domenica 21 aprile 2013

Meeting with Amélie Nothomb + Outfits + Monster High Dolls + Easter gifts!

I should really post more often, so that I don't find myself editing uploading dozens of pictures in one time because I've kept procrastinating for weeks xD.

These have been quite nice weeks: first of all, I met Amélie Nothomb, which is one of my favourite writers; I'd met her in Verona a few years ago and this time she came to my hometown, Venice, so I had no possible excuses for not meeting her.
And I was lucky because the bookshop where the meeting took place was extremely small and we weren't that many people, so we were all very close to her and we had the chance to talk to her, even thought the actual presentation of the book was later in the afternoon, in a theater. I had to go to my boyfriend's niece's birthday, so I was forced to miss the event; this meeting was just for signing copies and reading some pages of the book (and of the tale it took inspiration from) outloud, but, as I said, it was all very informal and I got to talk to her a lot.
I asked her if she had liked Stupeur et tremblement's movie, and she told me that she had, and that they were going to make movies out of her last two books. I also asked her if some of my thoughts on the characters and on the structure of their interaction were correct, and she said that she agreed with me.

Here we are talking together <3 she even complimented me on my french and asked me where I'd learnt to speak it that well. She really is a nice woman.

And she told me my outfit was very elegant and asked my if there are shops that sell this kind of clothing in Venice :D (I had told her I live there)
She's one of us, guys. Last time I saw her she had a gothish attire too. Later an interviewer asked her the reason why she dressed in such a weird way, and she just answered: "Well, there's no actual reason for that. I just think that black is very elegant. Plus it's really just a skirt and a coat, no big deal."
She's DEFINITELY one of us :D.

And this was my outfit <3 you can see Venice on the background. I didn't take pictures because well, I see Venice very often, but maybe some of you have never seen it and might be interested :O I'll take more pictures at the Harajuku Fashion Walk that'll take place in Venice on June.

This is the outfit I'd planned to wear for this meeting, but since I had to walk and these boots are NOT meant for walking, I went for something simpler.

And here are a few more outfits!

And finally, my new Monster High! I had a 25% discount for this supermarket, so I decided to use it for a new doll :D. This is Frankie Stein Super Sweet Sixteen. Finally I have it!

As you may have noticed, she has a minidress that's supposed to be a gift for Draculaura. So I took one of my Draculauras and changed her outfit :D and I think she looks even better than before!
That dress is perfect with those shoes and this toned down summery style.

And speaking of Monster High... look at what my boyfriend bought me for Easter <3!

A Monster High egg <3<3<3<3! And this is what I found in it:

A pen XD.
He also gave me (<3) a book I wanted to read. It's The Perks of Being A Wallflower; we had seen the film together and he had liked it very much, so I guess he counted on me lending him the book once I'd finished it XD

Well, that's all! I guess my Bodyline wig review'll have to wait (for me to get a chance to wear it, I suppose).
Thank you for reading and have a nice sunday ;*!

lunedì 8 aprile 2013

Latest buys & outfits

Hey there :D!
It's been quite a while, huh?
I apologize: this last month has been quite rough. My dad broke his leg while riding a horse; he was operated on last friday, but he has spent these last weeks on a sofa because he couldn't get up - occasionally we were able to get him to sit on his wheelchair, but he was really uncomfortable in it, so I ended up staying at home almost 24/7 to take care of him.
Also, I've been translating quite a lot of stuff <3 but I'll talk about it next time, maybe. Today's topics MUST be shallow XD!

I'll start with my order from EMP. I ordered a red minidress and a flannel blouse.

[I'll show you a picture of it worn when it'll be fixed]

But unfortunately the dress came with a hole. What with my dad being in hospital and stuff, I totally forgot about that and couldn't ask for a refund in time. I've already asked my grandma if she can fix it for me and she said yes, so it's not that big of a deal, except that I would've liked to ask them for a smaller size, 'cause, as usual, the M size fits my boobs and my hips, but it's huge on my XS waist. It's becoming a serious issue for my online shopping, you know O_o

And this is the flannel blouse. The quality's quite good, I have no complaints about it. I just wish things looked so oversized on me as they do on skinny bloggers! Gah.

Please pardon the quality of the last picture XD I love my new bedroom but it's a little bit dark, not a good place to take pictures in.

And then there's my order from The Gothic Catwalk <3
Here you can see the slashed leggings. They fit perfectly, but the fabric is quite soft, I thought they could keep me warm but I guess I'll only be able to wear them in spring. Luckily, last saturday the weather was a bit nicer than it has been lately, so I got the chance to wear them and to show you another outfit <3

Quite nu-goth huh? But I don't mind it. And there are two versions of it!
Last saturday I went to the mall and found an awesome studded cap, and a not-so-awesome studded bag - but I needed it to be quite lame because I plan to take it to classes. I can't use my Demonia bag on a daily basis, it gets damaged (it already has). So I needed a bag that was so cheap and ugly that I wouldn't have minded if it got destroyed. Here it is, in all its ugliness.
(Actually it's not even that bad XD)

I'm the kind of person who wears their stuff the moment after they paid for it. I mean, why should I wait? "Here" and "now" are the perfect place and time to put on my new purchases.

I could easily be mistaken for a 13 years old. Last month a woman at the gym thought I was seventeen, and I wasn't even wearing a cap.

And then there's the order from The Gothic Catwalk!
I'll start from the jacket <3
I only have one complaint about this item: the fabric. It's quite cheap and shiny; in the pictures it looked like it was made of a thicker fabric. Which kind of bothers me because I've been planning to wear it with my Mollflander dress by Burleska all along, hoping it could keep me warm enough to wear in in autumn at least, but it can't.

[Pictures on the website]

It's actually made of satin; it's still ok, but not exactly what I would've expected. By the way, it has a wonderful design: it's corseted, it has ruffles and lace, it fits me quite good (that's because I took an S size: too small for my boobs and too large on my waist, but since it's open on the front my boobs are not constricted on a too small place).

[Actual jacket. As you can see, it's quite shiny.]

Aaand this top/blouse. It's cute, but there's still my usual problem with sizes: it's ginormous on my waist. I need to ask my grandma for help here too.

I can't wait to sport this outfit, very Chloe inspired (I mean Chloe from Apartment 23. Never forgotten.)

Chloe - Apt. 23

And I guess that's all! I wanted to show you my new Monster High Doll and my new Bodyline wig too, but I don't want this entry to be too long XD also, I haven't got any pictures of them yet.
Before saying goodbye, I hope you don't mind if I remind you that I'm still selling my clothes, if some of you are interested :) feel free to ask any questions in the comments!
Thank you for reading, and have a nice sunday :D!