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Halloween / Lucca Comics & Games outfits + purchases!

Hey <3 I'm back <3!
(I really wasn't gone for long, but since I was away from home and didn't have the time and Internet connection to update my blog, it really feels like I'm back to me XD.)
This time I have pictures of the usual comic convention I go to every year, Lucca Comics & Games. This year I decided to really dress up, and in fact I was taken pictures of along the way, which made me very proud and gave me a considerable ego boost… XD
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take legit outfit pics. I really didn't, 'cause it took six hours and a half to get there (it usually takes three and a half), when we got there we were super late and had to visit places in a hurry, and when I got to the hotel all I wanted was to take off my clothes (my wig especially) and take a shower.
While the second day it took us more than two hours to drive through 30 kms, which is insane; and our and a half was spent a hundred meters away from the toll booth. There was that much traffic. And when the second day ended we had to head home, so, again, no proper outfit pics.

But! I have some pictures where you can see my outfit. I'm going to show them to you, even though I'm aware that you can't see the first day outfit very well. That's too bad 'cause it was my favourite XD

(right-click and open in new tab for better quality & details :D)

This is the only pic where you can actually see my blouse D: by the way, it was the same I was wearing at the Harajuku Fashion Walk :D
(Oh, and that one on the right is Creamy Mami. Did you watch the anime too when you were children XD?)

Castiel from Supernatural <3 he doesn't really resemble him, but I have to say his face was totally in character.
Also, here you can see I was wearing that pink&black thingy I bought ages ago and never got the chance yo wear XD

And these are Chip 'n' Dale XD I learned to read in italic thanks to them.
Here you can see the mini-hat even better <3 oh, I wish I could wear it more often T__T

And this is all I have for the first outfit. What you can't see is the earring and nail stickers I was wearing, so here they are:

And these are the rings; the first one was part of an Alchemy bracelet that got broken, so I kept the ring and the bracelets separated.

I bought the other two at Lucca Comics & Games.
One features Daenerys Targaryen from the HBO show Game of Thrones (I was looking for something with Cersei on it, but they had run out of Cerseis. On the second day…! Which is good because I've always loved her but couldn't find someone who shared my love for her; now that she's starting to grow on people, they're all buying the merchandise featuring her and they're stealing it from me ;O; and I deserve it more because I've loved her since the very beginning!).
The other one features Oscar and Marie Antoinette from Versailles no Bara. My very first otp.

Please note that I wasn't feeling entirely fulfilled with this ring, so I went looking for figures. I found a too expensive one of Oscar, and then I found some gashapons. I only bought the Marie Antoinette one, but there was Oscar too.

And this is the minihat.

 I have more pics of the second outfit - and, more importantly, they were taken in the daylight.
This time, no black hearts on other people, since cosplayers are well aware that their faces are going to end up all over the Internet. So.

This is me in the place I really belong to. With a friend cosplaying Tyrion, and who told me I should cosplay Cersei. I would gladly if I thought I had an ounce of the beauty it would take to do that.

Ok, I only wanted to show you this one because FOR FUCK'S SAKE LOOK AT THAT LOKI. He's fucking identical. It's fucking him!!

Oohh, there! Here you can see my outfit. Right click and open in new tab for better view :).

Aw <3 she's my favourite character from Shingeki no Kyojin (whom I was also asked to cosplay. I don't know why people keep asking me to cosplay beautiful blonde ladies, which I'm not).

Mikasa, my other favourite character from Shingeki no Kyojin, plus a decent view of my outfit.

And Hanji, another character from SnK. In this pic you can see my accessories properly.
As you can see, I was wearing the black cross ring from the day before, my two new rings (which you can't see here XD but when I got to the The Walking Dead stand for the second time, the owner recognized me by my rings XD!) and THIS.

Oh, I had been looking for that for ages! Or better: I had been looking for a cheap one for ages, and I found it. That booth sold some really amazing stuff, I should really retrieve their business card 'cause I'm definitely going to buy some more stuff from them.

And then I'm wearing that red wig I bought some time ago. I'm a bit annoyed that you can't see my stockings 'cause they were really cute with their lace and their bows :D but the important thing is that you can see my cutsew, which I bought, I don't know how many years ago, spent tons of money on, and never got to wear because it has a lolita cut and I didn't know it, and I had nothing to match it with XD

Oh, and then there's this lovely choker Audronasha gave me when I purchased that jsk from her :)

And finally, my Halloween outfit.
I really didn't put much effort in it; I had just come back from Milan, after being in university all day and a three-hours travel home. I had to come home early 'cause we were getting up early the following day in order to get to Lucca at a reasonable hour (which we didn't manage to), so we just had pizza with our friends but didn't go out with them later, so there was no point in dressing up.
Actually this is just an everyday outfit… XD

You can't even see the spiderweb pattern on my tights… gah D: well, I hope at least you can see the shredded shirt :D I was going for a kind of witchy look, but I just wanted to hint at Halloween, not to put on a costume, so I guess the ensemble was ok after all.
I'm wearing my Alchemy pendant:

The lovely necklace Madame Mari Mortem handcrafted:

And a few rings, I guess one was the same I was wearing in Lucca.

I didn't even put on a wig, I'm so ashamed D: but I was so busy preparing for Lucca Comics I totally forgot about Halloween T__T

So that's it for today <3 next time I'll show you a few new purchases, and there might even be a review ò_O
Have a nice weekend :*

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  1. That Castiel...! :D
    Our fall convention was swarming with SnK cosplayers, specifially Mikasa and Levi cosplayers...-.- I atually wanted to do it too, it's such a simple costume, but I'm glad I didn't. :)

    1. To be honest, I thought there would have been tons of SnK cosplayers in Lucca! It's very popular in Italy (as it is anywhere else).
      Which character would you have cosplayed :D?

  2. OMG the Loki cosplay <3 I just watched Thor the Dark world so I'm such a fangirl right now, haha!

    And someday I am going to have an iron throne at home. :'D

    1. I still haven't seen it, gah! Was it worth it? Oh, I bet it was ;__;

    2. It was soooooo gooood. Wish I could unsee it so I can see it again ;) The best part is that it will be a third movie, yay!

  3. omg that Cas is my boyfriend ... lol ♥ (he thanks you for the picture ;D )

    and that Loki is amazing *_*

    1. Oddio, davvero? XDD Assurdo! E' incredibile che tu sia riuscita ad arrivare alla sua foto XDDD comunque sono io che ringrazio lui, il suo era un cosplay fighissimo XD
      E quel Loki è semplicemente inquietante da quant'è identico.

  4. Ahahah Grazie Per i commenti sul mio cosplay ( Sono io il loki della foto :D) Ci rivediamo il prossimo anno a lucca che penso mi rivestirò allo stesso modo ^^

    Thanks for the comments about my cosplay (Loki) I'll see you next year in lucca and I think I will dress in the same way ^ ^

    Ciaooo :P

    1. Ciao! :D
      Complimenti ancora per il tuo cosplay, eri identico, una cosa impressionante - anche altri miei amici a cui ho mostrato la foto sono rimasti shockati XD
      Spero proprio di rivederti a Lucca l'anno prossimo ;)!