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Stay Kawaii winged hoodie review, outfit, new Ever After High doll :D

Eventually I managed to find a winged hoodie that was also quite cheap. I think it's lovely, and I really should thank Stay Kawaii for giving me the chance to buy it.

Stay Kawaii is a freshly opened shopping service run by a girl I know, and I strongly recommend it to you all. Laura, the owner, is very good at her job: she has great taste, she's very kind, her service is fast and she's always available whenever you need information or further details on her products.
As for the hoodie, I'm very satisfied with it.
It's a one size fits all, though it actually only fits XS-S-M. I wouldn't recommend it to bigger sizes; I'm an S/M and it's just fine on me. It's quite warm, perfect for middle seasons; I guess those of you who are used to cold might even use it during the winter :). The wings are super cute and they stay in their place even after staying tucked under my coat and my backpack for hours. This hoodie also came at a very fair price.

(right-click and open in new tab for better resolution)

All in all, if you live in Europe and like kawaii stuff, you should really give Stay Kawaii a try :)! I'm sure you're going to be just as satisfied as I was.

And then there's my new doll *_*!
As you surely know by now, I've always been a sucker for Monster High Dolls. They're as beautiful as they are expensive, dammit. Well; when this Ever After High spin off came out, I squeed so loud they probably heard me somewhere in Australia. The first doll to came out was Apple White, aka Snow White's daughter, and she was also the one I wanted the most.
Sadly, it was impossible to find them here. I was almost ready to order one on eBay, WHEN…
… when I moved to Milan and found out that THERE'S A SHOP THAT SELLS THEM.
I was with a friend when I saw them in the window. We run to the last floor where they keep them and looked at them in pure awe. Sadly though, there were no Apple Whites left. (Or better: there were some, but they were from another line, and I wanted the first one.)
So we decided to buy Madeline Hatter. At the moment neither of us had money, but last friday I went to buy a Madeline Hatter for this friend's birthday and… surprise surprise?
God bless Milan. Sorry, Milan, for all the nasty things I said about you. Yes, you're cold and grey and messy, but you gave me Apple White. Now I'm finally remembering why I used to love you so much.
(I guess you can't really understand why I'm so glad I could find a doll that's probably in every store in the U.S.. Well, U.S. citizens, let me tell you that you're very, VERY lucky people on so many levels.)

I took a picture of my friend's gift before packing it :D it's really beautiful. I think I'll buy it anyways, sooner or later. 

Here she is, but I have to say she's way cuter than this picture shows.

These are beautiful dolls, really. Their quality is the same of Monster High Dolls and their structure is pretty much the same; the only difference is that, while Monster High dolls re-interpretate alternative styles and horror stories, these one are based on fairy-tales and thus feature sweeter outfits and styles.
There are actually a few Ever After High dolls that have darker colours and gothier outfits, like Raven Queen:

But that's because she's supposed to be the villain, and villains are traditionally portrayed in these colours and styles.
I'm so glad I bought one of these dolls. If you're a fan of Monster High Dolls, you'll surely appreciate the beauty of these new ones, their attention for details, the creativity in their styles.
This is going to be my next purchase, by the way: Blondie Locks.

Doesn't she look a bit like Alice from Alice in Wonderland ;)? In any case, she's gorgeous!

See you next week ;D*

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  1. I find pretty hard to find proper fancy clothes for winter, but I think you made it with this hoodie. My favourite option lies on angora high neck jumpers, but for some reason they are not that easy to find these days. Hope to see more winter-friendly posts over here! :)

    1. Aww thank you! Actually, I have the same problem: I can't find nice winter clothes. This hoodie was the only exception I found, and I bought it immediately :D
      Oh, angora high neck jumpers are so pretty, but I can't find them either. (Also, I have this feeling they wouldn't be very cheap :P)
      I hope to post more winter-friendly stuff too, unfortunately during this season I end up always wearing the same things and I don't want to bore the hell out of my followers D:

  2. I love those little wings!

    That last doll does look like Alice, her dress also looks a lot like one of those really fancy printed Lolita dresses.

    1. I thought that too. I love their dresses 'cause good part of them are very lolita-inspired :D

  3. Aww, your very own bat wings <3

    I think Raven Queen is the prettiest of those Ever After dolls. I wouldn't say no to my hair looking like that, haha.

    1. You're right, her hair is awesome, and look at that tiara for G.'s sake ;A;
      I think they took a little inspiration from Regina's outfits in Once Upon A Time, though...

  4. I love these dolls! I have four of them, Raven Queen, Apple White, Briar Beauty and Maddie Hatter. Maddie is my favorite.

    1. Aw, lucky girl ;A; I knew you could be the one to share my passion for them! It also looks like you own my favourites XD we have very similar taste, huh XD?
      By the way I agree, Maddie's one of the most beautiful <3