mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 3

FYeah Finery Challenge.

Day 3 ~

What are your top 5 favourite Goth/alternative brands? (can be clothing, shoes, anything!)
What do you love about these brands?
Include pictures of your favourite pieces by them (either from their own photos or photos of you wearing the pieces.)
Show your current outfit :)

1. Sinister.
Funny thing is I only own a skirt by Sinister, but it is so stunningly beautiful that it's enough to put the brand into my top five favourites.
(Lol sorry I am beheaded here, this is an old picture and I couldn't find the one with my head in it XD)

2. Hell Bunny.
Same as above: I only own one item of clothing, but it's more than enough :D plus, every time I take a look on Hell Bunny's catalogue I feel the sudden urge to buy, like, EVERYTHING.

3. Alcatraz
Look at this corseted shirt. Just look at it. Words can't explain how much I've struggled for this thing from the moment I saw it to the moment I decided to spend all that money on it. It's been worth every cent.
(By the way, the shirt I'm wearing in the first picture, matched with the Sinister Skirt, is by Alcatraz too)

4. Baby Angel
This is an italian brand run by stylist Elio Fiorucci. You can find pretty much anything (even some gothy items...!) but in these last years it has started making replicas of lolita brands, and making lolita-like clothing on its own. It isn't expensive and it has some cute things, here are some of them:

(Top + skirt)
(I'm really sorry about the quality of these two pictures! These were the only ones I had, unfortunately today I didn't have time to take pictures :/
Lol in these two pics you can see the hair colour I got when I tried to dye my red hair blonde... they were less awful then I recalled XD)

(Keroro's back! XD I'd meant to post this pic earlier, before switching to the hearts brush :D)

If I had to post all the things I bought from Baby Angel, it would become advertisement XD I'll just stop here with what I think are its best items.

5. Poizen Industries
I've bought a lot of stuff from Poizen Industries throughout the years, I'll just show you my most recent purchase :)

And, ok, I'm really hating my camera because you can't see pretty much anything... I guess I damaged it (even more than it was before -.-) some days ago when I dropped it on the floor. Oh, well, I already had to buy a new one, but I hoped I could postpone the expense a little bit longer!

And here's my outfit of the day. This time it's very simple, because I have to go around and look for a job and leave my curriculum, so I have to keep a low profile :D but I think it's nice. That t-shirt is a birthday gift from a high school friend of mine :)
Wow, it's done! Writing this post took me ages XD!

8 commenti:

  1. WOW! You have AMAZING clothing! That Sinister skirt to to die for...
    I SEE FIGURINES -fangirlsquee-!

    1. Thank you! And to think I took that picture of the Sinister skirt because I wanted to sell it on eBay XD
      You mean the action figures and coldcasts? Oh yes, I have quite a lot of them, sooner or later my mom's going to make me choose who's going to stay in the house, me or the figures. I love them so much I think I'll leave the place to them <3.

  2. You have sooo much gorgeous stuff! I am especially jealous of those two alcatraz shirts!

    1. Thanks ^^!
      Those shirts are so pretty... I'm especially proud of the one with lace sleeves: it is the perfect synthesis of my idea of "goth fashion", all lacy and ruffly and black <3

  3. First and second outfits are divine! I think I may have the top of the first one... but to be honest I have no idea if I do, since over half of my clothes is still waiting to be shipped to my new place lol

    Very beautiful collection indeed :)

    1. Thank you ^^! I love the first outfit too, this is very close to what my "ideal style" is, but I can wear it only seldom because, you know, it's a shame to go to the pub in such an outfit, and you can neither dance dressed like that... so I never get to wear that skirt XD!
      Thank you for leaving a comment ;)!

  4. I am extremely jealous because you have a Hell Bunny dress. That is all.

    1. It's the only one I have, though XD! And it was very hard to find because once they run out of a dress they never restock it :/