martedì 31 luglio 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 2

FYeah Finery Challenge.

Day 2 ~

Include pictures of your favourite shoes and/or accesories (hats, handbags, anything! Show as many as you want!) Also show your current outfit :)

I so like this challenge :D.
I'll start with the outfit, because that's what my blog's all about, afterall :).

I've been thinking about pulling out an outfit like this for a while. "This" is how I dressed back when I was a babybat (I'm talking 2005-2006). It was probably an attempt to look somehow victorian, but I didn't have neither a corset nor a proper skirt. Now I do, but I still like this kind of look. After all, this is a very classic goth style :D

The pair of shoes I'm wearing above (which you can't see because they're hidden under the skirt XD!) is definitely one of my favourites, so it was going to end up in this post anyway. Here they are :)!
They're sweet, of course, and they can be worn with anything and anywhere, really, but God are they uncomfortable. They're ok if you mean to stay sit and still the whole evening, but what's the point if they're going to stay hidden under a table and no one gets to see them...?
(But they're so, so beautiful T_T)

My shiny new Demonias! Instant favourites.

These ones <3. They are just perfect, just how I wanted them. They can go with victorian, with goth, with lolita, and they're so elegant. I just love them.
Only flaw, they're REALLY uncomfortable. Like don't even try to walk with them for more than ten minutes. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but these ones once left me a haematoma on the toenail o_o

These pictures are terrible. I know. I promise I'll soon edit the post and take better pictures of them, but right now they're at my boyfriend's together with the ones below, so you'll have to wait a little bit... but it will be worth it because, I mean, look at how wonderfully beautiful they are even in this horrible quality T__T

Unfortunately I had no good pictures featuring this ones. But there's proof that I do own them just on the previous post XD.

And now my favourite accessories! It's scary that I just picked my favourites and I'm still posting a shitload of stuff o_o;;

You have already met some of this gloves/armwarmers (the ones on the left, and the fishnet ones with lace).
I'm sorry you can't really see how the short ones look like, so here is a better picture where you can see them properly and get why I'm so in love with them :)

And these are just my favourites among the gothic ones... omg I need to stop buying necklaces ç_ç

Finally, my favourite bracelets! I have to admit I haven't got many nice bracelets, and even these ones are pretty old and I'm not that fond of them. I just can't find anything that I like or if I do they cost over 50 bucks! T_T

And I guess that's it! Gah, I wanted to post the amazing bag I've just ordered from an english website but it hasn't arrived yet... too bad! But I guess there's enough material to compensate the absence of the bag anyway... XD

lunedì 30 luglio 2012

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 1

Another challenge :D! This time it's Dani Deathbiscuit's "Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge".

Day 1 ~

Take a picture of you in your most cherished item of clothing (never mind the date!)
Give a little info on it - including where you bought it and why it means something to you (eg. is it sentimental?)

It was quite difficult to choose just one item. I don't have favourites among my clothes, I love them and I've longed for them before buying them the same way.

So I chose a dress that dates back to, uhm, 2008 probably; it's not representative of my current style at all (at the time, I was going through a huge gothabilly phase :D) but it is so beautiful that I still wear it sometimes; it fits in pretty much every context and I like what it does to my figure.
Speaking of which: I reckon this is the first dress I've ever bought. Before this one, I'd always thought that minidresses were for thin girls only. So maybe this is why I chose it, not only because this is one of the oldest clothes I own that I still wear, but because it symbolizes some sort of liberation :D.

In this second picture, while my boyfriend was shooting, we heard the phone ring and I told him to go answer it; this is why I'm in a weird pose :D
I wish I could make victory rolls with my hair, it would be a perfect match for the outfit!

domenica 29 luglio 2012

Okashi Laura & Priscilla Dawn giveaway

Ok, I should've done everything right... XD
This giveaway was thrown by fashion blogger Okashi Laura and Priscilla Dawn. I hadn't known Priscilla Dawn until Laura wrote a post about her amazing dresses; I was super psyched when the both of them decided to do a giveaway together!
You can find the rules to participate on this post (there is an english translation).
I've been waiting the whole week for this giveaway *-* let's hope I'll be the lucky one! Thank you Laura for the opportunity you're giving us ;)

Monthly Theme Post - Bows

This is the first time I participate to this challenge ^^!
This theme is really interesting, especially if you consider that every time I spot a bow on whatever item of clothing I just lose my rationality. I'm probably going to post more than one outfit; I'm starting with this one because this is what I wore last night :).

