giovedì 6 settembre 2012


Hi everyone :)
Yesterday I took an afternoon off the study to go to the mall and buy some of the make-up related stuff I've recently discovered I need if I want to get a good look.
Unfortunately (for my wallet, but not for my wardrobe) my boyfriend suggested we could have a walk downtown, and I said yes, thinking "oh, I already have everything I need on my wishlist, plus I've already checked Zara and H&M and there was nothing worth spending money on, so I'm safe".
Well, I came home with no money in my wallet. The last shirt, I had to buy it with my credit card :'D.

Here's a picture of the haul:

(But, see? A book...! Buying books is a totally guilt-free shopping!)

This time I went for everyday clothes. Which I needed. For real! XD
As I said some posts ago, I tend to buy super fancy stuff that I can only wear when the weather's hot, and trust me, there aren't enough weekends in a summer to wear all the frilly lacy dresses I can buy in a year time. I even begged my boyfriend to stop me from buying that kind of stuff, but he won't do it, I know that, because it sort of amuses him the way I just lose it when I come face to face with a black lace thing.

By the way, in chronological order: the make-up.

From left to right, clockwise:
1. Kiko Brush Eyes 202 (I usually don't mention the names of the brands of the stuff I show here, but, well, you can see it, there's no point in hiding it). I needed a brush for eyeshadow. I already have an excellent blender (not by Kiko), which I paid good money for, but the brush I used to put on the eyeshadow was quite lame and half destroyed. So I thought that maybe if I bought a new one my make-ups will look just like the ones in youtube tutorials :°D
2. Kiko Precision Eye Pencil (white). The idea was using it on the eye outline to make them look bigger.
3. Kiko Colour Sphere (pearl white). Apparently some shimmery white in the internal area of my eye opens them up. Also it looks good with my eyes colour, which is some sort of grey; they're affected by internal heterochromia, so it's not easy to find a good match for their shade(s).
4. Make up forever Eyeshadow (red). To be precise, I bought it last tuesday, at Sephora. I've been looking for a red eyeshadow for a year at least. I wanted to achieve this look:

Yes, I'm a bit on a loop with this Taylor Momsen thing, just be patient, it'll pass :°D.
5. Kiko False Eyelashes 01 Natural. My first false eyelashes! It was about time. For some reason, every time I mentioned that I wanted to buy a pair, my boyfriend went all "oh no, why would you put those things on your eyes, your lashes are just fine, see?, they're beautiful!". He's so sweet, but honestly I don't get why he would be so concerned about it. It's not like I would wear them every day :°D (it'd be quite an expense...!).

Unluckily, they'd run out of the eyeshadow primer I was looking for. Which was probably the thing I needed the most. They said it's going to come back, though.

Let's skip the part where I see some stunning burgundy red platform heels at Tally Weil and the shop assistant tells me they're coming back next week, and --- no wait, you have to see them.
I mean. I can't even.
Their colour is actually darker, way darker than that. The pin-up that's in me screamed with joy. (Always on the inside.) I've wanted shoes like these for years.
I had found them at Gucci but, you know. Tiny wee bit expensive. I later found something like that at another store, on sale, for 50€, but still expensive, at least for some shoes that I'd wear very seldom and that, most of all, I wasn't able to walk on.
These ones are 35€, that's fair enough. I swear that if I manage to take five steps on a row on these things, they will be mine.

But let's see the things that are already mine. Clothes <3!

I saw this one above in a shop I really like but I don't buy stuff from very often. But when I saw this one, omg, it was love.
Last time I'd spotted a cutie in that shop I waited a week to come back and ask about it, and they had run out of it. So this time I went inside, just to make sure, and I found out it was the last one and, surprisingly (I'm never this lucky) it was exactly my size. It wasn't even expensive. Instant buy.
(I'll wear it tonight for a night with my beloved cousin Melissa)

Aww, this one <3 you can't see it very well. It's made of some very cheap lace XD and the skull is all, like, scratched (omg, I wouldn't know how to describe it my own language, let alone english XD)
I'll post an outfit picture featuring this shirt, by the way. It really is lovely.

A bow belt <3!
I can't believe how much time it took me to find one. No, seriously, they seem to be everywhere but where the hell do they sell them?
And in fact this is not exactly how I would have wanted it; it's made of cotton instead of, i.e., satin or lace. But considering the price I got it for, it was definitely a lucky find: when I noticed it was on sale and only cost 1,99€ (don't you hate it when they do this? I mean, you don't need to make it look cheaper, I mean, it costs 2€, how much less can you reasonably spend for a belt?!), my eyes were glowing.
There were only XS/S sizes left, and I'm an S/M, but since I'm planning to wear it on the waist an not on the hips, it fits perfectly.
You can't see it very well (damn camera!), but I'll take a picture of it too. I already know which frilly dress I can match it with <3.

And, last but not least, the book!
The luckiest find of yesterday's haul.
Seriously: the Mammut series is usually quite expensive, each book's around 20-25€. But they've lowered the price, and this one was just 9€; plus this month its publishing house had put a 25% discount on its books, so I only paid *checks the receipt* 7,43€.
I mean: the whole work of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, for only 7, 43€. That's crazy. I nearly cried XD!
The thing is, I haven't been able to read anything since I first spoke with my supervisor, who gave me so many books to read for my dissertation that even if I'm not reading them I'd feel guilty reading anything else. So, despite being actually quite the reader (and my aNobii bookshelf can prove it...!), these last months I've been very ashamed of myself.
I physically *suffer* every time someone takes me to a bookshop, because all those books and I can't even look at them because I know, I know I'd end up buying them. (And this post is the non-living proof that I don't have control over my actions when I see a book I'm interested in). Also, when I try to look away I look like one of those people who get into libraries because they're forced by the people they're with, so they don't even take a look on the stuff they're surrounded by because they're so grossed out by literature they won't even give it a try.
Anyway: I've meant to read something by Fitzgerald for a long time, and I'm glad I found it at a price so low because I would have spent more money even if I bought just one of his novels. I've been curios since I read Zelda's Save Me the Waltz, plus I don't want to turn 25 without having read The Great Gatsby.

