domenica 1 dicembre 2013

New Outfits and New Purchases

I love outfit posts, they're my favourite to do and to read.
Unfortunately, I almost never manage to take proof of my outfits, since I'm always in a hurry somehow; besides, the only moments when I can take pictures is when I'm at home, so the backgrounds are quite lame XD. But I would feel so stupid posing outside where there's people, so I guess I'll never be able to take cool pics D:


[My jewelry]

I'm not really a fan of that turtleneck, but it was cold ;A; I'm aware that this dress is meant to be worn without your underwear, since it has transparent parts on the back and on the front parts, but I could barely manage to stay away from the radiator with that shirt and a wool bolero on. So.

And then there's an outfit with my new pants :D!
I really needed new black pants, since most of mine were really washed out and I guess my fellow alternative readers know what it's like, to constantly live in the fear that your black pants become grey pants. :'D

[Right-click and open in new tab to better see the pattern. There are these cute little skulls <3]

[My jewelry].

This was an everyday outfit, of course, but I like what creepers do to outfits that otherwise might have been a bit boring.

And finally, my new bracelet <3

Isn't it lovely?
I don't know what was about this bracelet that made me drool so much over it. I guess it's the autumnal colours. I love autumnal leafy landscapes, and this bracelet reminds me of that kind of stuff. <3
This beauty also got a lot of compliments <3 I think I've worn it every other day since I bought it some weeks ago XD

I hope next week I'll be able to show you guys the new dress I bought on a forum; I'd been longing for it over eBay for like a year, and now I found it secondhand at a very fair price… I know I'm going to love it!
See you next week ;*

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  1. Posing with people around can be a little ill-at-ease for the model. What I normally do is taking my pictures at isolated places or, the most of the times, just waiting until people does not take attention. They normally look a bit during the first five minutes, but then they get bored about it and just ignore it ;)

    1. My problem is that when I go outside I'm usually at the mall or downtown or at a pub or something, which means places where it's hard to find a lonely spot XD!
      I don't know, I'm afraid people might think stuff like "does she think she's so beautiful she deserves to be taken so many pictures of?" or "what is she, POSING? Who the hell does she think she is?" or better yet "does she really think that weird outfit is worth being captured?"
      And so on. And when people think that you can see it in their looks D: (people are mean ;A;)

  2. I love that first outfit! It is so stylish!

    Most of my outfit pictures end up being at home, too, although I occasionally get a few pics when I am out with my friends, I feel awkward asking them to stop having fun to get outfit photos, so I prefer to make sure there is a few photos of the outfit before I go out.

    That ring is so gorgeous, where did you get it?

    I know what you mean about the bracelet, I love autumny stuff too, there is just a lovely feeling in the air when autumn comes and I love the coloured leaves, it is nice to be able to have something of that with you. Now I want coloured leaves for my hair, I wonder where I can get some fake ones. Go away, Summer!

    1. Thanks <3!
      Ahah, I wouldn't ask my friends either XD I usually ask my boyfriend and when I started it felt pretty weird actually.
      As for the ring, which one do you mean? Well, the first one comes from a comic convention, I bought it from a girl who did handmade jewelry. The second one is by Alchemy, you can find it pretty much in any gothic store :D
      Oh, yes, autumnal vibes are the best <3 I think you can get that kind of stuff in etsy, maybe you should look for mori style accessories, you should be able to find something leafy :D

  3. You always have such beautiful outfits-- I envy your wardrobe!

    1. Why, thank you ;A;! And to think that half of my wardrobe goes unused ''XD!

  4. Great outfits, I totally can relate to the washed out pants problem :P your new pants are awesome!

    I like the rings! Expecially the Daenarys <3

    Looking forward to see your new dress :D

    1. It hasn't come yet è_é! And it's going to arrive while I'm in Milan, so I'll have to wait 'til next friday in order to see it… agghhh that's too much time to wait, I want it now T___T I think I'm going to use it on New Year's Eve, I just have to figure out how to match it… hmmmm...