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What to wear at a wedding D:? Advice needed!

I knew I couldn't escape this forever. You know. Friends' weddings.
After all, I'm twenty-five now, and my friends are starting to get married. And weddings mean... you have to wear a proper dress...!
Proper for mainstream people, at least.
Well, this friend of mine's a former goth, and even now that she's 29 she still only wears black clothes and she's dyed her hair purple some time ago, so I guess she wouldn't have a problem with me showing up in a goth attire, but...

... BUT.
I'm going there with my mum, who's also her boss, and who's also the person who hates my style more than anyone else in the entire world. Also, the ceremony's going to be among dear friends and relatives, we're like thirty people in all, so I would definitely stand up if I went there full goth.
All this to say that an alternative outfit is out of question :/ and I don't even plan to "add a few personal details" because I don't like to be "a little" alternative, I'd feel like a poser (and since alternative fashion's trendy now, I don't want to be mistaken for one of those people who wear crosses and studs and stuff just because it's the last trend).

So, my outfit has to be totally non-alternative.
That said... can you still help me XD? I bet some of you have gone through my same struggle at least once in their lifetime :/ what did you do? What did you wear?
The only dress I have, that I could wear to this ceremony, is this one:

I think the colour is ok, it's a dark grey and it has a floral embroidery; and even though it doesn't reach my knees, the cleavage isn't revealing at all, so I guess it's fine.

This is me (on the left) wearing it to a completely different occasion: one of my friends' graduation last year. I wanted to keep it rockish, so I put a studded belt on my hips and I wore faux-leather leggings and rider boots; but this time I want to do something very different, I'm aiming to elegance.

So, my first doubt is: WHICH SHOES SHOULD I PICK ;_; I most definitely can't pair this dress with platform Demonias, Bodyline mary-janes, creepers or studded Jeffrey Campbells, which only leaves space for flats and pumps. And well, flats are forbidden to short people like me: I need some heels. 

These are my options:

These are my option of choice, but I'm afraid they're a bit too elegant. The dress is embroidered, so I think I should wear plain pumps... what do you think?

And I'm afraid these ones are "too much", too. The heel is very high and I think they're meant for an evening.

The shoes I actually own have two t-bars, but they're pretty much identical to these ones.
But I have a feel that they'd fit a vintage outfit better, and that the occasion requires a higher heel.

... I don't know. The colour seems too bright to me, I don't know whether it goes well with that shade of grey or not. Also: a bit too "diva", don't you think...?

And then I have my oxfords, but they're not the right shoes for a dress like that.
And shoes aside, I have more doubts XD:

-what should I match it with? Accessories? Bracelets? I shouldn't wear necklaces with that dress, right?
-is it ok to wear it without leggings to a church? Or to a wedding in general?
-should I add a shrug? Since I'm in a church, I don't think it's ok to go there in my bare shoulders D:

I have no problem with the hairdo (I'll just iron my hair) and the make-up: I'm planning to do a simple, nude make-up with my Naked. My problem is matching clothes that aren't black XD!
Can any of you help me? Any suggestion would be more than appreciated X°D.

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  1. In the last few years I lived at home, my parents were my biggest critics! It really sucks! Luckily now they appreciate me! :P

    The dress is really lovely! All your shoes are elegant and will look lovely! I don't think you can go too fancy, but that is just me! I love the first two pairs the most! If you are trying to wear 'acceptable' clothes to a wedding, I wouldn't go the red shoes as those might be considered too 'sexy'. Red being the sexy colour. Not that it matters AT ALL what others think.

    I am thinking a black beaded choker with the dress. I would wear opaque tights with it, but it depends on the weather. Perhaps a shrug, if you have one, or a plain cardi. If you had pale grey tights or a cardi that might be nice, or even white, or pale pink. All black tights and dress and shrug might be a bit much if you are trying not to look too alternative.

