domenica 12 maggio 2013

Draculaura Picture Day + Outfit!

Hi :D!
How are you doing?
I've been doing fine: lately I've bought some new figures I wanted and a new Monster High Doll. It's a Draculaura (what a shocker!), to be precise the Picture Day Draculaura. She's super cute.

Awww! She's lovely. I fell in love with her shoes and her hairdo. One thing I love about Draculaura is that they're basically working with three colours - black, pink and white - and the same perky goth style, and they always come up with original and amazing outfits.

I couldn't take a better picture of these shoes. I don't know about you, but I would wear them instantly.

I love how detailed the accessories are. 

Make-up and earrings <3 they're little pink cammeos <3

And a close-up on her hairdo. She has odangos and the cutest hairband.
I have nine Monster High Dolls right now, and I'm planning on purchasing a new one, Catty noir: just look at it.

I just can't not have it. Black skin and pink hair *__* this might be the most beautiful Monster High ever produced. I just hope it gets to Italy :/

And then there's the outfit <3 which I wore yesterday night to hang out with my friends.

Those leggings were a great purchase, I'm wearing them almost everyday :D. They just go with everything I own. Luckily, yesterday night it was quite cold and I got the chance to wear my beloved New Rocks <3
I also got compliments from a Kiko salesgirl who noticed my ring and went "omg I love you so much for wearing that ring" and asked me where I'd bought it, and I told her I'd bought it at a manga shop, and the other salesgirl turned around and went "did you buy it at *name of the manga shop*? I want it too, I'm so jealous, it's so amazing" and that went on for a while XD (all this while I was paying for my lipgloss, so we kind of blocked the line XD)
Sometimes people stop me to compliment me on some of my accessories, it usually happens with this ring and my Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas :D I told my boyfriend that THIS is the reason why I freak out every time I go out without the right accessories. How many compliments from strangers am I missing by leaving them at home?!

Does it ever happen to you, to have some strangers complimenting you on your look :)? Isn't it the nicest feeling in the world <3?


12 commenti:

  1. Una volta, una ragazza del mio liceo m'aveva domandato dove avevo comprato le mie Creepers, mi sentivo felice ^^

    Nice leggings ! =)

    1. Le creepers sono scarpe bellissime <3 in effetti devo comprarmene un paio anch'io in questi giorni :D
      Grazie per i leggings ^^ li adoro! Avrei un sacco di altre calze ma amo troppo questi leggings <3

  2. You look really sweet in the outift, I like how you paired the girle dress with heavy boots! ^^

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure about pairing them but I was surprised at how they looked good together :D

  3. Aww, the first picture makes me so happy :D
    Catty noir looks very pretty!

    Nice outfit, I want those leggings too!

    I agree, it's so much fun to get nice comments, I often get comments on my hairaccessories (then skeleton hands mostly) :D

    1. Ahah, in the first picture I put her in that position 'cause it's supposed to be Picture Day and I tried to imagine how a high schooler would look in their yearbook XD

      Well, you do have super nice accessories ;D no wonder people pay you compliments ^^

  4. DRACULAURA <3 ahh, she's so cute!

    I told myself "NO MORE THAN 2 OF EACH CHARACTER" - I already have two Draculauras and I want more! ;-;

    I have the original 1st wave and the box set of her with Clawd :) and eeeeee new dolls are always so exciting! I just got Jinafire and Skelita!

    Also you're adorable, hehe.

    1. I have, uhm, FIVE Draculauras and I'm not going to stop. I want more. And more. AND MORE
      uuh and her version with her boyfriend is in my wishlist, she has such a lovely outfit *-* I wish I could have just her without him *__*
      Omg you have Skellita? She's AMAZING, they're always awesome at re-interpretations but she's a freakin' masterpiece.

      (Thank you <33 *blushes*)

  5. OMG! I must have Catty Noir. She's gorgeous. Where I'm going to put all my dolls I don't know....

    1. She is, right ;_;?
      I mean, my primary goal is getting Cupid (I've never seen it in Italy, dammit!) but Catty Noir is *so* amazing, except for those boots xD

    2. Cupid is a Walmart exclusive actually. Which is probably why she's not in Italy.

    3. Oh! No, we don't have Walmart here. That's so unfair T_T! She was the one I wanted the most!