sabato 19 ottobre 2013

A haul (yes, another one), an award and a real life update

Heeey :D! I'm back!
I wasn't gone for long actually, and it hasn't passed more time than usual since my last entry, but what you don't know is that I've been quite far from home in the last days, and that's why I'm feeling like I'm "back".
I didn't tell you guys something quite important, but I didn't know how to introduce the topic 'cause it'd have looked like I was making a big deal out of it and, see? I feel like I'm doing that even now ''xD
Long story short: I've been admitted to the university I've always wanted to get in. I passed a killer test and later moved to Milan last monday :D
I'm not going to bore you with the snags I encountered; not many actually, but still, for a girl who comes from the country, a big city's something new and different and hard to deal with sometimes; all this despite me being one of those people who've always had the dream of moving to a big city, so I wasn't unprepared, and by the way I know Milan quite well. Anyways. Let's focus on the good stuff!
The good fashion-related stuff is that, hello?, SHOPPING IN MILAN? I mean, Becky Bloomswood would have killed to switch places with me. (And I'd kill to switch places with her, since she lives in fucking New York city; but I'll settle for Milan right now. It's quite the improvement after living in the province of Venice for 25 years.) The shops, guys. So many. So beautiful. So much stuff.
I've noticed that collections arrive a lot earlier, and there's a lot more clothes, compared to where I used to live. That's great on one hand, but very, VERY dangerous on the other hand - for my wallet.
This is what I came home with when I *accidentally* went to via Torino 'cause my afternoon with a friend blew up and I was left with a free hour.
Lol this sweater is A LOT longer on me X°D it like covers half my tights XD by the way I really needed a sweater, I only have one and a few wool cardigans, so I'm not feeling guilty about this one.
Well; I actually spotted it only because I was thinking "well, ok, but I can't wear these leggings with skirts anymore, it's too cold... I'd need some long sweater or something... oh! There is one right there <3!", so I picked it, tried it on and bought it. Only later I realized I needed it more than I needed the leggings.

And these are the leggings. They're glorious and flawless and this pic is shitty, but you're going to see them very soon on some outfit posts, and then you're going to be overwhelmed by their beauty.

This is actually the first thing I put my eyes on... a necklace made with baby pink hearts which each say a letter of the word "bitch" <3 it sums my personality up perfectly, 'cause I love pretty pink stuff, but I'm also what people usually call a bitch; it describes me better than any word could ever do.

And the bracelets <3!
I actually hadn't planned o buy them, but since the necklace was promotion and I could take two items from that shelf and only pay for the most pricey, I picked these bracelets, which came for free.
Since lately I've been growing fond of bronze and golden jewelry, I was very lucky. :D

And that's it, FOR THE MOMENT. I know it's not going to end here. But it'll have to since I've ordered at least three new figures and I need to pay for them, so this must be my last haul for a month at least (of course, I'm talking about clothing. Today I'm going to buy that super cute bracelet I saw last week but that doesn't count because it's jewelry, you know).

Err, onto the questions ''<3
I haven't actually received an award, but the owner of this blog said anyone could answer the questions, so I did it here.

1-Preferisci avere tutto subito o aspettare pazientemente fino a quando sarà il momento giusto per ottenere quello che desideri? Do you rather get everything immediately or patiently wait until the right moment to get what you want?

I have no patience, the mere thought of having to wait to get what I want makes me hysterical and often leads me to giving up :D. That must be the reason why I'm on a good path to becoming a shopaholic XD shopping only requires you to pay in order to get what you want the minute you want it XD.

2-Qual è il colore di smalto che preferisci in assoluto? What is your absolute favourite nail polish colour?

Well, being a lover of dark clothing, I almost never wear colours. The only colour I very seldom wear is a sort of very dark red.

3-Dove ti vedi tra 20 anni? Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Hm, that should be more precise: does she mean "what will you most likely become" or "where would you like to be in 20 years from now"? The second question is easy: I'd like to be a translator and an editor in a publishing house. I'd like to have married my boyfriend and to live with him; we'd be childfree and we'd live in a nice flat in London or Milan or New York, which'll be full of books, figures, comics, and mangas. I'd like my house to have a gothic decor and two pinschers or chihuahuas running around it. As for the first one, I'll probably still be at home with my parents yelling at me, jobless and desperate :D

4-Puoi dire di essere davvero felice in quello che fai ogni giorno? Would you say you're really happy about what you do in your everyday life?

I've only started courses last monday but I'm quite satisfied with them. By the way I should wait at least a couple months to be able to say whether I like what I'm doing now.

5-Preferisci indossare tartan, pois o tinte unite? O nessuno dei tre? Which one do you prefer to wear: tartan, dots or plain colours? Or neither?

Hm. When I was very young, I would definitely have said tartan. Some years ago, during my rockabilly phase, I'd have totally gone for dots. Right now I'm all for total black, so I guess it's the third one.
6-Come ti vedi tra 20 anni (fisicamente intendo)? How do you see yourself 20 years from now (I mean phisically)?

Ugh. I guess fatter, flabbier and wrinkly. Considering how I eat and how little exercise I do, that's the most likely forecast.

7-Indossi i tacchi? Do you wear heels?

Yes I do. A lot. In the weekends only, though.

