domenica 27 ottobre 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk in Venice, 2nd edition

Hey :D!
I'm back again, and this time with very nice pics <3. (I can say that, 'cause I'm not the one who took them XD.) Last sunday I went to the Harajuku Fashion Walk that took place in Venice, for the second time, and I had a really nice day. I also modeled for a gothic photoshoot and I can't wait to show it to you guys <3 but I first should find the girl who took it; meanwhile, I'll show you other pictures of the event.
This time me and my friend Beatrice were the only lolitas. There were a couple other girls who had an outfit that reminded of lolita, but I'm talking proper lolitas, according to the style's rules. This time there were quite a lot of goths and metalheads, that don't have anything to do with the theme of the walk… I mean, it wasn't the "alternatives fashion walk", it was the "Harajuku Fashion Walk", so I think people should at least do the effort to come properly dressed. You can go to other events, there are plenty of goth events everywhere… but enough with the ranting. Onto the pictures.

(right-click and open in new tab for better quality)

[Really sorry about not showing the faces, but I couldn't ask every single person whether I had their permission to show them, so… XD]

[My outfit. You can't really see my blouse, which sucks because it was so cute; by the way that jacket was amazing on that outfit, 'cause it created a bustle on the back,  which you can see on the following pic:]

[I loved how it made my jsk look even prettier :D]

[This man was so lovely, and also very good in his job. He told me how to pose and how to smile and how to lean and stuff.]

[I love how my skirt looks in this pic. That jacket really did wonders for my jsk :D]

[This is me and my friend Beatrice, who might be reading right now :D. I love this pic so much, not only because it came out really good, and I like how we posed, but also because me and Beatrice are always taken pics of together, 'cause our styles contrast so much :D by the way, I love her classic taste, and she's always flawless in how she dresses, even in her everyday life.]

[This one was taken by my boyfriend, and I think it's really cute. I especially like how she came out, this filter is perfect for the colours of her outfit.]

[Here we were having a strife and yelling things like "en garde, you felon!"]

And then there were close-ups on my face, which I won't post here 'cause you'd only see a black heart. But as soon as I get my photoshoot, I'll post it here :D I hope you liked this pics in the meantime <3
Have a nice sunday ;*

9 commenti:

  1. Woh, I really love the one taken by your boyfriend, the filter is amazing.
    I really like your outfit too.

    I wish I had Alternative fashion walks here too !

    1. Thank you <3 you know, my boyfriend's ability's due to the fact that he's the one who usually takes pictures of my outfits XD and he knows how to take good ones XD!
      Don't you have Harauku Fashion Walks in France? It's a worldwide event, that's strange. Well, maybe you might be the one organizing the first one :D!

  2. I loooove your JSK and jacket! What are the brands?

    1. The jsk's by Bodyline, I don't remember about the other one (I don't even have it at home 'cause I had it washed)

  3. io sono sempre del parere che quei cuoricini sulla faccia siano inquietanti O_O
    peccato perché gli outfit sono deliziosi!

    1. Ahah XDD sì, è vero, lo sono, specie nella foto di gruppo XD ma magari loro non volevano che pubblicassi la loro faccia online, così, per evitare problemi, ho levato tutti XD

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  5. I love your outfit! Are you wearing a wig, it looks very very real I must say? :D

    1. Thank you! <3
      Yes I was XD but everyone thought it was my hair (even people who know me in real life XDD). At a certain point, I took off the wig while we were having lunch and a guy looked at me in shock and said: "THAT WASN'T YOUR REAL HAIR???" XD