The pictures were taken in different moments... the one above was taken in the afternoon (at first I had planned to do my hair like that) but for some reason my camera wasn't working. The only decent pic I got to take was this one, in front of the mirror.

I later went for a side tail... hmm, I'd meant to curl them a little bit, but then I remembered that my hair just don't stay curled even when I stay still for the whole evening; let alone if I'm dancing Balada Boa like there's no tomorrow...

And these are the bows.
I went for flats because I wanted to maintain a frilly look and the heels would have spoilt it all, making it more vintage-50s (which is absolutely fine to me, I love a 50s outfit, but this isn't what I meant to do this time).
Actually I had a pair of shoes that were PERFECT for this dress (which is new btw, I bought it saturday morning and I couldn't resist, I just had to wear it on saturday night) but after they spent a winter in my garage when I picked them they were unexplainably dirty. That's too bad. They looked a lot like these ones:

Except they had two t-bars. I'll wash them and post a picture of them some day :)

lunedì 23 luglio 2012

Birthday outfit

Wednesday was my birthday. I threw a party at my house saturday night: the menu was maki rolls, sushi, rice salad for those who didn't like japanese, tomatoes and cucumbers, french fries, fruit salad, a meringue cake and that cake made with Mars bars and rice Krispies. (Too bad I didn't take photos of those platters full of japanes food <3)
Problem is, I decided to do almost all of it myself (well, with the help of my boyfriend and my mom). I spent the whole afternoon making rolls with avocado and surimi XD with the result that, when my guests arrived, I had just come out of the shower: my hair was a mess, I didn't have any make up on, my outfit was chosen pretty much last second.
Well, this is not exactly true; I had spent weeks thinking of every possible combination, the outfit I chose was just one of those combinations :D but still I would have wished a little bit more time to get prepared T_T it was my birthday after all, I wanted to be STUNNINGLY beautiful T_T!
At least everyone was very satisfied with the food: I was astonished, since I'm known for being a terrible cook ''XD the party was fun and I received amazing gifts. After dinner we went dancing and I even managed to keep my boyfriend on the dance floor for more than five minutes XD!

I know: it is very similar to the last one. I've kept the lace choker, the arm-warmers and the shoes; I've replaced the tights with the hold ups and the dress with a corset and a tutu. Also, I'm wearing a different necklace.
I'm sorry, again, about the quality of the pictures, but today the weather was funny and there was an awful light in my room, so the pics came out this way, and you can't see the details of my skirt and of my corset. One day I'll take better pictures of them because they really deserve it.

While I was writing this post, this morning, the doorbell rang: it was the postman, bringing to me the most amazing sunglasses ever seen in this world:
(The blonde girl is not me, of course)
They're amazing. Now I can go around in my combats and studded bracelets thinking I am Taylor Momsen and feeling super cool. :D
Have a nice week you all (?)!

lunedì 16 luglio 2012

First outfit post!

So! My first actual post.
First of all, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures. Unfortunately, my flat is in the northern side of the building, so not a single ray of light ever comes through my window. I have to rely on my camera and on my photoshop abilities, which means that uhm, there isn't going to be much improvement.
Anyway. I've edited my face replacing it with Keroro's (as you may have noticed :°D), which is way cuter than mine. That's because pictures posted on the internet can end up EVERYWHERE, and though these pictures wouldn't do me any harm (it's just me in my weekend outfits, after all) I don't want my face to be available for any use.
Plus my face is really ordinary, and my make up is nothing to be proud of XD - it's usually smokey, and I'm not even good at it, so please just look at my clothes and forget about my dumb face XD.
That said, here's my saturday night outfit! I wore it at a gay friendly event :).

Profile :D

I wish my hair looked as blonde as they really do in the sunlight, but I guess this is the best my camera can do in my room ._. soon I'll post some outfits taken outdoors :D!
In the meantime I hope you'll like this one ^^!

mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

... uhm.

So, okay. When was the last time I started a new blog? I don't remember how this is done D:
I should probably say something about me, but yours truly here isn't actually the topic of this blog: the topic is my wardrobe, so this is what I'm going to talk about.
Basically, I'm going to post my outfits. What kind of outfits? Well, it seems that I haven't found my style yet, so you may find some sweet lolita (very seldom, to be honest) as well as 80s goth or metalhead or, more likely, ero loli <3 (though I never disdain some good old period goth). If you decide to follow me, you're going to see a lot of black :D.
And I guess that's it for the moment. Sorry about the graphics, I know it's a bit tacky XD, but I couldn't make one to save my life.
I hope you'll like my blog. Well; I'd be surprised even if you just noticed my blog ''XD