giovedì 2 agosto 2012

Monthly Theme Post - Bows (2)

Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme Post

Here's another entry for the Monthly Theme Post ^^!
I'd meant to take a picture of all the clothes, shoes and accessories with bows or bow pattern in my possession, but then I thought that I would've had to post half of my wardrobe... I've just started this blog, I don't want to show everything immediately XD
So I'll go for just an outfit which, on the other hand, is FULL of bows :D this is what I was wearing to a meeting that took place a month ago.

 This dress originally had two bows on the front, but I didn't like it, two were too much; so I cut it off. I like it better now :)

 These shoes have bows even on the back <3 and please notice the tiny bows on the stockings :D

And this is the back bow of the dress.

I guess this is it for this month's theme, at least for me, but you'll probably see a lot of bows around here :D so I'll just thank Victorian Kitty for giving me the opportunity of showing my bows to a lot of people <3 this was an amazing challenge!

5 commenti:

  1. This a perfect Bonus Bows outfit. :) I love all the little details. But especially those shoes!! I have a pair of Demonias with bows on the back, but they are a more chunky style than I like, and the heel isn't talks enou. Yours are just perfect!

    1. Thank you ^^!
      I had been looking for a pair of shoes like this for ages before finding the perfect ones: not too lolita, not too goth (plus on of the front bows is removable!). If you're interested, they're still in the Bodyline catalogue :) (and they cost very little!)

  2. Cool outfit! I think the dress looks good with just one bow, not too many! You look so lovely! I want your clothes and jewellery collection!!!

    1. Thank you <3! This is what it looked like before --> (click)
      And thank you for appreciating my clothes and jewelry... I usually hang out with non goth people so I very seldom get compliments for my outfits! You're making me really happy XD

  3. Oooo that dress and those shoes. Just oooooo.