martedì 7 agosto 2012

Zombie Walk Outfit...?

On September 15th there is going to be a Zombie Walk in my city. This is the second time I participate and last year my outfit was quite lame. That's because I didn't have the time to think of a better one. But this time I want to pull out something good, so in the last days I've been thinking about my make-up and clothing.
I had in mind something like this:

This is Ashlotte, a bonus character from Soul Calibur IV. I don't mean to just do a zombie-cosplay; what I want to imitate is the structure that's under the gown (which if I'm not wrong is called "crinoline"). She's wearing black ripped lace tights, which I can make (I mean, I can buy them and then rip them :D), Mary Janes (I can use my Bodyline shoes, the ones I posted pictures of in the Monthly Theme) and a corset. I have a corset from Burleska that I've been waiting to wear for months: I bought it last winter and I've waited for summer to come so that I could wear it, only to find out that it's too elegant to go anywhere. But nothing is out of place at the Zombie Walk.

Here it is, in all its magnificence :D

The only problem is that I don't know how to build the understructure of the skirt. I once saw a tv program (I think it was Mad Fashion with Chris March) in which a stylist made something like this with plastic bones and cable ties. But since it has to be visible, I can't use cable ties to link the hoops, so I'll probably have to go for glue, which is very likely to fail.
Also, I don't have a proper skirt. The perfect dress for this would be this one:

Which is also by Burleska, and I've longed for this beauty for ages. But it'd be pretty expensive for something that I'd use just once and I'd probably dirty with fake blood (speaking of which: I have to find a good one. Possibly one that isn't dangerous for my skin and that lasts longer than an hour, and it would be great if it didn't come off in pieces after a short walk...  any suggestions? ;_;)

And then there's make up... God, I'm so bad at it. Plus I've got very deep set eyes, which are very hard to work with, and the risk that I run painting them in dark colours is to make them look even more deep set, which gives me a very unhealthy and dead-tired look (which may actually look good on a zombie, but you know, I want to be a pretty zombie!).
So, make up. The first thing I need to learn to do is wounds. But I'm clueless. Last year I used red and black lipstick and fake blood, and then put a little purple eyeshadow around the wound. It came out quite good, but this year I want something more striking, and buying a fake wound would just take all the fun away. I guess I'll just look for some tutorials on youtube :D here's the effect I'd like to obtain:

[Source: Google Images]

With pieces of rotting skin and a fresh open wound.

As regards the base, I put on some white powder and drew some veins with a light blue make-up pencil. This time I'll remember to put the powder on my whole body and not just on the face... which I don't really need to do considering how pale I am :D

Well, we'll see what I'll come up with. For now, I'll post the outfit I wore last Sunday to go to the mall :)

You can't really see it but I'm wearing a necklace and a rosary :D

These ones are new <3 I bought them last week, together with an AMAZING black lace hat which I must show you as soon as possible.
I just hate that I don't have my black nail polish on >_<

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  1. Zombiewalk would be sooo fun, I need to go sometime, the ararnge it here in sweden too from time to time. I'm thinking of going as zombiebride :D

    Response: Ofc, det top is from a store called New yorker, maybe you have it in your country as well. ^^

    1. I had the same idea :D! The zombie bride, I mean. But then I realized I hadn't got anything white in my wardrobe and I don't want to spend too much money on this thing :D btw I went to a zombie walk just once, but I really had a good time! The only thing is I came home with quite a backache XD walking like a zombie hurts XD! (In fact by the end of the event my zombie walking was spontaneous XD)

      Thank you for answering, unfortunately I don't have it here but I'm already checking their website <3

  2. That looks like it'd be a really neat outfit to see!
    I hope you get it together and post pictures!

  3. Maybe you can use this description to build a cage crinoline for your costume?

    I'd love to participate in a Zombie walk, but the one in my city is during my vacation...

    1. Wow, this is extremely accurate, thank you so much!!
      Maybe you can join a walk in a city next to yours? In my region there were only two last year but I noticed you live in Germany, there sure are more zombie walks there :)!