That's not it, to be honest, I have some stuff traveling from all over the world to come to me, but I'll show that to you once I actually put my hands on it.
Well!, I hope you liked my purchases ^^. And if you've ever tried some of the products I bought at Kiko's, I'd be very pleased if you told me how you found them and whether you liked them or you were disappointed :) other people's opinions are more than welcome!
Have a nice week you all ;)!

mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

Liesbter award and Obituary challenge

It's been a while (again), I know; thing is I have my last exam on tuesday and I barely have the time to breathe, let alone blogging T_T
In the meantime, since I don't have any outfit pictures, I'll answer to the questions of Madame Mari Mortem, who tagged me for the Liebster Award, and I'll do my obituary for the Obituary Challenge (thanks to Dani Death Biscuit for the tag).
I'll write my tags at the end, they're for both the award and the challenge :D!

1. If you could live anywhere and be anything, what and where would it be?
... I'm feeling quite the cliche by telling you this, but: I'd like to be a writer and live in Manhattan. I swear this wasn't inspired by Carrie Bradshaw.

2. Have you seen any kind of "wonder of the world" attraction, and if so which? ( ex. Grand Canyon, Northern Lights, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge...)
Uhm, yes, I've seen the Grand Canyon and the Eiffel Tower. Funny thing is I have the Colosseum five hours away from home but I haven't seen it yet.

3. You're a chef-- what's today's special?
Ugh, I suck at cooking. But I can make you a delicious pasta with tomato sauce! And a lot of parmesan...!

4. In the past month (not "ever"), what was one limited item you wanted SO badly but ended up not buying and deeply regret that decision?

5. You just won a $500 gift card, where is it for and what will you buy there?
A bookshop, of course. I'd exhaust my aNobii wishlist.

6. How do you resolve a conflict? "Make love not war, man" or "Let's find the happy median" or "DEMS FIGHTN WORDS!!!1!"
Oh no, conflicts are just not for me. The time when I wasted time on getting angry with people has *gone*; I just put a distance between me and that person, always maintaining courtesy.

7. You just won backstage passes-- what show/band are they for?
Well, I'd say the Muse right now because some weeks ago I found out that they're coming in my country on november but there weren't any tickets available.

8. Au naturel or Eau de toilette (no perfume or perfume)? If you chose perfume, what is your favorite scent or scent combo?
No perfume :/ I always forget to put it on... also, I don't like smelling scents all around me.

9. When you die will you be buried or cremated? And during your funeral will your casket be open or closed, and why?
Omg. I've never really thought about that. I guess I don't really care, except that I DON'T want a catholic service. I absolutely don't want a priest to speak at my funeral. As regards the rest, they can do whatever they please with my body, as long as they bury me in my black lace frilly clothes.

10. What's your idea of a romantic or awesome day out?
I'm not really the candlelight dinners&walk on the beach kind of person... I don't know, the best thing I could think of right now is: boyfriend, sofa, blanket, hot chocolate and endless episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer :D.

11. If you could learn an ancient fighting style, from which culture would you pick?
I wouldn't know, I'm not into fighting and I don't know any styles :/ but if I had to fight for some reason, I'd totally go for a good old machine gun :D

Aaaand here are my questions:
1. Who's your favourite artist?
2. What genre do you prefer to read?
3. What is your life's primary goal?
4. What do you think is your biggest skill?
5. Can you play a musical instrument? Which one, and how long have you played it?
6. Who were you in high school: the cheerleader, the jock, the nerd, the goth, all of these things together XD...?
7. How is your perfect outfit? Describe it or just post a picture :)
8. Do you think of yourself as of an introvert or an extrovert person?
9. Which is your favourite cake?
10. If you were a fictional character, who would you be?
11. If you could solve one problem in the world, which one would it be?

And then, the Obituary Challenge! Thanks to Dani Deathbiscuit for tagging me :).

The Rules:

  1.  Link back to whoever tagged you.
  2. Put these rules in your tag
  3. Write an obituary about yourself (it can be as funny or as serious as you like)
  4. Write a paragraph or two (or more if necessary) in length.
  5. You may tag up to 10 people, and be sure to link them.
  6. Have fun, because creative writing is one of the greatest joys in life!

My Obituary:

"Shannon Rutherford, age 24, died at one p.m. in her house, while trying to cook french fries for her father and her friend: they tried in vain to rescue her from the blaze that had risen from the pan, but unfortunately it was too late. Her body has been taken to the 
Xxxxx Hospital morgue; her mortuary chapel will be open from 10:00 a.m. of thursday, September 6th, until the beginning of the service which is taking place at 11:00 a.m.
She will be buried in her favourite corset, tutu and fishnet stockings, according to her will which she expressed in her very last blog entry. Since she was an exam away from graduation, the rector of the University of Xxx has decided to reward her with a posthumous degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation.
She will be remembered for accomplishing absolutely nothing in her life, but having a really good taste in clothing."

Ok: it took me HALF AN HOUR to write this XD.
Btw it actually happened some years ago: the blaze was one and a half meters high, I burnt the whole kitchen and almost got myself killed. Funny thing is that I've never thought about that as of a life-threatening experience; I always tell this at parties.

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