martedì 31 luglio 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 2

FYeah Finery Challenge.

Day 2 ~

Include pictures of your favourite shoes and/or accesories (hats, handbags, anything! Show as many as you want!) Also show your current outfit :)

I so like this challenge :D.
I'll start with the outfit, because that's what my blog's all about, afterall :).

I've been thinking about pulling out an outfit like this for a while. "This" is how I dressed back when I was a babybat (I'm talking 2005-2006). It was probably an attempt to look somehow victorian, but I didn't have neither a corset nor a proper skirt. Now I do, but I still like this kind of look. After all, this is a very classic goth style :D

The pair of shoes I'm wearing above (which you can't see because they're hidden under the skirt XD!) is definitely one of my favourites, so it was going to end up in this post anyway. Here they are :)!
They're sweet, of course, and they can be worn with anything and anywhere, really, but God are they uncomfortable. They're ok if you mean to stay sit and still the whole evening, but what's the point if they're going to stay hidden under a table and no one gets to see them...?
(But they're so, so beautiful T_T)

My shiny new Demonias! Instant favourites.

These ones <3. They are just perfect, just how I wanted them. They can go with victorian, with goth, with lolita, and they're so elegant. I just love them.
Only flaw, they're REALLY uncomfortable. Like don't even try to walk with them for more than ten minutes. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but these ones once left me a haematoma on the toenail o_o

These pictures are terrible. I know. I promise I'll soon edit the post and take better pictures of them, but right now they're at my boyfriend's together with the ones below, so you'll have to wait a little bit... but it will be worth it because, I mean, look at how wonderfully beautiful they are even in this horrible quality T__T

Unfortunately I had no good pictures featuring this ones. But there's proof that I do own them just on the previous post XD.

And now my favourite accessories! It's scary that I just picked my favourites and I'm still posting a shitload of stuff o_o;;

You have already met some of this gloves/armwarmers (the ones on the left, and the fishnet ones with lace).
I'm sorry you can't really see how the short ones look like, so here is a better picture where you can see them properly and get why I'm so in love with them :)

And these are just my favourites among the gothic ones... omg I need to stop buying necklaces ç_ç

Finally, my favourite bracelets! I have to admit I haven't got many nice bracelets, and even these ones are pretty old and I'm not that fond of them. I just can't find anything that I like or if I do they cost over 50 bucks! T_T

And I guess that's it! Gah, I wanted to post the amazing bag I've just ordered from an english website but it hasn't arrived yet... too bad! But I guess there's enough material to compensate the absence of the bag anyway... XD

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    The first shoes you showed... I have the same ones in green! :D

    1. Thanks ^^!
      I didn't know they were available in green, I only saw them in red&black :O they must be nice!

  2. My envy levels cannot be measured at this moment :-P Heels aren't really my type of shoes but I love your collection. And I really need some long, lacy opera-like gloves and arm warmers ..

    1. Thank you so much ^^!
      Some years ago I was the kind of girl who would never ever ever put on some heels, I was all for combats and pants - minidresses and heels? Those were for thin, gorgeous girls, not certainly me :D
      Maybe one day you'll find the shoes that will win your heart and introduce you to the heels world :D!

  3. wow! you have so much nice stuff! I am jealous! I don't have a good choker anymore and I need one, and all your jewellery and gloves are beautiful! Now I think I need to go buy more gloves, although I usually forget to put on the ones I have before I leave the house.

    1. Thank you :D! Ahah, this is the result of years and years of shopping XD chokers and gloves are those things that help you "goth up" and outfit even when the dress itself is quite simple, so I tend to wear a lot of them.
      Oh, and thank you for following me ^^ you were my first follower, I really appreciated that!