domenica 26 agosto 2012

Burlesque outfit

Yesterday night I decided to go Burlesque.
I'm really into burlesque style, except the stripping and the showing my boobs bit :D I mean the tutus and the vertical striped tights and the gloves and the corsets and... ok, everything. I like it very much.
I had to go to a gay friendly event; it takes place in the summer and lasts two months, and there are two dance floors (one on the outside, one on the inside), countless bars, restaurants, shops (there's a lovely vintage shop too <3), info zone, a place where you can put a sign for gay unions (in my country they still don't want gay people to marry, which is why I'm going to leave soon, unless they turn it into a civilized country in one year time), et cetera.
Being a gay friendly event, of course there are a lot of drag queens and dancers who dress in the most bizarre ways, which is great. People used to show off their best outfits in this place: I once met a group of kids who came there in their underwear. Seriously. One of them was just wearing a pvc thong and a pvc vest. (And shoes. And a lot of make-up). What I'm trying to say is that you could wear ANYTHING you wanted and nobody would ever have bothered you, ever (especially if you were a girl among a bunch of gay guys :D).
This is why I've always loved to go to that place: I can dance by myself in the dance floor without guys hitting on me or, worse, dancing behind me and rubbing themselves against my butt.
This year, though, lots of heterosexual people have come to this event. Which means that the outfits have suddenly toned down, and that you can't just go and dance with your girl friends: now there are the het guys on the sides of the dance floors looking at you dancing. God I hate that. You know, that way they look at girls, with their cheeky grins, arms crossed, nodding and staring at every part of your body. Not at all embarrassing, huh?

(Sorry about the quality, next thing I do will be buying a new camera -_-)

This is what I was wearing (except for the shoes, I was actually wearing my Bordellos) while I was going into the inside dance floor and a jerk came to me, grabbed my hips, held me against his pelvis (all against my will, of course) and, staring at my boobs, told me "What a nice dress" in that horrible lustful way (he clearly wasn't talking about my dress, which was a corset + tutu btw, you idiot).
I pushed him and told him something along the lines of "Fuck off, you asshole" (I'm probably quoting literally); he didn't apologize, of course, but what astonished me was that the moment I pushed him he was already turning around and going away; he didn't even listen to my insults. In his mind, I wasn't even worth that time: I didn't want any, so onto the next, as quickly as possible, without wasting time on what the girl he had just harassed had to say.
What does my outfit have to do with that? Nothing, imho. He would probably have harassed me even if I was in a t-shirt and jeans. I'm sure they don't seriously think we're "easier" for wearing corsets and heels and fishnet gloves; who would I try to seduce in a place that's full of gay guys, in front of my boyfriend on top of that?
Here's what they think: they know that if you're dressing, as they like to define us, "provocatively" (and I'm really curious to know who would I want to "provoke", again, among gay guys and in front of my boyfriend), people aren't going to reproach them for their behaviour because "with that outfit, she was obviously asking for it".
I won't mention the countless stares, which I had never gotten until het guys came here and made the place theirs; I'll just mention the one I came across after being harassed, when I was so angry that I actually responded him the way I would like to respond every time a man stares at my ass and boobs on the street, but I don't because when it happens I'm alone (they always wait for you to be alone, of course) and I'm afraid they're even going to hurt me: I said "Look somewhere else, thank you" in a very annoyed way. He gave me the "wtf is wrong with you bitch" look, as if I'd jumped at his throat for absolutely nothing (the look they always give you when you protest against their stares) and I gave him my "AM I CLEAR...?" look, and that was it (a friend of mine said he was still staring at me minutes later, though, but at least he wasn't doing it blatantly).
What happened made me very angry. I'm so sick and tired of this attitude. Is there any place safe from harassment? And the worst thing is that there are people, even women!!, who go "ok but look a your outfit, I mean, you should know you're going to get stares, if you put it on anyways it means you want them / you shouldn't be bothered because you know that is going to happen".
Once and for all: WOMEN SHOULD DRESS HOWEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT AND NOT BE HARASSED OR STARED AT ON THE STREET OR WHATEVER PLACE. The first thing your parents teach you when you're a little child is "you don't have to stare at strangers, that's not polite" so why isn't this still valid when you are a grown-up and you're supposed to have learnt how to behave yourself?
I'm never going to take the blame for the harassment I get, NEVER. And I wish that guy bangs his little toe on the corner of every door on earth forever.
... no, ok, I don't want to be polite or peaceful, I'm really pissed off. I hope someone breaks his wrists and every single one of his fingers, and then we'll see how many girls he can grab as if they were his property.

mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

Winter is Coming

Well, actually, autumn is coming, and it's going to take a month at least, but I'm already digging into the new FW 2012-2013 collections. :D
Not that I am a shopaholic (not all the time...!); that's because every year, in winter, I find myself in the same situation: in desperate need of clothes.
You know, when I get into a store (online or not) I get attracted by lacy stuff. Minidresses. Frilly skirts. Corsets, fishnet stockings. Which is beautiful stuff, really, I couldn't get enough of it, but it never, ever, ever occurs to me that when there are -10°C outside during the day I may not need that kind of stuff but perhaps, you know, jumpers, hoodies, pants, wool tights, boots (boots that actually keep you warm, not those faux-leather victorian boots from TUK I bought last year just because they were pretty, regardless of their objective usefulness).
And then november comes and I'm perpetually shivering. I shiver from the end of november 'til the next february/march. I even tried to buy myself a pair of UGGs; black, so that I didn't feel guilty for being so little goth:

But after buying a pair and having to get them repaired twice because they're apparently made of paper -_-, I just asked the shop to give me a voucher, with which I bought these beauties by Walker:

Which, for the record, are incredibly uncomfortable, and hardly keep my poor little feet warm in the winter °_°.
Last year my mother, moved by pity, bought me a pair of leather knee-high boots, similar to these ones:

They were made of a good material and cuddled my feet in a way I couldn't describe, and, despite not having a sheepskin interior, they kept me warm (as long as I wore them with knee-high wool socks). I wore them everyday and I have to say I looked good in them.
But I wasn't completely satisfied with them because, you know, not goth enough. I know you can compensate by wearing weird tights, or tons of accessories, or a dramatic make up, but:
a) When winter comes I just quit wearing tights because I'm too cold. Seriously: I'm actually wondering if there's a way to put on two pants;
b) I can't wear layers of crosses, skulls and ripped hearts everywhere, and most certainly not at work;
c) Same as above: the smokey make up I like is something that's good only in clubs or goth events, or in any case among friends, not in front of your boss or customers.

Yes, I know, this is more of a "panda eyes" than of a smokey make up... but this is the way I like it :P

So I don't really know how to not end up wearing just all-black really plain outfits. I also tend to repeat my clothing pattern because there's not really much you can do when all you manage to put on is sweaters, pants and boots; especially in working days, when I can't wear my New Rocks.
Right now this is the best I can do, and it's meant to be a weekend outfit:
winter outfit

How do you deal with this problem? What do you wear when it's too cold outside for stockings, shirts and miniskirts? This time I don't want winter to catch me unprepared :D!

lunedì 20 agosto 2012

Goth house decor

It's been a while since my last post!
That's because I have tons of stuff to study for my last exam, and the little spare time I had, I used it to go out with my friends. I'm so tired of french macro-syntax T_T!
So, these days I've been thinking a lot about my new room: I'm going to move house in a month or so and I'm looking forward to it, since my new bedroom is like twice the width of my current one. I'm going to buy a new larger wardrobe, a new larger bookcase for my books and another one for my mangas, a case for my action figures and coldcasts, a larger desk, a dressing table, and finally I'll be able to put my piano into my bedroom and play ALL the Tori Amos' songs!
My problem is, I wanted to paint my bedroom walls red&black, but my parents wouldn't let me. Apparently black paint is hard to pull off. The effect I meant to get was this one:

But then I realized that in that picture only the furniture is black, but the walls are pink.
So I figured that I could paint my walls in a very hot pink, like this:

And then fill it up with black accessories.

