giovedì 2 agosto 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 4

FYeah Finery Challenge.
Day 4 ~

Take a picture of you in your most expensive item of clothing/shoes/accessory (old or new photo.)
What brand is it? (or did you make it yourself?) What is this piece used for? (photo shoots, special occasions?)
Include a number of pieces to complete an outfit with this piece if you so wish :)

Well... there was a dress that I had ordered from Antique Cafe (a japanese lolita brand) which would have been the most expensive thing I'd have ever bought in my entire life (including the part of my life I haven't lived yet). For some reason, after I confirmed my order, they've never sent me the invoice for the Paypal payment and I've never heard from them again. But if it was for me, this dress would already be in my wardrobe.
Shipping included it would have cost me about 230€. But look at it.

Aren't you puking rainbows in front of such a beauty?
I'm still waiting for it to come to me. I have faith. One day you'll be in my arms, baby.

I'd pair it with these shoes:

If only I knew where to find them T__T

4 commenti:

  1. I'm not sure if it's just on my computer, but the 1st 2 pics aren't working.

    At least they didn't charge you and then not send it. >:)

    1. I fixed it :)! (Or at least, I hope so...!)
      If they hadn't sent me the dress after I paid 230€, I would have taken a plane to Japan and taken their lives *-*

    2. ha ha ha :P

      yeah the pic works now :)