, but since the necklace was promotion and I could take two items from that shelf and only pay for the most pricey, I picked these bracelets, which came for free.
Since lately I've been growing fond of bronze and golden jewelry, I was very lucky. :D

And that's it, FOR THE MOMENT. I know it's not going to end here. But it'll have to since I've ordered at least three new figures and I need to pay for them, so this must be my last haul for a month at least (of course, I'm talking about clothing. Today I'm going to buy that super cute bracelet I saw last week but that doesn't count because it's jewelry, you know).

Err, onto the questions ''<3
I haven't actually received an award, but the owner of this blog said anyone could answer the questions, so I did it here.

1-Preferisci avere tutto subito o aspettare pazientemente fino a quando sarà il momento giusto per ottenere quello che desideri? Do you rather get everything immediately or patiently wait until the right moment to get what you want?

I have no patience, the mere thought of having to wait to get what I want makes me hysterical and often leads me to giving up :D. That must be the reason why I'm on a good path to becoming a shopaholic XD shopping only requires you to pay in order to get what you want the minute you want it XD.

2-Qual è il colore di smalto che preferisci in assoluto? What is your absolute favourite nail polish colour?

Well, being a lover of dark clothing, I almost never wear colours. The only colour I very seldom wear is a sort of very dark red.

3-Dove ti vedi tra 20 anni? Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Hm, that should be more precise: does she mean "what will you most likely become" or "where would you like to be in 20 years from now"? The second question is easy: I'd like to be a translator and an editor in a publishing house. I'd like to have married my boyfriend and to live with him; we'd be childfree and we'd live in a nice flat in London or Milan or New York, which'll be full of books, figures, comics, and mangas. I'd like my house to have a gothic decor and two pinschers or chihuahuas running around it. As for the first one, I'll probably still be at home with my parents yelling at me, jobless and desperate :D

4-Puoi dire di essere davvero felice in quello che fai ogni giorno? Would you say you're really happy about what you do in your everyday life?

I've only started courses last monday but I'm quite satisfied with them. By the way I should wait at least a couple months to be able to say whether I like what I'm doing now.

5-Preferisci indossare tartan, pois o tinte unite? O nessuno dei tre? Which one do you prefer to wear: tartan, dots or plain colours? Or neither?

Hm. When I was very young, I would definitely have said tartan. Some years ago, during my rockabilly phase, I'd have totally gone for dots. Right now I'm all for total black, so I guess it's the third one.
6-Come ti vedi tra 20 anni (fisicamente intendo)? How do you see yourself 20 years from now (I mean phisically)?

Ugh. I guess fatter, flabbier and wrinkly. Considering how I eat and how little exercise I do, that's the most likely forecast.

7-Indossi i tacchi? Do you wear heels?

Yes I do. A lot. In the weekends only, though.

8-Sei felice ora, in questo preciso istante? Are you happy now, in this very moment?

Well, I'm very careful with using the word "happy", 'cause to me "happy" means a temporary and very excited state of mind that isn't meant to last for long: "happy" is when you receive very good news and you start screaming with joy, and then it ends when you get accustomed to what happened. So, although I'd say I'm fine right now, I wouldn't use the word "happy" :D that's for occasions only.

9-Qual è il tuo cibo preferito? Which is your favourite food?

I really can't choose. These are the main ones:

1. Pumpkin risotto OMG so creamy and tasty, I'm actually drooling right now.

2. Pasticcio al ragù
I really don't have time to see how english speakers call that, I'm sorry XD I don't even know whether they eat this or not. It's lasagnas with meat sauce and béchamel by the way.
The worst thing is, I can't even eat it because I'm intolerant to dairy products.

3. Meringata
It looks like I only like stuff that doesn't have an equivalent in english. Well, it's actually just a cake that's made with ice cream and merengue, and decorated with whipped cream. It comes in many tastes: chocolate, coffee or fruity... my favourite one's with strawberries (and strawberry ice cream inside).

