sabato 28 settembre 2013

Outfits + New clothes :D

A few outfits I've worn recently and some stuff I've bought some time ago, but forgot to show you XD.

The first one was created around the a-line skirt I showed you in my last post.

A friend of mine told me I looked good dressed like that :D this pic doesn't really do me or my outfit justice, though.
And by the way I think I should have worn heels; except the only red heels I have were the wrong shade of red. Gah.
I don't even know why I bought those shoes. I remember I was in Milan in one of my favourite shops, and I'd seen those flats in three versions: black, red and white. I'd have liked to buy all three of them but I didn't have enough money, so I chose red because I wear red more often then I wear white; also, I couldn't figure an outfit that would've required white shoes (I couldn't foresee that one day classic lolita would've started to grow on me :D). Long story short, I've worn them maybe three times, because the only thing that goes well with them is that top and I put it on like once a year XD.

On the contrary, this outfit has many things that I wear extremely frequently. Like that tee. I bless the day when I saw it at Zara and decided I could try some rock-chic.

I wear these accessories very often as well. The rosary's definitely the necklace I wear the most, since it's for my everyday outfits; and I usually pair it with Dean's necklace (you know, Dean, from Supernatural?).
And those bracelets are the ones that match my everyday outfits more easily, so I wear them almost everyday.
I've just realized I seldom show you guys my everyday outfits. You might have gotten the totally wrong idea that I go to university or to buy groceries in tutu minidresses XD.

And this is what I was wearing to my cousin's graduation. Not really my usual style, huh? Quite preppy, I'd say. The blouse and the pants are new: my mom bought them for me as a present. I'd seen them in a shop in my town and I guess she was so blasted I was showing interest towards stuff that wasn't studded or lacy or black that she immediately proceeded to get them for me. She also bought me a lovely sweater which I'll show you later.
Well, the chance to wear these clothes came pretty soon - I was also glad I didn't have to think of an outfit anymore, these new clothes were perfect together and perfect for the occasion.
My mom let me use her booties; I don't really like them, but I figured they were the only shoes we had at home that could go with the outfit.
By the way, my boyfriend told me I looked like a professor. I'm not sure whether I should take it as a compliment :'D (he said he meant it in a good way... hmm)

And then there is some stuff I've bought some time ago and forgot to show you XD.

This is the sweater my mother bought for me. It doesn't look very special, I know, but to be fair, nothing could look very pretty while it's on a hanger :°D.

I bet you're all well aware of my obsession with Monster High Dolls. You may not be aware that, when I obsess over something, I start to want clothes with that something on them. So when I saw this tee at the kids department I immediately tried one on.
I always fit in children's clothes, as long as they have sizes from 12 years old on. The only problem's usually with my boobs, but since this tee was meant for 13/14 years olds I guess they took the boobs factor into account (I already had them at that age).
Now I have to spend some time thinking about what could possibly go with it. There are too many bright colours and I literally don't know what to do with them. I guess jeans might go well with this tee but, guys. Jeans. I refuse to be this unfashionable.

XDDD How many of you remember this girl?
I most certainly do! I used to have so much fun watching this cartoon. Last summer OVS (an italian brand I like a lot) made a line of t-shirts with characters from cartoons, including Little Pollon. In the store I usually go to they only had Eros, which wasn't quite the same to me, so I waited to check in another OVS store, and I found one featuring Pollon. It was even on sale, so I spent like, €7?
I had to buy an XS because it was the only one left with Pollon on it, but it fitted my waist and it didn't squeeze my boobs; it was only a little bit tight on the shoulders.
The line under her name says "troublemaker" :P (that was the literal italian translation of the cartoon's title).

Have a nice weekend you all ;D*!

lunedì 23 settembre 2013

Another haul :D!

Hey :D
It hasn't been a long time since my last haul, I know, but in my defense there's to say that my hauls are always pretty moderate.
*sighs* And to think I was saving money for a laptop... and the few money I had left for other stuff, I had to spend it in Loverdose Tattoo. But then I bumped into Tally Weijl while I was at the mall and... it happened.
I'd gone to the mall because I had to buy clothes for the pranks me and my friends made for my cousin's graduation (she got her master degree in philology), and well, I got them, but I also came home with three new items for me.
Two of them were needed: I really, really need basic clothing, so no one can say these two things are not going to be useful when I'll be in uni.

I can't say the same about this beauty, though.

