sabato 28 settembre 2013

Outfits + New clothes :D

A few outfits I've worn recently and some stuff I've bought some time ago, but forgot to show you XD.

The first one was created around the a-line skirt I showed you in my last post.

A friend of mine told me I looked good dressed like that :D this pic doesn't really do me or my outfit justice, though.
And by the way I think I should have worn heels; except the only red heels I have were the wrong shade of red. Gah.
I don't even know why I bought those shoes. I remember I was in Milan in one of my favourite shops, and I'd seen those flats in three versions: black, red and white. I'd have liked to buy all three of them but I didn't have enough money, so I chose red because I wear red more often then I wear white; also, I couldn't figure an outfit that would've required white shoes (I couldn't foresee that one day classic lolita would've started to grow on me :D). Long story short, I've worn them maybe three times, because the only thing that goes well with them is that top and I put it on like once a year XD.

On the contrary, this outfit has many things that I wear extremely frequently. Like that tee. I bless the day when I saw it at Zara and decided I could try some rock-chic.

I wear these accessories very often as well. The rosary's definitely the necklace I wear the most, since it's for my everyday outfits; and I usually pair it with Dean's necklace (you know, Dean, from Supernatural?).
And those bracelets are the ones that match my everyday outfits more easily, so I wear them almost everyday.
I've just realized I seldom show you guys my everyday outfits. You might have gotten the totally wrong idea that I go to university or to buy groceries in tutu minidresses XD.

And this is what I was wearing to my cousin's graduation. Not really my usual style, huh? Quite preppy, I'd say. The blouse and the pants are new: my mom bought them for me as a present. I'd seen them in a shop in my town and I guess she was so blasted I was showing interest towards stuff that wasn't studded or lacy or black that she immediately proceeded to get them for me. She also bought me a lovely sweater which I'll show you later.
Well, the chance to wear these clothes came pretty soon - I was also glad I didn't have to think of an outfit anymore, these new clothes were perfect together and perfect for the occasion.
My mom let me use her booties; I don't really like them, but I figured they were the only shoes we had at home that could go with the outfit.
By the way, my boyfriend told me I looked like a professor. I'm not sure whether I should take it as a compliment :'D (he said he meant it in a good way... hmm)

And then there is some stuff I've bought some time ago and forgot to show you XD.

This is the sweater my mother bought for me. It doesn't look very special, I know, but to be fair, nothing could look very pretty while it's on a hanger :°D.

I bet you're all well aware of my obsession with Monster High Dolls. You may not be aware that, when I obsess over something, I start to want clothes with that something on them. So when I saw this tee at the kids department I immediately tried one on.
I always fit in children's clothes, as long as they have sizes from 12 years old on. The only problem's usually with my boobs, but since this tee was meant for 13/14 years olds I guess they took the boobs factor into account (I already had them at that age).
Now I have to spend some time thinking about what could possibly go with it. There are too many bright colours and I literally don't know what to do with them. I guess jeans might go well with this tee but, guys. Jeans. I refuse to be this unfashionable.

XDDD How many of you remember this girl?
I most certainly do! I used to have so much fun watching this cartoon. Last summer OVS (an italian brand I like a lot) made a line of t-shirts with characters from cartoons, including Little Pollon. In the store I usually go to they only had Eros, which wasn't quite the same to me, so I waited to check in another OVS store, and I found one featuring Pollon. It was even on sale, so I spent like, €7?
I had to buy an XS because it was the only one left with Pollon on it, but it fitted my waist and it didn't squeeze my boobs; it was only a little bit tight on the shoulders.
The line under her name says "troublemaker" :P (that was the literal italian translation of the cartoon's title).

Have a nice weekend you all ;D*!

8 commenti:

  1. oddio la maglia di Pollon *_*
    Mi manca OVS sinceramente ç_ç

    1. E' adorabile <3
      Comunque OVS ha un sito, magari puoi ordinare online da lì!

  2. I love the first outfit, I'm a huge fan of red shoes! You should just wear them with a fully black outfit, red shoes add a little spice to that!

    And I also like the pullover/shirt combination your mum bought for you, I can easily see that in combination with skinny jeans or leggins and a short jersey skirt...

    1. I've never thought of matching those shoes with a total black outfit :O thank you for your advice, I'll think about it!
      Yeah, actually I usually wear that kind of baggy sweaters with skinny jeans and rider boots :D but I think I'll try leggings sometimes, that sweater's quite long, it should cover my butt XD

  3. That first outfit is sooo cute. I have a couple of monster high tees too. I only wear them around the house doing chores or homework.

    1. Really? That's too bad, I bet they're super cute :D! I'll be proud to wear them in public once I get rid of this flu XD

  4. I love the first outfit :D looks very good with the red and black.

    The second outfit is like what I wear mostly nowadays, haha, right now I'm in a comfortable clothing fase.


    1. Thank you <3! I'm always unsure about red 'cause I'm afraid it's too bright and brings too much attention to me D: (it's funny that I don't mind going out in shredded tights and corsets, but I'm afraid of a little, innocent red bow)