venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Outfits + Haul!

Here are some of my latest outfits :D!
I wore them in different nights at the same place XD

I love how creepers gothify even the laziest outfit, like this one above... XD the right shoes and accessories make wonders for a boring outfit XD

And then there's my haul.
Yesterday I went to a wholesale shop with my cousin and a friend of mine. This shop is part of a larger shopping complex - entirely run by chinese people - which is not far from where I live. There you can find stuff at a very low price, but you need to have a VAT number, otherwise they won't even let you come in and take a look.
Eventually I asked one of my cousins (not the one I took with me to the shop; another one XD) whether she could lend me hers and she said yes, so I took my cousin and a lolita friend and went there.
There was some nice things and some kind of lame ones, too. I bought a wig and some accessories; my cousin bought some piercings for her boyfriend, a bracelet for herself and one for her sister. My friend took some quite lovely donut-shaped pendants in order to create a bracelet, some flower shaped hairpins, rose-shaped earrings and some stickers for her nails.
I was surprised to see that there were many lolitable items, such as a vast choice of fascinator mini-hats. Me and my friend found quite a lot of stuff; my cousin didn't find much that could fit her style. I also bought a very nice bracelet for my cousin who had lent me her VAT number, and in the end I regretted not buying one for myself 'cause it was so pretty.

This is what I came home with:

A wig, a necklace + bracelet set, two nail stickers sets and another bracelet.
Total spent: €25. If I'd gone to a regular shop, I'd have spent that money solely on the wig.

This wig <3 I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. There were many styles and many colours, but red is always in my heart.
The quality of this wig is extremely good. The hair is not poofy, it has a very simple style and a natural colour: it really just seems dyed hair. You can even see the red highlits better under the daylight, just as in real hair. I'm really glad I bought it; I can't wait to sport it with a lolita outfit! (And to show it to you worn xD)

These are AWESOME. They only came at €2 each. Have you got any idea how much I should have paid for them in a regular shop...? At least €7. At least. And I've never seen such beautiful gothic nail stickers before *_*

For some reason, I couldn't take a good picture of this bracelet. xD I'll take a good one when I'll wear it for the first time.

And this is the set. I spotted the bracelet first and then I saw the necklace and they seemed to match, so I bought them both.
These are not meant to complement my gothic looks; these must go with finer clothing. I don't know, like an evening dress; these should add a rockish touch to an otherwise elegant look. Or at least this is how I'd use them; if you have any suggestion on what I should pair them with, I'd be glad to hear it :D!

Well, I hope you liked my outfits and my haul :D I'll try to wear my new purchases as soon as possible, and then I'll post the pics :D.
Have a nice weekend :*!

4 commenti:

  1. I really want to try nail decals, especially some as gorgeous as those! I waaaaant them!

    I love the lacy dress with the spiky boots!

    1. Thanks <3 I wear that dress quite often but I never got to take picture of it XD
      I tried nail decals once, they were by Essence if I remember correctly. You must cut a little bit here and there to adjust them to your nails shape, but the overall effect is pretty. But those were actually transparent with a black lace print, I've never tried full coverage as in these ones above :O

  2. Nice haul and nice outfits! The lacedress looks so good on you, that type of waistline is like totally perfect for your bodytype :D

    I tried nail stickers one time but it didn't look good, I was really really bad at putting them on, looked very clumsy, haha. I might try again because I found some I would like to wear on the wedding :D

    1. Thank you <3 I think so too, that kind of dress that's tight on my waistline and wider on my hips is good for my hourglass shape ^^

      Ahah, I'm very bad too at putting on nail stickers XD I tried once but I didn't know I might have had to cut them; I was outside and I didn't have any scissors... agh XD
      They might be a very good solution for a wedding: they allow you to have perfect nails without worrying about putting on a polish, waiting for it to dry, be careful not to spoil it, hoping it won't fall into pieces during the night... XD