This one I really didn't need, but for God's sake LOOK AT THAT PRINT. I just can't resist flock prints.
I have absolutely no idea when and where I'm going to wear it: it requires no bra and no undershirt, since it is partially transparent on the front and completely transparent on the back; summer has just ended, it's a little too cold now.
But look at it. Just look at it. It's beautiful. And I love what it does to my waistline - shops definitely need more A-line clothes.

And, as if this wasn't enough... a friend of mine was selling a classic lolita jsk since she had bought two identical dresses by mistake. I had seen it on her at the Harajuku Fashion Walk that took place in Venice some months ago and I had loved it (click here to see it: she's the one on the right), so when I noticed she was selling it I immediately reserved it XD.

*sighs* This is exactly the kind of classic/country floral dress I was looking for. It's perfect.
Now all I have to do is figure out what I'm going to match it with, since I don't have shoes, or tights, or blouses, or a petticoat, or ANYTHING that can go with pastels. But since I'm growing fonder and fonder of this style, I guess I'll just have to buy something, like a white blouse and white tights.
My problem is with shoes.
I don't like typical lolita shoes like these:

Or these:

They're cute, but they're not for me. I don't want to look like a chid - actually, I only use mary janes and poofy petticoats when I'm all dressed in black, which kind of compensates, doesn't it?
I prefer this kind of shoes, with a narrower heel:

Except, of course, these ones don't come in colours that might match my clothes.
I don't have a clue what to do with that dress XD. I don't want a frilly look, so I want to avoid this kind of stuff:

Instead, I think I should aim for this:

But then I keep wondering: hey, is there too much white in my outfit? Does brown look good with my jsk? Would my legs look fat with pastel colours? And so on.
I guess it'll take time for me to learn how to create a good classic lolita coordinate :D I've spent too much time in my total black comfort zone and now I have to learn to match stuff again XD

Well, I guess that would be all for today... thank you for reading and have a nice week :D*

venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Update on wedding outfit :D!

Remember a few posts ago? When I was asking for help with what to wear to my friend's wedding...?
Eventually I realized that grey dress was too short and not appropriate at all for a church.
So, I asked my mom and surprisingly she picked for me one of my lolita dresses...!
We did a little brainstorming about what to wear it with and we came up with this outfit:

Wedding 14/09

The dress is that one exactly, except it's more the colour of the strings of the sandals.
The sandals are almost identical, while the earrings, well, you can see them in one of my previous entries :D.
I'm not sure about that clutch, though. It feels like something you should wear in the evenings, doesn't it? Ahh, I don't know, how am I supposed to know this stuff? I never go to weddings, I never dress fancy ;_; I'm just an alternative kid who doesn't know how to match colours anymore T__T!

By the way. What do you think of this outfit? I love that dress, but it seems too frilly to me, considering the occasion... wouldn't I look like a bridesmaid?
I mean, it has everything it takes for a day ceremony in the summer: it's knee-length, it's coloured, it's quite elegant in its own way, it doesn't expose too much skin... so why am I not convinced?
And in case you were wondering, YES, my choice of an outfit IS always this tiresome XD I go on and on and on and on for days, wondering what might change if I put on that other dress or another necklace. Except I usually don't involve other people in the process XD

I can't wait to show you pictures of the wedding, you guys <3 the bride told me (she just told me, nobody else knows :D*) that she had her tailor replicate a Vera Wang dress, and that it has a pink corset while everything else is black <3 also, the decor in the church is all going to be black&pink, with roses and bows, and so her bouquet. Also, the reception's going to take place in a castle *_* that's EXACTLY how a goth's wedding should be, if you ask me.
In the next entry I'm probably going to post some pics; until then, have a nice weekend :D*!

giovedì 12 settembre 2013

Winter is coming

Well, not exactly, it's not even autumn yet, but still, I'm wearing a hoodie right now, which means it's starting to get cold.
So. You know what happens when the new collections come out: you just feel the need to buy booties and leggings and sweaters. Even tough you have plenty of them. And believe me, I most certainly don't own plenty of sweaters: I have minidresses, heel shoes, corsets, but not warm clothing.