    1. Yeah, I agree on not being too fancy; it's a day wedding after all :/ that's why I wouldn't have worn the red shoes either.
      Maybe it's a bit too hot for tights, I guess I could go for grey tights and a black shrug? I think I have those :D
      Thank you for your advice!

  2. I like the first pair of shoes, they're classy but keep a goth-friendly vibe. On the other hand, you can easily match them with a good black handbag. Try to add a shrug (you can remove it at the reception) and some nice stocking. I wouldn't go for leggings, they are kind of informal.

    Well, that's my oppinion. I hope I helped.
    Best regards!


    1. My, I hadn't considered that leggings might look informal. I'll keep that in mind! The handbag is a problem too since I only have gothic stuff XD I guess I'll ask my mom for one of her brand bags... she has a dark red patent Vuitton that might look just fine with that outfit.
      Thank you so much for helping me ;*!

  3. I'd pair the dress with the t-strap shoes and long/attention grabbing earrings. Maybe you could choose your accessoirs in red? ANd then go with red lipstick? And you should wear some tights if the wedding is in a church, at least here in Germany one would frown upon bare legs in church...

    1. Yeah, I'm not for bare legs either. People in Italy are very catholic and, you know, I'm not a close friend and I don't think I can just not care about the people there, I'm the one who has to adjust to their taste.
      I hadn't thought about earrings... this afternoon I'm going to buy jewelry with a couple friends, maybe I could get a pair. All my earrings are gothic looking D: I should figure out which colour might go well with a grey dress... in all these years of total black, I've completely forgotten how to match colours! XD
      Thank you for your advice :*!

  4. Bah, how irritating that you have to dress "normal" but I get your point. :<

    I think that dress looks perfect then, it's easy to make it look both goth and non-goth. Maybe you can buy a pair of skin-coloured stockings if you dont want to go barelegged?

    I think your right that you dont need a necklace for the dress.

    And I would go for the first pair of shoes, I think they would go great with that dress :D

    1. Yeah, that's annoying... by the way I like to dress "normal" once in a while, the point is a) I don't have "normal" clothes except for jeans and t-shirts and b)I wouldn't know how to match them anyway XD
      I think I have skin-coloured stockings, I think I'll go for those since it's really too hot to wear black tights...
      Ok then, so up to know the first pair seems to have won XD thank you for your advice ;D*!

  5. That dress will lend itself very well to an elegant look. Personally, I'd go with the first pair of shoes unless you go with a REALLY toned-down shrug; if your shrug is very simple, go with shoes that reflect that (t-straps, probably).

    I always err on the side of coverage at events like weddings, so I'd definitely go with a shrug (for the ceremony at least) and leggings or tights.

    Otherwise, I'd say add a touch of color with your accessories. Even if you just add one color, it'll brighten up the outfit. I agree with no necklaces (the neckline is detailed enough), but bracelets, earrings, and even a belt or hair accessories are a good way to add a touch of color. Don't worry too much about which color - everything goes with black and gray, and a single color makes everything so easy to match.

    1. Well, my shrugs are all very toned down (aside from a lace one, but that one's too fancy) but I'll ask my mom, she might have something.
      Yeah, I think the ceremony requires the less exposed skin as possible.
      Uhm, I don't have any coloured accessories... I was planning on asking my mom for this bag, which might compensate for the lack of colour in the rest of the outfit... XD I thought that was enough, or should I buy some new jewelry?
      Thank you so much for your advice anyways, you've been very helpful ;)

    2. That bag would be perfect, actually. And, from what I've seen of your style, the red would match the rest of your wardrobe.


      And, all else fails, the gray makes it not "too black," right?

    3. Ahah, exactly XD I'll count on the dress for the touch of colour. Grey is coloured enough for me XD they should appreciate the effort XD!
      Actually red is one of the few colours I actually wear in gothic/alternative outfits :) I especially love that dark shade of red... *_* I have a lip gloss that is the exact same colour. I might keep my eye make-up toned down and sport that amazing lip gloss... <3