lunedì 16 luglio 2012

First outfit post!

So! My first actual post.
First of all, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures. Unfortunately, my flat is in the northern side of the building, so not a single ray of light ever comes through my window. I have to rely on my camera and on my photoshop abilities, which means that uhm, there isn't going to be much improvement.
Anyway. I've edited my face replacing it with Keroro's (as you may have noticed :°D), which is way cuter than mine. That's because pictures posted on the internet can end up EVERYWHERE, and though these pictures wouldn't do me any harm (it's just me in my weekend outfits, after all) I don't want my face to be available for any use.
Plus my face is really ordinary, and my make up is nothing to be proud of XD - it's usually smokey, and I'm not even good at it, so please just look at my clothes and forget about my dumb face XD.
That said, here's my saturday night outfit! I wore it at a gay friendly event :).

Profile :D

I wish my hair looked as blonde as they really do in the sunlight, but I guess this is the best my camera can do in my room ._. soon I'll post some outfits taken outdoors :D!
In the meantime I hope you'll like this one ^^!

4 commenti:

  1. It's a really super nice outfit . I loooove your shoes ! I wish I could wear such short dresses but i'm not thin enough so I stick with my floor-length outfits lol.

    1. Thank you Sandrine ^^!
      You must be joking, you are a gorgeous girl. Indeed, I think your body shape would look great in a dress like this.
      I used to think I wasn't thin enough too, but then I regretted so much not wearing those super cute minidresses that I stopped worrying and started wearing them XD!
      Thank you for your nice comment ;)

    2. To be honest I really really hate my thighs , i never wear pants except at home for exemple. I think it's too fat, too ugly, too full of cellulite lol. II suppose it's also a bit in my head, but i'm too affraid to wear a minidresse even with a full black legging XD. Maybe in some years, i'll do the same as you, i'll stop worrying about it and tell everyone "fuck off" XD.

    3. I see :/ I'm sorry you feel like this. From the pictures you posted you didn't seem fat to me at all, but I know that self acceptance and loving takes time; it doesn't matter how many people tell you you're beautiful, it's something *you* must be convinced of.
      I hope I'll see you in a tutu someday :)! I bet you'd look amazing!