domenica 12 agosto 2012

Well, I actually only bought one item, but it was so expensive that it prevented me from buying anything else during the day, and I probably won't buy anything else at least until the end of the month *_*''
I'm talking about my first pair of New Rock boots <3!

I've wanted a pair of New Rock boots for... let's see... seven years?
At first I wanted this model:

Which is "Reactor 272", but then I saw the ones above (called "Lethal") and I fell in love with them. They are much more sober than Reactor 272 and they can be worn more easily. Of course I don't think I'll wear them at work (if I manage to find one... which I largely doubt °_°), unless I find a very liberal environment, but they are perfect for the weekend in the winter, when I give up on every effort of looking pretty, banish the skirts and wrap myself in layers and layers of wool. When there are -10°C outside all I can think of is being comfortable °_°! So, these lovely combat boots will compensate for wearing boring black sweaters and pants. This is the plan, at least.
By the way, I was very lucky finding them at the price I got them: they originally cost 240€, and there is only one place in my area where they sell New Rock shoes, which is 50 kms away from home and does not offer the whole catalogue... I had found them online for 192 € and I was ready to go to that shop to try my size with New Rock and then buy them online at a lesser price, but when I got there I found out that not only they had this model, but they had it in my size and it was even cheaper than in that online shop. Instant buy. I will never find knee-high New Rock boots for 184€ ever again.

The other thinks I had glimpsed were these two tops:

The first one is by Tripp NYC, a brand I love. Thank God it didn't fit me well or I would have spent even more money T_T and the second one, by Iron Fist, actually did fit me, but it was a little bit expensive for being a cotton tank with a piece of lace and a ribbon. Maybe I would have bought it if I hadn't already spent half of what I had earned giving classes in the last three weeks, but at that point I felt quite guilty, so, even if I loved that tank, I let it go.
(In my defense, it was the lower price I could ever get for those boots, and I've wanted them for ages, and they'll last forever - they have to - so I won't have to buy another pair ever again.)
Anyway I'm very happy about these boots. As I said, I've longed for them for a very long time and my old combats were trashed. I may have spent a lot more than I usually do for shoes and/or clothing but I think they're worth it: they're warm and comfy and not as tacky as most of New Rock boots XD

So, here are some outfits I wore last week:

The Corpse Bride is my favourite movie (together with The Hours). Which is funny because I don't like Tim Burton. This t-shirt from Restyle was recently restocked and I immediately bought it; I had missed it last year and this time I absolutely wanted to have it. It's an M size but it is quite large. I hoped it was tighter, but it's not that bad even like this.
I wore this outfit to my boyfriend's dad's birthday dinner.

 I wore this outfit to give classes to a kid. I think it can be listed under "work outfits" XD the flats are the ones with the ribbon I posted pictures of in the last Monthly Theme.

And this is what I wore last friday to go to the beach! Some of our friends asked me and my boyfriend to spend a day with them at the beach where they were on holiday. I accepted to go even if I didn't like the idea of sand, getting wet, sunbathing, children playing and screaming, old bodies in a bikini, tanned and tattooed naffs... the things I do for love, as Jaime Lannister said.
Speaking of which! In the town where I bought the New Rocks there is a manga-comics-videogames-boardgames-and so on shop that me and my boyfriend like very much. There I found some Game of Thrones t-shirts! I was thrilled: there aren't HBO stores where I live and the online stores won't let me pay with Paypal, so I couldn't find a way to get one. And there they were *_*!
Too bad that they had run out of Lannister t-shirts. Apparently they're all team Lannister down there. There were tons of Stark t-shirts, some Targaryen ones, one for Tully house and a few for Baratheons. But no Lannisters. And I couldn't even order them because they were out of stock. That's not fair T_T!
I console myself by thinking that, according to the herald (you know, that thing that tells you about the origins of your family surname) our coat of arms was... a golden lion on a red field! Guys, I'm officially a Lannister!

I may not have our t-shirt, but I'm definitely a member of the family <3. I like to think of myself as of a Lannister of Casterly Rock <3
Ok, that would be all for today. Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Love New Rocks! Heaps of characters wore them in The Tribe. Tai San had those ones in the first pic. I really want them but I don't think I can walk in heels!

    1. I wouldn't worry about those heels :) they're quite low, I can assure you. Also, there is a platform on the front part, so it's like a 2 cms heel, really :D they're very comfortable, the only flaw is that they are quite stiff on the heel zone, but I hope they'll soften with time and use!

  2. yes, I think they are the same!