8-Sei felice ora, in questo preciso istante? Are you happy now, in this very moment?

Well, I'm very careful with using the word "happy", 'cause to me "happy" means a temporary and very excited state of mind that isn't meant to last for long: "happy" is when you receive very good news and you start screaming with joy, and then it ends when you get accustomed to what happened. So, although I'd say I'm fine right now, I wouldn't use the word "happy" :D that's for occasions only.

9-Qual è il tuo cibo preferito? Which is your favourite food?

I really can't choose. These are the main ones:

1. Pumpkin risotto OMG so creamy and tasty, I'm actually drooling right now.

2. Pasticcio al ragù
I really don't have time to see how english speakers call that, I'm sorry XD I don't even know whether they eat this or not. It's lasagnas with meat sauce and béchamel by the way.
The worst thing is, I can't even eat it because I'm intolerant to dairy products.

3. Meringata
It looks like I only like stuff that doesn't have an equivalent in english. Well, it's actually just a cake that's made with ice cream and merengue, and decorated with whipped cream. It comes in many tastes: chocolate, coffee or fruity... my favourite one's with strawberries (and strawberry ice cream inside).

10-Qual è la cosa che ti piace fare e che ti rende più appagata, quella nella quale senti di riuscire davvero bene? Which is that one thing you like doing the most, the one that makes you fulfilled, the one you're really good at?

It used to be writing, but I'd never thought I was particularly skilled; right now I have nothing like that in my life, but there are many things I like to do, even though they're not *that* particular thing that's always been *my* thing.

11-Quella cosa (riferita alla domanda numero 10) occupa la maggior parte della tua giornata? 

Does that thing (in question 10) occupy most of your day?

No, not anymore as I said, but I occupy my days otherwise with activities I like doing; by the way I finally managed to go to a university where they really teach me what I want to learn, so even though translation isn't that one thing I like doing the most, it's still one of my favourite things to do and I'm going to do it five days a week for the next two years, so, my final answers is "sort of".

I'm not tagging anyone, I just did this thing because the questions looked fun to answer, but feel free to answer the same questions in your blog, or even in my comments if you want :D!
Have a nice weekend :*!

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  1. Sounds a lot like my 20 years time, hopefully working in my job, with my partner, our little bird, hopefully several published novels.

    Congratulations on getting into your course!

    Good questions. I might have to do them myself when I catch up with the posts I am meant to be doing!

    Those leggins look like they will be awesome, can't wait to see them in an outfit!

    1. Thank you <3! As soon as I'll have gotten some good sleep, I'll check your blog, I'm curious to see your answers :D

    2. Ha ha, oh dear, still haven't got around to it. :P

    3. OK, I have posted my answers now! :)

  2. Good luck with your studies, I'd love to visit Milano one day! And I'll answer your questions on my blog as I love your pictures of food! I never had pumpkin risotto, but I love risotto in general. And your Pasticcio al ragù is something I cook once a month, although my Ragu is vegetarian...

    1. Thanks! Ahah, I'm glad you liked my food porn here XD wow, I'd so love to taste your vegetarian ragù <3 I don't really like meat so I guess it would only be an improvement!
      (And pumpkin risotto is DEFINITELY something you should taste once in a lifetime.)

  3. Nice sweater! That sweater looks also practical. I hope you'll find lots of nice clothes in Milan. :)

  4. Oh my, how nice! I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best of luch in the university and Milan!

    The leggings are awesome! I'm already overwhelmed by them, haha.

    And oooh I also want chihuahuas in my future life!

    And arent dairy products milkproducts? Because I'm allergic to milk so i make lasagna with a special cream made of oats. I can eat cheese though.

    I also must say, I have been very absent from internet a couples of week (because of books, Sims 3 and job xD), I only read a few favourite blogs when I'm online and I always makes me so happy to see a new entry from you <3

    1. Thank you darling <3!
      Yes, dairy products are milk products. I'd never heard of this oat cream, is it good? I might give it a try, 'cause I love pasticcio so much and I haven't eaten it in ages!
      Awww, that's so sweet of you ;-; same here by the way! Yours is one of my top favourite blogs <3 those few times I accessed my blog from my cellphone, I did it to take a look at your blog among the others, just to check how you were doing, even though I couldn't leave a comment ^^

    2. It doesn't taste so much at all just as it is, but in desserts and food it's very very good and creamy :D This all the products, hope you can see it, it's quite much so I have no problem living my life without milk xD

      Thank you <3 :D I haven't been blogging much lately though, but hopefully I'll be back soon!

    3. I can see it, thank you so much <3! The only problem is I don't think I can find those products in Italy D: I'll see if I can find something similar. or maybe I'll order them online if I can. :D

  5. Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you! :) And a little jealous that you get to live in Milan.

    1. Ahah, really? You'd like to live there? I'll switch places with you anytime XD the place you live in is beautiful and sunny, Milan is like this grey, polluted, overpopulated dirty place where the weather's always wet and cold ;_;.
      But I have to say my teen self would be jealous of me, too… I thought Milan was all shops and bars and nightlife, but it really isn't. I mean, it is as long as you're a tourist, but as much as I've been in love with Milan my whole life, now that I'm living there I'm starting to see how dull everyday life is there.
      But it's still a wonderful place for a holiday ;D