I saw something very similar last week in a shop; it was a black birdcage with floral decorations all over it. Very pretty. It can be hung from the ceiling, and with the candles lighted the effect is very romantic :).

 This mirror was a Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend <3. I'm going to put it right over the dressing table <3.

And then, of course, the piano. Nothing says "goth" as a girl dressed in black lace playing an eerie tune on the piano.

(I'm going to take such amazing pictures :D)

I'm also going to hang my Victoria Frances puzzles on the walls: I have these two :)

I also have some of this plastic little tablecloths:

Which I turned into frames for pictures that I like; I just print them in a regular A4 sheet and then stick them on the "frame" with some glue pads.

I have four of them :).

I'm not sure about the bed, though. I think I'm going to buy a queen size, but a king size would be better for when my boyfriend stays at my house, like when my parents are on vacation. But on the other hand next year we're going to leave and move to London together, and when we come home I don't really think I'm going to live with my parents again. I don't know. Aside from the size, I'd like something like this:

But I guess I'll just have to settle for something more sober (and affordable... the second one is 20,500 $!).
I'd meant to buy this canopy but it is sold out :( it had a lovely spiderweb pattern.

As regards my dressing table, I'd like to have something like this:

But without the mirror because I already have the perfect mirror <3 just the table. I don't think I can find a black one in, say, Ikea :°D I'm probably going to buy one and paint it later.

Something like this would be perfect. And very expensive: I'll definitely keep it when I'll go live with my boyfriend.

And finally, the lamp! I'm looking for something along the lines of...

I can tell you, my bedroom is going to be so awesome when I'm done decorating it <3.
I'd always thought I had no sense for decoration, because I really wasn't interested in furniture and lamps and all that kind of stuff, but that was until I realized I could decorate a room my way, and by my way I mean the gothic one.
Of course, I had to fight with my pink side that was making fit because she wanted to live in a place like this:

But I said "no, no, no". I made a compromise with her: the walls are going to be pink, all the rest is going to be gothic. Also, pink or white accessories won't look that bad in a pink bedroom, so everyone wins and everyone's happy <3.

How are your bedrooms? Do you take pleasure in decorating them, or you just keep the "goth" to yourself? :)

lunedì 13 agosto 2012

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment

This is the first time I participate to the Monthly Homework Assignment :) this time it's about purses and bags!
I do not have many of them because I usually buy one per year, until that one gets trashed. My last one... well, it had a pretty disgusting end: a pigeon pooped all over it while I was at the beach. I was lucky that some days before the attack I had made an order for a gorgeous Demonia bag:

This was the picture in the catalogue. And here it is on my shoulder:

That is a Peppa Pig a friend of my boyfriend got me on a catch machine :D which I used as a chihuahua.

Another picture of the bag where you can see my outfit :) I was next to the sea.

And here it is, lying on the books I have to read for my dissertation.
I'm thinking of buying another one because I don't want this one to get damaged; I'm only going to use it in the weekends, while the other bag will be used on everyday life, like at work.
I'm very selective about bags, so I think I'll have a really hard time finding another one that I like in its every single detail, but since I swore that after the New Rock boots I won't buy anything until the end of the month, this isn't an issue right now :D

domenica 12 agosto 2012

Well, I actually only bought one item, but it was so expensive that it prevented me from buying anything else during the day, and I probably won't buy anything else at least until the end of the month *_*''
I'm talking about my first pair of New Rock boots <3!

I've wanted a pair of New Rock boots for... let's see... seven years?
At first I wanted this model:

Which is "Reactor 272", but then I saw the ones above (called "Lethal") and I fell in love with them. They are much more sober than Reactor 272 and they can be worn more easily. Of course I don't think I'll wear them at work (if I manage to find one... which I largely doubt °_°), unless I find a very liberal environment, but they are perfect for the weekend in the winter, when I give up on every effort of looking pretty, banish the skirts and wrap myself in layers and layers of wool. When there are -10°C outside all I can think of is being comfortable °_°! So, these lovely combat boots will compensate for wearing boring black sweaters and pants. This is the plan, at least.
By the way, I was very lucky finding them at the price I got them: they originally cost 240€, and there is only one place in my area where they sell New Rock shoes, which is 50 kms away from home and does not offer the whole catalogue... I had found them online for 192 € and I was ready to go to that shop to try my size with New Rock and then buy them online at a lesser price, but when I got there I found out that not only they had this model, but they had it in my size and it was even cheaper than in that online shop. Instant buy. I will never find knee-high New Rock boots for 184€ ever again.

