domenica 6 aprile 2014

Haul post :)

Hey :)!
This time I didn't want to let too much time pass until my next post; so, even though I haven't got any outfits to show you guys, I thought I might share some new purchases before the next Harajuku Fashion Walk :D
First of all, I want to show you the items I'm going to wear there. Among which, my lovely Marie Antoinette Portraits jsk by Krad Lanrete, which I've been waiting for for like six months and which finally arrived at my house!

It's so, so beautiful, you should see how it fits, I *love* it! For some reason all the pics in this post came out pretty yellowish, but it's actually pastel blue.
Together with the dress came these two super cute rings:

And I'm going to wear it with these other two recent purchases I bought from a friend.
The first one is a cardi by H. Naoto. It fits so perfectly I couldn't believe how lucky I was, getting it secondhand at a ridiculous price and looking so good in it XD (if I get to say this myself XD)

And then there's this pretty wig, which I bought from the same friend. It's perfect because it's also so Jessica Day, so I can wear it even outside lolita. But it's perfect for lolita either because it has full bangs and locks :D

These are all items I'm going to wear at the next HFW in Venice <3 but I don't want to completely spoil my outfit for you guys XD so, onto the proper haul :D

Yesterday morning my mother and I went downtown to "buy some face cream and hand cream" for me, since I've always refused to put on any on my skin and well, you can see the results, my skin kind of sucks. Especially since I live in Milan and the amount of smog, humidity and dirt I receive on a daily basis has significantly increased. So I thought I might start using some protection.
Somehow, we ended up buying me these two super expensive creams:

A Chanel fragrance and a Lancome make-up remover for my mom, and then two more super-expensive products for me: eye-liner and mascara.

Then we got out of that perfume shop, and headed straight to Terranova, where I found a really nice denim jacket. Who doesn't own a denim jacket, now that the 90s are so aggressively back? I want to buy *so* many a-line colourful dresses to match it with!

And my mother bought herself a pair of leggings and a t-shirt.
We got out of that shop too and I saw it.
THE bag.
The bag I've been waiting for my whole life.

I just. I can't. I don't. I've LOST MY ABILITY TO CAN.
I'd actually already eyed an almost identical bag, by the same TwinSet line, but I didn't really like the background colour (I was looking for white, beige or cream, and that one was kind of rose), and I was so sad because it had the perfect shade and the perfect combination of classy and romantic.
And then I found out there were other colours and, well. I love dots to death.
I literally saw it on a window, pointed it out and screamed:
"That one! Mum! THAT BAG is the one! It's the bag I've been looking for all this time!"

You know, there's this thing about me that if something does not COMPLETELY convince me in every single little detail, I'm not going to buy it. It might be something apparently meaningless, and my mom's always like "come on, you look good, what's wrong with that poor jacket" but it's pointless to even try. I'm not going to buy it.
BUT. When I see something that really, REALLY convinces me, there's no way to stop me from having it. You can see it right away because my eyes widen, my mouth opens and my voice trembles.
I don't waste my money on stuff I don't completely like, but I'm more than ready to spend any amount of money on the stuff I really do like.

Also, since my mother was in a good mood, she decided to also buy me the matching wallet.

I have to say I actually needed a bag and a wallet; the one I bring to university is shredded and my wallet is so little I'm surprised it hasn't exploded yet - it was about time I bought something that wasn't falling into pieces, for the weekends and stuff.

Then, on the way home, we saw a very cute shop with the loveliest dress on its window. My mother suggested we got in and I tried that dress on; she found a pair of pants and a t-shirt, and I found one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever had <3

I've never had such an elegant dress. I'll only be able to wear it in the summer since it has a cross back, but a friend of mine reassured me by telling me she's going to graduate in July, so I'm going to have the perfect occasion (actually there's my birthday too, but there I'm going to wear something more edgy :D).

By the way, this beauty's causing me a lot of pain! I've been meaning to wear it at my travel to Strasbourg in a few weeks but then I reminded why I've never worn anything blue: it's impossible to match!
What colours go with that shade of blue ;_;? I thought white, dark red and maybe mustard, but I'm not sure. I'd like to wear it with a cardigan, tights and heels, but I really don't know how to match colours and besides I don't own anything in the shades aforementioned. Can you help me? I really, REALLY need advice, so maybe I can buy something before I leave!

And since all that wasn't enough XD on the afternoon I went downtown again and bought more stuff: a black eyeshadow by Urban Decay, a lipstick and a make-up remover by Sephora.

And finally a few accessories I bought a couple weeks ago: super colourful bracelet (right from the Nineties!) and very classic black earrings, to wear with stuff that is black but not goth XD.

As you can see, it's not like I'm standing there idle hands when I'm not posting XD!
I hope you liked my purchases <3 and I hope you're going to like my next outfit, awww, I can't wait to post it *_*!
Have a nice Sunday <3!