domenica 21 aprile 2013

Meeting with Amélie Nothomb + Outfits + Monster High Dolls + Easter gifts!

I should really post more often, so that I don't find myself editing uploading dozens of pictures in one time because I've kept procrastinating for weeks xD.

These have been quite nice weeks: first of all, I met Amélie Nothomb, which is one of my favourite writers; I'd met her in Verona a few years ago and this time she came to my hometown, Venice, so I had no possible excuses for not meeting her.
And I was lucky because the bookshop where the meeting took place was extremely small and we weren't that many people, so we were all very close to her and we had the chance to talk to her, even thought the actual presentation of the book was later in the afternoon, in a theater. I had to go to my boyfriend's niece's birthday, so I was forced to miss the event; this meeting was just for signing copies and reading some pages of the book (and of the tale it took inspiration from) outloud, but, as I said, it was all very informal and I got to talk to her a lot.
I asked her if she had liked Stupeur et tremblement's movie, and she told me that she had, and that they were going to make movies out of her last two books. I also asked her if some of my thoughts on the characters and on the structure of their interaction were correct, and she said that she agreed with me.

Here we are talking together <3 she even complimented me on my french and asked me where I'd learnt to speak it that well. She really is a nice woman.

And she told me my outfit was very elegant and asked my if there are shops that sell this kind of clothing in Venice :D (I had told her I live there)
She's one of us, guys. Last time I saw her she had a gothish attire too. Later an interviewer asked her the reason why she dressed in such a weird way, and she just answered: "Well, there's no actual reason for that. I just think that black is very elegant. Plus it's really just a skirt and a coat, no big deal."
She's DEFINITELY one of us :D.

And this was my outfit <3 you can see Venice on the background. I didn't take pictures because well, I see Venice very often, but maybe some of you have never seen it and might be interested :O I'll take more pictures at the Harajuku Fashion Walk that'll take place in Venice on June.

This is the outfit I'd planned to wear for this meeting, but since I had to walk and these boots are NOT meant for walking, I went for something simpler.

And here are a few more outfits!

And finally, my new Monster High! I had a 25% discount for this supermarket, so I decided to use it for a new doll :D. This is Frankie Stein Super Sweet Sixteen. Finally I have it!

As you may have noticed, she has a minidress that's supposed to be a gift for Draculaura. So I took one of my Draculauras and changed her outfit :D and I think she looks even better than before!
That dress is perfect with those shoes and this toned down summery style.

And speaking of Monster High... look at what my boyfriend bought me for Easter <3!

A Monster High egg <3<3<3<3! And this is what I found in it:

A pen XD.
He also gave me (<3) a book I wanted to read. It's The Perks of Being A Wallflower; we had seen the film together and he had liked it very much, so I guess he counted on me lending him the book once I'd finished it XD

Well, that's all! I guess my Bodyline wig review'll have to wait (for me to get a chance to wear it, I suppose).
Thank you for reading and have a nice sunday ;*!

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  1. How nice to get to meet one of your favourite writers! I instantly thought when I saw the picture that she looks gothic :D

    Your lolitaoutfit is superpretty and you always have such nice accessories to go with your outfits. ^^

    I also want to read The Perks of Being A Wallflower, I think I'm gonna read the book before I see the movie.

    1. Yeah, she does :D and she's such a nice person. And she's a great author, I always recommend her books - and speaking of books, if I were you I wouldn't read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I didn't like it. It was quite sexist. The writing is simple and the book's easy to read, but I didn't really enjoy the story or the characters. The movie's slightly better, Ezra Miller was very good but I think Emma Watson was the wrong choice of actress for the role of Sam.
      Well, let me know if you read the book or see the movie :D I'm curious to know your opinion!

      And thank you for what you said about my outfit <3 these are my first steps with actual lolita, I'm still learning XD

  2. You look cute in the outfit you wore! The planned outfit is a bit more edgy, though...

    1. You're right XD but those boots are a size too small and I can only wear them when I don't have to walk D:
      Also, I didn't want to draw attention from her... but sooner or later I'll get a chance to wear that outfit!

  3. Where did you get the dress you wore to meet her? Also Frankie looks amazing!

    1. I bought it in this italian shop: it's from last year's Baby Angel collection :) Baby Angel is a brand by Elio Fiorucci, you can find some lolita clothes in their collections sometimes!
      Frankie is so cute <3 I've waited for her for months *-*

    2. Frankie as a character is probably my second favorite after Draculaura.

    3. Mine too <3! She has this punkish style and her outfits are just as amazing as Draculaura's :D the two of them, together with Operetta imho, get the best dresses :D

  4. really hoping for a lot of pics of 'your' town! and its great to meet inspirational people so yay for that :-D

    1. Aw, thank you so much!
      And thank you for stopping by and commenting ;) I hope to see you again here!