venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Update on wedding outfit :D!

Remember a few posts ago? When I was asking for help with what to wear to my friend's wedding...?
Eventually I realized that grey dress was too short and not appropriate at all for a church.
So, I asked my mom and surprisingly she picked for me one of my lolita dresses...!
We did a little brainstorming about what to wear it with and we came up with this outfit:

Wedding 14/09

The dress is that one exactly, except it's more the colour of the strings of the sandals.
The sandals are almost identical, while the earrings, well, you can see them in one of my previous entries :D.
I'm not sure about that clutch, though. It feels like something you should wear in the evenings, doesn't it? Ahh, I don't know, how am I supposed to know this stuff? I never go to weddings, I never dress fancy ;_; I'm just an alternative kid who doesn't know how to match colours anymore T__T!

By the way. What do you think of this outfit? I love that dress, but it seems too frilly to me, considering the occasion... wouldn't I look like a bridesmaid?
I mean, it has everything it takes for a day ceremony in the summer: it's knee-length, it's coloured, it's quite elegant in its own way, it doesn't expose too much skin... so why am I not convinced?
And in case you were wondering, YES, my choice of an outfit IS always this tiresome XD I go on and on and on and on for days, wondering what might change if I put on that other dress or another necklace. Except I usually don't involve other people in the process XD

I can't wait to show you pictures of the wedding, you guys <3 the bride told me (she just told me, nobody else knows :D*) that she had her tailor replicate a Vera Wang dress, and that it has a pink corset while everything else is black <3 also, the decor in the church is all going to be black&pink, with roses and bows, and so her bouquet. Also, the reception's going to take place in a castle *_* that's EXACTLY how a goth's wedding should be, if you ask me.
In the next entry I'm probably going to post some pics; until then, have a nice weekend :D*!

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  1. I love the outfit, it's lovely, it's fancy, but not all that loud, not too frilly, so I guess, it's totally appropriate, especially if it's a more creamy tone and not white. If you still think it's a bit over the top just drop the petticoat...and check what the bridesmaids will wear, you certainly don't wanna look like one of them...:P
    I think the clutch is the perfect choice, it's not only for evenings out, but any dressy occasions.

    By the way, I hate it too, weddings. Once I actually put on a really tight satin pencil skirt and shirt with patent lace up boots and my hair teased up on one side for my cousine's wedding...I was astonished when people started giving me compliment on that outfit, including my mom, grandma and the bride and her mom, the most stuck up people in my entire family...:D So, what I wanted to say is; don't be afraid to be yourself and wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. :)

    1. Really? *_* Your comment is reassuring XD I thought it was a little too much... by the way I don't even think there's going to be bridesmaids, there's just a maid of honour, who can choose her own clothing :).
      I guess you're right, I should just wear whatever I feel good in. The bride herself told me to wear whatever I wanted XD and since she's a former goth, she's most definitely not going to be outraged. Lol, even my mum, who's one of those people who care about always being perfectly dressed for every occasion, gave me the same advice XD
      I don't even know why I'm so concerned about this outfit anyways, I'm starting to think that's because my style is considered inappropriate on a daily basis; which I don't give a damn about as long as I'm dressing like I usually do in my free time, but since this is a special occasion, at least there I don't want to be criticizable. I'm sure I didn't explain this feeling properly ''XD

  2. Risposte
    1. Grazie Laura <3! Quel vestito è bellissimo, ma non ho mai avuto l'occasione di metterlo. Finalmente si è presentata *_*

  3. I think it looks perfect. The clutch nicely picks up a floral texture from the earrings, it's colorful but there's still black, and apparently you'll match the colors!

    1. Aww, thank you! T^T Lol, I trust my follower's judgement more than I trust my own X°D

  4. I think this outfit is lovely and very wedding friendly, I agree with Lynoire too, if it feels too much you can always drop the petticoat or wear one with minimal poof!

    If it makes you feel any better, when I was 17 I turned up to my brother's wedding in an extremely 'me' outfit. It was a big poofy red and black skirt trimmed in spiders web netting, a black corset top with red print and my top hat! Then I got there and my sister in law announced 'surprise, you're one of my bridesmaids!' I felt so bad because my outfit clashed with the pink bouquet I had to hold, but she'd done it on purpose. She wanted us to wear what WE liked, so she hadn't told anyone who the bridesmaids were going to be!

    I think your friend would be happy that you are wearing an outfit that makes you happy and reminds her of the gothy style she used to wear, also you match the colour scheme =P

    1. Yes, my plan was to not wear a petticoat ;)
      Wow, your sister in law sounds like a truly nice person :D I guess in the end the brides don't give a damn about what we wear, maybe we're the only ones being concerned about our outfits... XD by the way I would've loved to see yours, according to your description it must have been STUNNING *-*

  5. Dust pink is a lovely colour in my opinion. Over the few past months I fell in love with Mary Magdalene dresses, and this one kind of makes me think about it.
    And I think palnning a great outfit takes lots of time, so totally on that boat with you.
    By the way, I do love your earrings.

    Hoping to see future wedding pics!

    1. Mary Magdalene dresses are lovely <3, they are so classy. That's true, this dress' design kind of reminds MM'S.
      By the way, in the end I received lots of compliments (especially on the earrings :D I paid them quite a lot but they were worth it, I love them too!), the only issue was that I was wearing the bride's same exact colour scheme XD! But she didn't give a damn, so it was fine.
      I'll post pics as soon as I'll have them 'cause I didn't take any XD I hope she'll pass me the ones she had done XD!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting ;*

  6. Loved your outfit, I think you be beautiful with this clothes, i wanna see pics :p

    I'm following you, are you want to following me????

    Thanks dear

  7. I look forward to the weddingphotos! The colourscheme sound truly awesome. And a castle <3
    We are having our gothic wedding in a church though, because I'm a christian that feels right for me ^^

    I guess you have been to the wedding now, I'm curious to see what you decided on the outfit!

    1. I'll post the pics as soon as I can :D! I just need to wait for the bride to come back from America (lucky bride...!).
      Oh, the wedding was in a church actually, the castle was the restaurant were we ate :D
      Yes I've been to the wedding last saturday :) the outfit was this one above!