The other thinks I had glimpsed were these two tops:

The first one is by Tripp NYC, a brand I love. Thank God it didn't fit me well or I would have spent even more money T_T and the second one, by Iron Fist, actually did fit me, but it was a little bit expensive for being a cotton tank with a piece of lace and a ribbon. Maybe I would have bought it if I hadn't already spent half of what I had earned giving classes in the last three weeks, but at that point I felt quite guilty, so, even if I loved that tank, I let it go.
(In my defense, it was the lower price I could ever get for those boots, and I've wanted them for ages, and they'll last forever - they have to - so I won't have to buy another pair ever again.)
Anyway I'm very happy about these boots. As I said, I've longed for them for a very long time and my old combats were trashed. I may have spent a lot more than I usually do for shoes and/or clothing but I think they're worth it: they're warm and comfy and not as tacky as most of New Rock boots XD

So, here are some outfits I wore last week:

The Corpse Bride is my favourite movie (together with The Hours). Which is funny because I don't like Tim Burton. This t-shirt from Restyle was recently restocked and I immediately bought it; I had missed it last year and this time I absolutely wanted to have it. It's an M size but it is quite large. I hoped it was tighter, but it's not that bad even like this.
I wore this outfit to my boyfriend's dad's birthday dinner.

 I wore this outfit to give classes to a kid. I think it can be listed under "work outfits" XD the flats are the ones with the ribbon I posted pictures of in the last Monthly Theme.

And this is what I wore last friday to go to the beach! Some of our friends asked me and my boyfriend to spend a day with them at the beach where they were on holiday. I accepted to go even if I didn't like the idea of sand, getting wet, sunbathing, children playing and screaming, old bodies in a bikini, tanned and tattooed naffs... the things I do for love, as Jaime Lannister said.
Speaking of which! In the town where I bought the New Rocks there is a manga-comics-videogames-boardgames-and so on shop that me and my boyfriend like very much. There I found some Game of Thrones t-shirts! I was thrilled: there aren't HBO stores where I live and the online stores won't let me pay with Paypal, so I couldn't find a way to get one. And there they were *_*!
Too bad that they had run out of Lannister t-shirts. Apparently they're all team Lannister down there. There were tons of Stark t-shirts, some Targaryen ones, one for Tully house and a few for Baratheons. But no Lannisters. And I couldn't even order them because they were out of stock. That's not fair T_T!
I console myself by thinking that, according to the herald (you know, that thing that tells you about the origins of your family surname) our coat of arms was... a golden lion on a red field! Guys, I'm officially a Lannister!

I may not have our t-shirt, but I'm definitely a member of the family <3. I like to think of myself as of a Lannister of Casterly Rock <3
Ok, that would be all for today. Have a nice weekend!

martedì 7 agosto 2012

Zombie Walk Outfit...?

On September 15th there is going to be a Zombie Walk in my city. This is the second time I participate and last year my outfit was quite lame. That's because I didn't have the time to think of a better one. But this time I want to pull out something good, so in the last days I've been thinking about my make-up and clothing.
I had in mind something like this:

This is Ashlotte, a bonus character from Soul Calibur IV. I don't mean to just do a zombie-cosplay; what I want to imitate is the structure that's under the gown (which if I'm not wrong is called "crinoline"). She's wearing black ripped lace tights, which I can make (I mean, I can buy them and then rip them :D), Mary Janes (I can use my Bodyline shoes, the ones I posted pictures of in the Monthly Theme) and a corset. I have a corset from Burleska that I've been waiting to wear for months: I bought it last winter and I've waited for summer to come so that I could wear it, only to find out that it's too elegant to go anywhere. But nothing is out of place at the Zombie Walk.

