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FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 7

FYeah Finery Challenge.

Day 7 ~

This is the end of the week!
What was your favourite day and to finish off this week?
Who inspires you most of all (fashion-wise)?

Yesterday I couldn't find the time to do it :/ that's too bad, I was doing so good XD
My favourite day was the second one because it gave me the chance to do a close-up on my accessories and jewelry, which you may not see clearly in the outfit pictures.

Some inspiring people... well, I'd already mentioned Misa Amane in the previous post:

(You can find more pics on that post)

Lately I've discovered Taylor Momsen and YES I know she's not goth and everything, but neither am I, and I don't care how she acts or in which horrible tv series she plays, I like her style and I've been dying my hair blonde because I wanted it like hers.

(I'm so drooling over that Hell Bunny dress :Q____)

What I like about this girl is that she brought goth (or at least a gothic look) into Mtv. Before that, goth wasn't fashionable nor something the average teenage girl would like; now they're all about how cool this nineteen-years-old kid is. Which is good. I'm not against goth becoming "mainstream" because if it did I'd lose my unicity; in fact, I don't wear combats and corsets and fishnet to feel "unique" and "different", but because I like it, and if someone (even a teenager with exhibitionist habits... XD) could help me letting people understand and accept my style, so much the better.
Plus I LOVE her platinum blonde long hair and her dramatic make-up.

When I was very, very young I recall being gladly surprised to see this character, Ashley, go goth in Degrassi High (Next Generation):
And in the same show there was Ellie:

(I braided my hair for a whole year to imitate her before realizing how awful I looked with braids XD)

Speaking of tv shows, how can I not mention Effy Stonem from Skins (U.K.):

As you can see, a lot of them are fictional characters. That's because I've always found it difficult to find inspiration among famous people; I usually take it from bloggers or people I see on the street or pictures I find on the internet.

Ok! The week is over. I had a lot of fun with this challenge, so, many thanks to Dany Death Biscuit for letting me participate and thanks to those who commented ^^!

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  1. I also love Taylor Momsen, I can forgive her bad acting because I love The Pretty Reckless and her style :)

    1. Ahah XD was she bad? I saw Gossip Girl dubbed, not the original in english, so I wouldn't know... maybe it's because Jenny Humphrey is so different from her (at least in those 10 episodes of the first season I saw), so she just can't relate to the character :)!

  2. I love Taylor's style! She looks amazing! I love how she turned from cute little sister in gossip girl to crazy tall sexy teen gone bad! I also love 90s goth, now I am considering watching Degrassi high. When I was younger I watched the tv show Boston Public, and right near the end there was an awesome character I loved called Rainy Murphy. See, I still remember her name. She was Goth and in foster care and she was also smart and good at art. I adored her! The girl who played her was white blonde in real life and finished school at 16 and was really smart too! :P

    1. The first time I saw a picture of her in fishnet and leather jacket (I think it was the third above) I didn't recognize her! I first thought it was from an episode where the cute and innocent little girl had gone goth (which would have ended by the next episode because in tv shows goth is ALWAYS a phase one goes through when s/he has issues, and once he solves them the goth just magically goes away) and then I found out it was a picture of the actress! Instant love for Taylor <3.
      I've googled this Rainy Muprhy girl but I couldn't find any pictures :/ by the way it's good that they portrayed the goth character as a smart person.
      Another good example I can think of is Abby from NCIS, which is even better because she's an adult and she's still into the subculture :)

  3. ^-^ hooray!
    -takes off bustle- LOL! Ha ha.. oh my.

  4. I love Ellie and Effy! Also I like some of Taylor Momsen's stuff. I do love her hair. I kind of really want hair like hers. (PS I can't figure out how to subscribe to your blog)

    1. Her hair colour is very hard to get :( I've bleached them countless times and still I can't get that platinum (but I guess that with your light brown hair it would be easier).
      To subscribe to my blog you have to open your Blogger home page, see the list of the blogs you follow and click on "add new one" (I guess... my home page language isn't set in english ^^). It's on the left side of the page! Thank you by the way, I'm so glad you want to follow my blog <3