domenica 15 dicembre 2013

How to match my new dress? (Advice very much needed :D!)

Hello, darlings <3!
How are you doing :D?
I'm doing pretty fine: the Christmas break is getting nearer, I've bought almost all of my Christmas gifts and I've bought some amazing new stuff on the Internet too!
But I won't show you anything until I get them <3 it's going to be a surprise ;D
In the meantime, I received that lovely new dress I bought secondhand a few weeks ago!

This is the dress:

Except its previous owner slightly modified the sleeves; she shortened them and added some pieces of black lace. It's still very pretty, and I'd been longing for that dress for like a year, so it's ok ù_u.

It is a size S, but I hadn't taken into account that asian S sizes are slightly different from ours XD so it's a little bit small on me, meaning that the sleeves don't look poofy on my shoulders and that the striped top barely covers my chest XD it doesn't reach my waistline.
But I don't really care, it's still very pretty and I like how it looks on me. Also, since I'm very short, the bottom part actually reaches my knees.

Question is: how do I match it?

Maybe I should've thought of that before buying it, I know XD. That's me, buying stuff I have no clue what to pair with.
I thought about some possible outfits. Which one do you like the most?


And then I gave lolitizing it a thought.

outfit with new dress

And then I was clueless again. I'm 100% positive there must be other amazing outfits I can create out of this beauty, but I can't come up with anything. Can you help me, fellow alternatives? ;_; I really wish to sport it at New Year's Eve and time is running out XD!
Have a nice Sunday ;*!

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  1. I think the loli-friendly option is adorable, very sophisitcated and clssic too.
    However, I also like the beret outfit, it is quite Parsian (which is something I truly appreciate). I hope I was helpful.

    Lots of love!

    1. Thank you, dear!
      Unfortunately, not only I do not own a beret, but they don't even look good on me T_T I'd love to sport that dress with a beret and, why not, a baguette under my armpit and some other french clichés, but I can't T_T
      I'll try lolitizing it sooner or later è_é thank you for your advice ;*!

  2. An elastic cinch belt would be a great way to bring some color to it (like a red one!) and add detail without taking away from the bow on the top.

    I like the beret they had in the stock picture. A bowler or boater hat would also be fun headwear.

    1. I completely agree! In fact, yesterday I had the same idea and tried it on with a cinch belt: it did wonders for my dress <3
      Unfortunately, I don't have any nice hats - I only have a black fedora and a spiked cap XD - but since you're not the first person to suggest me to put one on, I think I'll give hats a chance.
      Thank you so much for your advice <3

  3. I think this would be great for a kind of Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit! You could even do the whole apron thing. It's more costumy but still awesome.

    1. That I hadn't thought about! This is a really nice idea *_* I might wear it with white tights and my black lolita shoes, and maybe a headband with a bow, and of course I should put a petticoat underneath the bottom… hmm! That's interesting *_* thank you so much!