lunedì 20 agosto 2012

Goth house decor

It's been a while since my last post!
That's because I have tons of stuff to study for my last exam, and the little spare time I had, I used it to go out with my friends. I'm so tired of french macro-syntax T_T!
So, these days I've been thinking a lot about my new room: I'm going to move house in a month or so and I'm looking forward to it, since my new bedroom is like twice the width of my current one. I'm going to buy a new larger wardrobe, a new larger bookcase for my books and another one for my mangas, a case for my action figures and coldcasts, a larger desk, a dressing table, and finally I'll be able to put my piano into my bedroom and play ALL the Tori Amos' songs!
My problem is, I wanted to paint my bedroom walls red&black, but my parents wouldn't let me. Apparently black paint is hard to pull off. The effect I meant to get was this one:

But then I realized that in that picture only the furniture is black, but the walls are pink.
So I figured that I could paint my walls in a very hot pink, like this:

And then fill it up with black accessories.

I saw something very similar last week in a shop; it was a black birdcage with floral decorations all over it. Very pretty. It can be hung from the ceiling, and with the candles lighted the effect is very romantic :).

 This mirror was a Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend <3. I'm going to put it right over the dressing table <3.

And then, of course, the piano. Nothing says "goth" as a girl dressed in black lace playing an eerie tune on the piano.

(I'm going to take such amazing pictures :D)

I'm also going to hang my Victoria Frances puzzles on the walls: I have these two :)

I also have some of this plastic little tablecloths:

Which I turned into frames for pictures that I like; I just print them in a regular A4 sheet and then stick them on the "frame" with some glue pads.

I have four of them :).

I'm not sure about the bed, though. I think I'm going to buy a queen size, but a king size would be better for when my boyfriend stays at my house, like when my parents are on vacation. But on the other hand next year we're going to leave and move to London together, and when we come home I don't really think I'm going to live with my parents again. I don't know. Aside from the size, I'd like something like this:

But I guess I'll just have to settle for something more sober (and affordable... the second one is 20,500 $!).
I'd meant to buy this canopy but it is sold out :( it had a lovely spiderweb pattern.

As regards my dressing table, I'd like to have something like this:

But without the mirror because I already have the perfect mirror <3 just the table. I don't think I can find a black one in, say, Ikea :°D I'm probably going to buy one and paint it later.

Something like this would be perfect. And very expensive: I'll definitely keep it when I'll go live with my boyfriend.

And finally, the lamp! I'm looking for something along the lines of...

I can tell you, my bedroom is going to be so awesome when I'm done decorating it <3.
I'd always thought I had no sense for decoration, because I really wasn't interested in furniture and lamps and all that kind of stuff, but that was until I realized I could decorate a room my way, and by my way I mean the gothic one.
Of course, I had to fight with my pink side that was making fit because she wanted to live in a place like this:

But I said "no, no, no". I made a compromise with her: the walls are going to be pink, all the rest is going to be gothic. Also, pink or white accessories won't look that bad in a pink bedroom, so everyone wins and everyone's happy <3.

How are your bedrooms? Do you take pleasure in decorating them, or you just keep the "goth" to yourself? :)

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  1. Pink walls looks actually very cool :D
    I wanna put our weddingpicture in a frame looking like that mirror you have.

    If you wanna buy the same headband it's this one I have

    And you are right, I should use a italic font for the invitations instead :D

    1. Thank you so much for the url!
      That's a very good idea, putting the wedding picture into a gothic-looking frame. Wow, it's so nice, having a gothic marriage and a gothic house and gothic invitations :D! Are you going to wear a gothic dress too? My dream dress for that occasion would be this one --> :D
      By the way, my room is very messy too, but I think that adds an eclectic accent to it u_u

    2. Your welcome ^^

      Yes, I have designed myself and a friend is going to make it for me, this is what it will look like:

    3. Wow *_*! Corseted and half-sleeve! It must be wonderful, I can't wait to see some pictures *_*
      Is it going to be black or did you go for the classic white :)? (Or some other colour... like, red is very popular in wedding dresses!)