I have a problem with low temperatures, which I guess many alternatives can share: I never know what to wear when it's cold outside. I don't know why alternatives are supposed to, like, not feel the temperature outside, to wear knee-high leather boots in the summer and ripped tights in the winter, but I   can tell you I'm absolutely unable to do either of those things: I wear my New Rocks in the winter and my fishnets in the summer.
My problem is that I can't seem to find nice winter clothes. Shops just don't have anything that might keep you cozy. You can find longsleeves, blouses or maybe cardigans, but I want fucking HOODIES and SWEATERS.

Now, I get that it's not easy to create unique sweaters since, well, you can't print anything on them, or insert lace or fishnet parts 'cause that would let the cold sink in. But there's something they can do to liven a plain black sweater up a little bit: you can add chains, studs, crosses, patches, whatever. There are people who diy clothes but I'm not one of them, I don't have the creativity it takes; so it would be nice for me to find a nice sweater in a gothic shop for once.
And hoodies... I have to say I'm not a fan of hoodies, but the truth is I can't get through the winter without one. But all I seem to be able to find is skull prints or ribcage prints or stuff that involves bones in some way, and bones, as a trend, have never appealed to me.

I've found a few nice ones, though:

I would still feel weird wearing them because hoodies have always felt too casual to me, but these ones are kind of cute, especially the second one.
Still, hoodie+pants feels so mallgoth and babybat to me... T_T I mean, it's something you usually see on teens, isn't it? I don't know, I'm not a fan of casual.

This is the best I could come up with O.o.

Do you ever wear hoodies? If so, do you know some good online shops that sell nice ones, and sweaters? I don't want to find myself with just a few sweaters and my Nerv hoodie when the temperature is below 0°C: not again XD!

venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Outfits + Haul!

Here are some of my latest outfits :D!
I wore them in different nights at the same place XD

I love how creepers gothify even the laziest outfit, like this one above... XD the right shoes and accessories make wonders for a boring outfit XD

And then there's my haul.
Yesterday I went to a wholesale shop with my cousin and a friend of mine. This shop is part of a larger shopping complex - entirely run by chinese people - which is not far from where I live. There you can find stuff at a very low price, but you need to have a VAT number, otherwise they won't even let you come in and take a look.
Eventually I asked one of my cousins (not the one I took with me to the shop; another one XD) whether she could lend me hers and she said yes, so I took my cousin and a lolita friend and went there.
There was some nice things and some kind of lame ones, too. I bought a wig and some accessories; my cousin bought some piercings for her boyfriend, a bracelet for herself and one for her sister. My friend took some quite lovely donut-shaped pendants in order to create a bracelet, some flower shaped hairpins, rose-shaped earrings and some stickers for her nails.
I was surprised to see that there were many lolitable items, such as a vast choice of fascinator mini-hats. Me and my friend found quite a lot of stuff; my cousin didn't find much that could fit her style. I also bought a very nice bracelet for my cousin who had lent me her VAT number, and in the end I regretted not buying one for myself 'cause it was so pretty.

This is what I came home with:

A wig, a necklace + bracelet set, two nail stickers sets and another bracelet.
Total spent: €25. If I'd gone to a regular shop, I'd have spent that money solely on the wig.

This wig <3 I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. There were many styles and many colours, but red is always in my heart.
The quality of this wig is extremely good. The hair is not poofy, it has a very simple style and a natural colour: it really just seems dyed hair. You can even see the red highlits better under the daylight, just as in real hair. I'm really glad I bought it; I can't wait to sport it with a lolita outfit! (And to show it to you worn xD)

These are AWESOME. They only came at €2 each. Have you got any idea how much I should have paid for them in a regular shop...? At least €7. At least. And I've never seen such beautiful gothic nail stickers before *_*

For some reason, I couldn't take a good picture of this bracelet. xD I'll take a good one when I'll wear it for the first time.

And this is the set. I spotted the bracelet first and then I saw the necklace and they seemed to match, so I bought them both.
These are not meant to complement my gothic looks; these must go with finer clothing. I don't know, like an evening dress; these should add a rockish touch to an otherwise elegant look. Or at least this is how I'd use them; if you have any suggestion on what I should pair them with, I'd be glad to hear it :D!

Well, I hope you liked my outfits and my haul :D I'll try to wear my new purchases as soon as possible, and then I'll post the pics :D.
Have a nice weekend :*!

mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

What to wear at a wedding D:? Advice needed!