Here it is, in all its magnificence :D

The only problem is that I don't know how to build the understructure of the skirt. I once saw a tv program (I think it was Mad Fashion with Chris March) in which a stylist made something like this with plastic bones and cable ties. But since it has to be visible, I can't use cable ties to link the hoops, so I'll probably have to go for glue, which is very likely to fail.
Also, I don't have a proper skirt. The perfect dress for this would be this one:

Which is also by Burleska, and I've longed for this beauty for ages. But it'd be pretty expensive for something that I'd use just once and I'd probably dirty with fake blood (speaking of which: I have to find a good one. Possibly one that isn't dangerous for my skin and that lasts longer than an hour, and it would be great if it didn't come off in pieces after a short walk...  any suggestions? ;_;)

And then there's make up... God, I'm so bad at it. Plus I've got very deep set eyes, which are very hard to work with, and the risk that I run painting them in dark colours is to make them look even more deep set, which gives me a very unhealthy and dead-tired look (which may actually look good on a zombie, but you know, I want to be a pretty zombie!).
So, make up. The first thing I need to learn to do is wounds. But I'm clueless. Last year I used red and black lipstick and fake blood, and then put a little purple eyeshadow around the wound. It came out quite good, but this year I want something more striking, and buying a fake wound would just take all the fun away. I guess I'll just look for some tutorials on youtube :D here's the effect I'd like to obtain:

[Source: Google Images]

With pieces of rotting skin and a fresh open wound.

As regards the base, I put on some white powder and drew some veins with a light blue make-up pencil. This time I'll remember to put the powder on my whole body and not just on the face... which I don't really need to do considering how pale I am :D

Well, we'll see what I'll come up with. For now, I'll post the outfit I wore last Sunday to go to the mall :)

You can't really see it but I'm wearing a necklace and a rosary :D

These ones are new <3 I bought them last week, together with an AMAZING black lace hat which I must show you as soon as possible.
I just hate that I don't have my black nail polish on >_<

lunedì 6 agosto 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 7

FYeah Finery Challenge.

Day 7 ~

This is the end of the week!
What was your favourite day and to finish off this week?
Who inspires you most of all (fashion-wise)?

Yesterday I couldn't find the time to do it :/ that's too bad, I was doing so good XD
My favourite day was the second one because it gave me the chance to do a close-up on my accessories and jewelry, which you may not see clearly in the outfit pictures.

Some inspiring people... well, I'd already mentioned Misa Amane in the previous post:

(You can find more pics on that post)

Lately I've discovered Taylor Momsen and YES I know she's not goth and everything, but neither am I, and I don't care how she acts or in which horrible tv series she plays, I like her style and I've been dying my hair blonde because I wanted it like hers.

(I'm so drooling over that Hell Bunny dress :Q____)

What I like about this girl is that she brought goth (or at least a gothic look) into Mtv. Before that, goth wasn't fashionable nor something the average teenage girl would like; now they're all about how cool this nineteen-years-old kid is. Which is good. I'm not against goth becoming "mainstream" because if it did I'd lose my unicity; in fact, I don't wear combats and corsets and fishnet to feel "unique" and "different", but because I like it, and if someone (even a teenager with exhibitionist habits... XD) could help me letting people understand and accept my style, so much the better.
Plus I LOVE her platinum blonde long hair and her dramatic make-up.

When I was very, very young I recall being gladly surprised to see this character, Ashley, go goth in Degrassi High (Next Generation):
And in the same show there was Ellie:

(I braided my hair for a whole year to imitate her before realizing how awful I looked with braids XD)

Speaking of tv shows, how can I not mention Effy Stonem from Skins (U.K.):

As you can see, a lot of them are fictional characters. That's because I've always found it difficult to find inspiration among famous people; I usually take it from bloggers or people I see on the street or pictures I find on the internet.

Ok! The week is over. I had a lot of fun with this challenge, so, many thanks to Dany Death Biscuit for letting me participate and thanks to those who commented ^^!