    4. Thank you :D

      The lace parts will be white and black but other than that it will be white. Mostly because I think the weddingdress should feel special, and since I never wears white it's a special colour :-D

    5. Black&white is really nice! My cousin got married in a black&white dress, it was really pretty; I bet yours will be gorgeous too! :)

  2. Oh, and I try to have a goth style in the bedroom, but mostly it looks so messy with all the clothes everywhere ;D so I think that right now the bedroom isn't as gothic as our other rooms.

  3. This is a fantastic inspiration post!
    I especially love what you did with those table cloths-- very crafty!

    1. Coming from you, that's a huge compliment :)! Thank you!

  4. Love those! The room with the purple walls and bed is a lot like I want my future room to look like. I was saying just today one day I will have a huge four poster bed (wanted one since I can remember) with black curtains all around it and flocked wallpaper.

    1. Oohhh *_* that would be awesome. You know, I wanted to buy a flocked wallpaper too, but they told me it causes a lot of humidity, so I gave it up... but I hope to see a lot of pictures of yours <3!
      (Your comment reminded me that I haven't thought of the curtains yet... I figure I'll go for black velvet though <3 classic.)

  5. I loooove the first picture.

    I bought my appartment this spring, and the first thing i done is to re-paint EVERYTHING. before, I only rented appartment since I left my parent's house when I was 17, so I never had a gothic bedroom.

    Right now,my bedroom is not so gothic, it is more "romantic" style. I painted my walls in lilac and my windows are white, so are my bed, and other furnitures. It was the compromise because My fiance didn't want a black bedroom .... But my book room (I don't know the good word, it's a place where i put all my books and you can read in here, kind of library) I black, real black. I may post a picture one day (I still have ome shelves to buy ...).

    1. First picture is amazing, isn't it :)? It's a gothic castle somewhere.
      I love romantic too <3 in fact I was really unsure about the colours, I like black, purple and deep red but pink, white and lilac are lovely too! I can't wait for the day I have a house so I can do every room in a different style and I'm not forced to choose just one anymore XD
      Btw my boyfriend too doesn't want our future bedroom to be black D: he says it's macabre and it's not a good colour to help you sleeping; he has a point, but I once saw a total black bedroom and it was just *amazing* (and very relaxing, to tell the truth!).
      I'd really like to see the pictures of your study!
      (If I may make a digression... I'm really surprised you left home at seventeen and are able to actually buy an apartment! I guess the crisis in France isn't as hard as it is here :/!)

    2. Well, I left at 17 but then I went to the university (here in france, university is almost free, it cost 500€/year, but the country paid it to me), and lived in a 9m² room for several years (it was all i could afford). Nowadays i'm an IT engineer, so I'm fine -financially speaking-.

      I also live in a very small town, so the prices are not as high as they're in Paris or Nice. But I consider myself very lucky for being able to get through all of this shit, i come from a very "poor" background, so it was not easy.

      To have your own home is great ! My desk is going to be steampunk/loft-lije and my living room is purple and grey. I think black a a very relaxing color, the only drawback is that it makes the room look smaller, and keep the room warmer. I really feel the difference between my lilac bedroom and my black study.

    3. Oh, I see! I'm sorry, I didn't think of university because here it starts at nineteen :) it isn't expensive here either, you pay a lot less if your family isn't wealthy, but you still have to pay 500€ a year for the registration... which is still nothing compared to what they pay in the US in any case :/
      Congratulations for your job! I guess having a good job and a house of your own is even more satisfying if you had to go through a lot of sacrifices, but you definitely earned it; you're pretty much my age and you already have a house and a job, that's a lot nowadays :)! You should be proud of yourself.
      And yes, one problem with black is that the room looks smaller, but the thing about the warmth would be actually fine to me, I hate cold! Well, that could be one point to convince my boyfriend... XD