10-Qual è la cosa che ti piace fare e che ti rende più appagata, quella nella quale senti di riuscire davvero bene? Which is that one thing you like doing the most, the one that makes you fulfilled, the one you're really good at?

It used to be writing, but I'd never thought I was particularly skilled; right now I have nothing like that in my life, but there are many things I like to do, even though they're not *that* particular thing that's always been *my* thing.

11-Quella cosa (riferita alla domanda numero 10) occupa la maggior parte della tua giornata? 

Does that thing (in question 10) occupy most of your day?

No, not anymore as I said, but I occupy my days otherwise with activities I like doing; by the way I finally managed to go to a university where they really teach me what I want to learn, so even though translation isn't that one thing I like doing the most, it's still one of my favourite things to do and I'm going to do it five days a week for the next two years, so, my final answers is "sort of".

I'm not tagging anyone, I just did this thing because the questions looked fun to answer, but feel free to answer the same questions in your blog, or even in my comments if you want :D!
Have a nice weekend :*!

mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Outfit + Plans for my Halloween outfit :D

I found an outfit I hadn't shown you yet :D it's from last summer, but for some reason I'd completely forgotten to upload it XD.
It's pretty simple and it's inspired from these new goth trends you can easily find on lookbook. But instead of creepers or Doc Martens I decided to wear patent heels by Demonia <3

Ahh, I miss those days when the sun was shining and I could wear nice lace stuff and minidresses ;A; now the temperature's so low I need to wear a coat. I hate having to wear coats, they hide my outfits D:!

By the way! Halloween's getting closer and I need to think about my outfit. Yes, you got it right, I'm not planning to wear a costume, I'm just thinking about an outfit. Come on: any outfit of mine would be perfect in any Halloween party, so I'll just take this chance to wear my favourite dress, which I never get to wear because, as much as I don't care about being "overdressy", I have boundaries too.
So, what I am going to do is to put it on, put on fake fangs and a pale make-up and be awesome in my fabulous dress.

Halloween 2013

Perfect. With a gothic make-up and some fake eyelashes, it's going to be PERFECT. I can't wait to sport my new red wig <3!

Have you already thought about your Halloween outfit/costume <3? What are you going to wear? I'm curious *_*

mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

New outfit, new purchase & skirt for sale :D!

Aww yeah!

This outfit was for a friend's birthday. I wasn't feeling creative that day and I went for something very simple.
You know, I bought that sweater at Zara like, at least four years ago and I've never had the chance to sport it since. That's because it's quite short and I didn't have any a-line skirts or clothes at the time. Now that I do, I couldn't resist finally wearing it and I was quite satisfied with the result - although this outfit doesn't look very special in this pic... I promise those clothes fitted me better than it shows XD!
By the way, that night ended very badly, with me walking out of the indian restaurant praying I wouldn't puke on the sidewalk :'D who knows what was in the food that made me feel sick... D:

(right-click and open in new tab for better resolution)

<3 My new purse!
I've been looking for a bag that could match my classic loli outfits all summer, and couldn't find one. I was finally ready to buy one on Etsy, with all the shipment cost and the custom of doom, WHEN I spotted this thing at the mall. It only came at €20. I bought it right away.
It's perfect because it isn't too sweet and it has brown parts, so that it can match pastels, but it doesn't get TOO matchy, plus brown adds a touch of elegance to practically anything, since it's neutral.

And then there's the skirt I'm selling :D I thought some of you might be interested; it's really a beautiful skirt, but I never got the chance to use it, since it's very elegant. SOLD

This is the "Joanna skirt" by Spin Doctor. It costs like 60€ in shops, let alone the shipment costs; I'm selling it at €30, and I've only worn it once.

This is how it looks on me. It's an M size, if I remember well, but it's perfectly fine for an S size too.
Let me know if you're interested ;) also, if you're in the mood for buying stuff, I still have all these clothes waiting to find a new home :) (click!).

Thank you for reading and have a nice week :D!