mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

Winter is Coming

Well, actually, autumn is coming, and it's going to take a month at least, but I'm already digging into the new FW 2012-2013 collections. :D
Not that I am a shopaholic (not all the time...!); that's because every year, in winter, I find myself in the same situation: in desperate need of clothes.
You know, when I get into a store (online or not) I get attracted by lacy stuff. Minidresses. Frilly skirts. Corsets, fishnet stockings. Which is beautiful stuff, really, I couldn't get enough of it, but it never, ever, ever occurs to me that when there are -10°C outside during the day I may not need that kind of stuff but perhaps, you know, jumpers, hoodies, pants, wool tights, boots (boots that actually keep you warm, not those faux-leather victorian boots from TUK I bought last year just because they were pretty, regardless of their objective usefulness).
And then november comes and I'm perpetually shivering. I shiver from the end of november 'til the next february/march. I even tried to buy myself a pair of UGGs; black, so that I didn't feel guilty for being so little goth:

But after buying a pair and having to get them repaired twice because they're apparently made of paper -_-, I just asked the shop to give me a voucher, with which I bought these beauties by Walker:

Which, for the record, are incredibly uncomfortable, and hardly keep my poor little feet warm in the winter °_°.
Last year my mother, moved by pity, bought me a pair of leather knee-high boots, similar to these ones:

They were made of a good material and cuddled my feet in a way I couldn't describe, and, despite not having a sheepskin interior, they kept me warm (as long as I wore them with knee-high wool socks). I wore them everyday and I have to say I looked good in them.
But I wasn't completely satisfied with them because, you know, not goth enough. I know you can compensate by wearing weird tights, or tons of accessories, or a dramatic make up, but:
a) When winter comes I just quit wearing tights because I'm too cold. Seriously: I'm actually wondering if there's a way to put on two pants;
b) I can't wear layers of crosses, skulls and ripped hearts everywhere, and most certainly not at work;
c) Same as above: the smokey make up I like is something that's good only in clubs or goth events, or in any case among friends, not in front of your boss or customers.

Yes, I know, this is more of a "panda eyes" than of a smokey make up... but this is the way I like it :P

So I don't really know how to not end up wearing just all-black really plain outfits. I also tend to repeat my clothing pattern because there's not really much you can do when all you manage to put on is sweaters, pants and boots; especially in working days, when I can't wear my New Rocks.
Right now this is the best I can do, and it's meant to be a weekend outfit:
winter outfit

How do you deal with this problem? What do you wear when it's too cold outside for stockings, shirts and miniskirts? This time I don't want winter to catch me unprepared :D!

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  1. Thank you so very much for your comment, you always make me happy :D <3

    And about winter, I wear the same clothing all year through, maybe more pants than usual, bot other than that I just change my stockings to thicker ones, and wear black cardigans and hoodies. :D I do have a hard time finding good shoes though..I have also tried UGGS but they were no good.

    1. Ahah :D I'm glad to hear that!
      Mh, maybe that's because you live in northern Europe (it's Sweden, right?) and the weather is cold pretty much all year, so maybe you don't feel a big difference... I live in southern Europe and we can reach up to 40°C in the summer and -15°C in the winter :)!
      I actually did like UGG, they were quite comfy but way too expensive for being so fragile! They didn't even last a month... :(

  2. amazing outfit *_* your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thank you :) your blog is very nice too! Your style is very different from mine but I like it :)

  3. Nice picks! Really love the lace up boots

    (btw I tagged you for liebster on my blog)

    1. Thank you! I love them too <3
      I'll immediately go and see your tag :D

  4. I just layer my stockings and shirts and skirts (yes I layer my skirts, a petticoat would probably be better but I'm poor.)

    1. I can do that in autumn, but not in the winter... too cold :( how do you layer skirts? That's something I never tried :D!