venerdì 3 agosto 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 5

What style of Goth do you associate yourself with (Cyber Goth, Deathrocker, Gothabilly, etc)?
ALSO either:

  • Show pictures of your favourite outfits (as seen by other Goths.) Who are they? What style are they into?
  • Take pictures of yourself wearing a normal, everyday outfit/what you're wearing today (if such a day is normal!) showing your personal style or an outfit you're fond of wearing (that shows your personal style.)
If you tend to play around with different styles/consider your style a mixture, show your various outfits (of others or yourself.)

Lol actually I'm one of those who like to play with different styles. And when I was younger I didn't even dress just goth, I often dressed up as a metalhead, pulled out punk outfits, and I even had a visual kei phase :°D
It's also funny that, while my favourite styles of goth are classic, victorian, fairy and period, I end up wearing mostly cabaret goth or erotic gothic lolita inspired looks. Well, just in the summer, because the rest of the year the temperatures are quite low and I just put on combats, a sweater and black pants, trying to compensate with accessories and make up.

I'm sorry but I can't remember where I found these pictures; they were on my computer :( I'll be happy to credit if anybody knows who they are!

But my true source of inspiration is her:

This is Misa Amane from Death Note. I can't stand her character, but I love her outfits. In fact, many people tell me that I look like her, especially now that I'm blonde :D (I know they mean that the resemblance is only aesthetic, so I don't take offense XD)
She tends to play with styles as much as I do, but always along the lines of goth-gothic lolita-ero loli. Her outfits were the most interesting thing in Death Note XD

4 commenti:

  1. Ahhhhh! Misa! I remember when I first started reading Death Note I absolutely burst out with excitement for I was a wee babybat at this point in time... I kept staring at her clothes :o

    I just wish her character wasn't so dumb xP

    1. Yeah, me too... but if she was smart too she would have been PERFECT, and if you consider that in every comic convention half of the cosplayers are cosplaying her, just imagine what would happen if people actually *loved* her XD

  2. I loooove all the beautiful long gowns, I need more dresses like that!

    I also really want that bat wing suitcase! Cute!

    1. I love them too... but I wouldn't know when to wear them :/ except for photoshoots (which I don't do) or big events (which don't happen where I live), so it would be a waste of money... but still... :/