mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

... uhm.

So, okay. When was the last time I started a new blog? I don't remember how this is done D:
I should probably say something about me, but yours truly here isn't actually the topic of this blog: the topic is my wardrobe, so this is what I'm going to talk about.
Basically, I'm going to post my outfits. What kind of outfits? Well, it seems that I haven't found my style yet, so you may find some sweet lolita (very seldom, to be honest) as well as 80s goth or metalhead or, more likely, ero loli <3 (though I never disdain some good old period goth). If you decide to follow me, you're going to see a lot of black :D.
And I guess that's it for the moment. Sorry about the graphics, I know it's a bit tacky XD, but I couldn't make one to save my life.
I hope you'll like my blog. Well; I'd be surprised even if you just noticed my blog ''XD

3 commenti:

  1. aaahh tutto in inglese*_* ma che brava!!

    1. Ci provo XD! Tutti i fashion blog sul gotico che conosco sono in inglese, quindi mi tocca se voglio essere capita XD!

    2. (Tra l'altro, grazie per essere passata, mia prima e forse unica commentatrice <3)