lunedì 23 luglio 2012

Birthday outfit

Wednesday was my birthday. I threw a party at my house saturday night: the menu was maki rolls, sushi, rice salad for those who didn't like japanese, tomatoes and cucumbers, french fries, fruit salad, a meringue cake and that cake made with Mars bars and rice Krispies. (Too bad I didn't take photos of those platters full of japanes food <3)
Problem is, I decided to do almost all of it myself (well, with the help of my boyfriend and my mom). I spent the whole afternoon making rolls with avocado and surimi XD with the result that, when my guests arrived, I had just come out of the shower: my hair was a mess, I didn't have any make up on, my outfit was chosen pretty much last second.
Well, this is not exactly true; I had spent weeks thinking of every possible combination, the outfit I chose was just one of those combinations :D but still I would have wished a little bit more time to get prepared T_T it was my birthday after all, I wanted to be STUNNINGLY beautiful T_T!
At least everyone was very satisfied with the food: I was astonished, since I'm known for being a terrible cook ''XD the party was fun and I received amazing gifts. After dinner we went dancing and I even managed to keep my boyfriend on the dance floor for more than five minutes XD!

I know: it is very similar to the last one. I've kept the lace choker, the arm-warmers and the shoes; I've replaced the tights with the hold ups and the dress with a corset and a tutu. Also, I'm wearing a different necklace.
I'm sorry, again, about the quality of the pictures, but today the weather was funny and there was an awful light in my room, so the pics came out this way, and you can't see the details of my skirt and of my corset. One day I'll take better pictures of them because they really deserve it.

While I was writing this post, this morning, the doorbell rang: it was the postman, bringing to me the most amazing sunglasses ever seen in this world:
(The blonde girl is not me, of course)
They're amazing. Now I can go around in my combats and studded bracelets thinking I am Taylor Momsen and feeling super cool. :D
Have a nice week you all (?)!

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