I knew I couldn't escape this forever. You know. Friends' weddings.
After all, I'm twenty-five now, and my friends are starting to get married. And weddings mean... you have to wear a proper dress...!
Proper for mainstream people, at least.
Well, this friend of mine's a former goth, and even now that she's 29 she still only wears black clothes and she's dyed her hair purple some time ago, so I guess she wouldn't have a problem with me showing up in a goth attire, but...

... BUT.
I'm going there with my mum, who's also her boss, and who's also the person who hates my style more than anyone else in the entire world. Also, the ceremony's going to be among dear friends and relatives, we're like thirty people in all, so I would definitely stand up if I went there full goth.
All this to say that an alternative outfit is out of question :/ and I don't even plan to "add a few personal details" because I don't like to be "a little" alternative, I'd feel like a poser (and since alternative fashion's trendy now, I don't want to be mistaken for one of those people who wear crosses and studs and stuff just because it's the last trend).

So, my outfit has to be totally non-alternative.
That said... can you still help me XD? I bet some of you have gone through my same struggle at least once in their lifetime :/ what did you do? What did you wear?
The only dress I have, that I could wear to this ceremony, is this one:

I think the colour is ok, it's a dark grey and it has a floral embroidery; and even though it doesn't reach my knees, the cleavage isn't revealing at all, so I guess it's fine.

This is me (on the left) wearing it to a completely different occasion: one of my friends' graduation last year. I wanted to keep it rockish, so I put a studded belt on my hips and I wore faux-leather leggings and rider boots; but this time I want to do something very different, I'm aiming to elegance.

So, my first doubt is: WHICH SHOES SHOULD I PICK ;_; I most definitely can't pair this dress with platform Demonias, Bodyline mary-janes, creepers or studded Jeffrey Campbells, which only leaves space for flats and pumps. And well, flats are forbidden to short people like me: I need some heels. 

These are my options:

These are my option of choice, but I'm afraid they're a bit too elegant. The dress is embroidered, so I think I should wear plain pumps... what do you think?

And I'm afraid these ones are "too much", too. The heel is very high and I think they're meant for an evening.

The shoes I actually own have two t-bars, but they're pretty much identical to these ones.
But I have a feel that they'd fit a vintage outfit better, and that the occasion requires a higher heel.

... I don't know. The colour seems too bright to me, I don't know whether it goes well with that shade of grey or not. Also: a bit too "diva", don't you think...?

And then I have my oxfords, but they're not the right shoes for a dress like that.
And shoes aside, I have more doubts XD:

-what should I match it with? Accessories? Bracelets? I shouldn't wear necklaces with that dress, right?
-is it ok to wear it without leggings to a church? Or to a wedding in general?
-should I add a shrug? Since I'm in a church, I don't think it's ok to go there in my bare shoulders D:

I have no problem with the hairdo (I'll just iron my hair) and the make-up: I'm planning to do a simple, nude make-up with my Naked. My problem is matching clothes that aren't black XD!
Can any of you help me? Any suggestion would be more than appreciated X°D.

domenica 1 settembre 2013

Monthly Theme Post - Special Occasions

Yay, the Monthly Theme Post :D! Ahh, I love the Monthly Theme Posts <3
This time, the theme is "Special Occasions". At first I didn't know what to do, because you've already seen the outfits I was wearing in all my "special occasions" this year D:
But then I realized Victorian Kitty had said we could post dream outfits, so I took inspiration from her post, in which she said she's celebrating her wedding anniversary. And I thought of the outfit I'd like to wear at my wedding!
These are just fantasies, of course, 'cause I'm not engaged to my boyfriend :D but I guess my wedding is going to be the only day in my life where I'll be able to go around in an outfit like this one:


You know, that is my dream dress. But can you see me at the disco or at the pub or at the restaurant in it XD? I can't, 'cause for one it would be very uncomfortable to wear, and second, it would get spoilt. So, I guess I'll have to get married if I want to get a chance to sport it XD.

I've already got some of the stuff: I have the single earring, the shoes, the tights and a very similar mini-hat.
I just need to get the necklace (which has been in my wishlist for AGES), the gloves and the bouquet. Maybe by that time I'll have dyed my hair red again, who knows XD

By the way this is just a guideline - except for the dress: I want THAT ONE exactly. The jewelry, the shoes and the accessories can change, as long as there lace, roses and bows all over the place.
I once showed my parents this dress and my dad kind of liked it XD as one of my friends pointed out, after all it's a regular wedding dress, except it's black. So in the end my tastes seem to be kind of mainstream XD!