lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Many thanks to Lesthi for tagging me! I'm so proud to be somehow inspiring to someone ;A; and to think that most of the times I can't even inspire myself ''XD

Five odd facts about me

1. I'm a tea junkie. I know, pretty much everyone on the Internet is a tea junkie, I'm not saying that it's something special, I'm just saying that if they told me I can't drink tea anymore I'd just shoot a bullet in my head because I couldn't live in this planet anymore.

2. Cats scare the living shit out of me. One time I found myself alone in the street with a cat and I started running and crying as if it had been a psycho killer with a butcher knife in his hand. I have a really hard time on tumblr because of this phobia, you know.

3. I'm really clumsy. Not in that cute anime girl way, I mean in a dork way: I trip/step/sit over stuff, I break things, I forget everything like five seconds after I've been told it. I think I'm driving my parents to insanity, and this flaw would probably make me the worst roommate. Remember not to share a house with me, it might be dangerous for your safety.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion changed my life for good. I can't describe my bound with this work, it's something I couldn't explain even if I tried (and God knows I've tried). Not only it is the most amazing show I've ever seen in my entire life, but I've also grown up with it, so it has rooted so deeply into my mind that when I hear people despising it (which is not the same as criticizing - that would be totally legitimate) I can't help but judging them. I'm (not even) sorry. It's like if someone was insulting the person you love the most in the world just because that person is so complex and complicated and amazing, and they just couldn't understand him/her - because they didn't even give it a try - and for this reason they decided that s/he wasn't worth their time. Wouldn't you hate them for that?

5. I'm one of those people who are good at quite a lot of things, but do not excel in anything. It's like my curse. It's like you scattered your talent, you know? Assuming I have any XD.

I'm supposed to tag 15 people, so here's my list:

Feel free to not do it if you don't want to ^^ I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy reading your blogs and how much it inspires me, fashion wise but not only :)

So, uhm, just some days ago I wrote that I wasn't going to buy anything for a while.
Well, I was lying. Of course I was, I mean, you should know me by this time, I can't not buy stuff for more than a week or so.
BUT this time I was good, I spent like €24 and look what I came home with. I love sales, and I love how you can find items from last season that you missed because at the time you didn't check the shop properly, and now they're basically throwing them at you.

Opera gloves!
I already have one pair of these, and from the same store too; but these ones are longer AND they're made of lace and satin, not only satin. I know, that's not even a good excuse... but come on, there's no such thing as too many opera gloves, am I right? Especially when they're selling them for €4 (ok, THAT's a good excuse :D).

This is something that I absolutely needed in my wardrobe: a leather skater skirt. What? Every single girl on lookbook has one!
Of course, fashion arrives in Italy like one or two years later than in the rest of the civilized word, so by now maybe everyone's stopped wearing them (I need to check on lookbook), so that would make me so last season in the fashion bloggers world, but as long as I stay in my country I'm definitely the It Girl.

This is another lucky find.
It was on sale, it was the last one and it was too small for me, but as a coincidence I needed a waist belt to wear together with the skirt.
€4. I love it when this happens.

And this brush came for free, because I still had €13 in my Sephora Gift Card. From now on I officially have to pay for my make-up. That's so sad.
(Luckily enough, I think I won't need to buy any more make-up for, like, the rest of my life).

And, well... I also bought an action figure, but I should dedicate a post just to it and a fashion blog's not the right place for that. Also, it was quite pricey and I've just said I wasn't wasting my money - except figures are never a waste of money, but try and tell that to my mom. -.-

Have a nice week ;*

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  1. Grazie millissime per avermi nominata *v* mi fa tantissimo piacere ♥

    1. <3 Il tuo blog è uno dei più belli che seguo, hai uno stile originalissimo e i tuoi outfit sono sempre fantastici ^^

  2. #3 - Also forget everything 5 seconds after I've been told. I thought it was my age!

    #5 - Ditto. My father used to say I was a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Nice, hey? ;o)

    And I always thought Italy was way ahead of everyone else as far as fashion goes? My sister-in-law (from Israel) says Canada is at least two years behind! So am I still okay to wear jeggings and biker boots? LOL!

    1. 3. Well, I'm 24 and a half and I still couldn't tell you what I ate for lunch to save my life XD like, when my grandmas phone they know that they mustn't leave me messages for my parents 'cause two seconds time after I hang up I've already forgotten they even called. I wonder what I'll be like when I'm 80. XD

      5. Oh, your father must like to pour salt into the wound, doesn't he XD? But you know what? I think being a jack of all trades is more useful after all. Like at school. What's the use of being a Maths genius if you can't pass the year because you suck at all the other subjects? Much better to be have good grades in all the subjects, right ;D?

      Ahahah I don't know, I still wear biker boots an I'll wear them even when they won't be in every single store XD but if I cared about fashion, well, Italy wouldn't be the right place for me. Maybe it was fifty years ago, or maybe it is if you're into brands (although I believe that French haute couture's way better than Prada or Gucci) but as an alternative I have a hard time here. Alternative style's a trend right now, and it doesn't catch on :/
      As regards Canada, I remember Robin from How I Met Your Mother saying that in Canada the 80s came in the 90s XD I thought they were just making fun of canadians as they usually do XD!

  3. grazie mille!!
    adoro quella gonna in pelle *_*

    1. Anch'io <3 e la amo doppiamente perché l'ho pagata apena 16 euro XD

  4. I TOTALLY sympathise with number 3. I am soooo clumsy. I always run into things and hurt myself. I also have this thing that I just have to TOUCH something for it to fall apart, always in someone else's house. Everyone ALWAYS blames me when something breaks. I am not even rough with stuff, it's just like I am jinxed. If something is on the verge of breaking and I go near it, it breaks!

    I love Neon Genesis, too! It was one of the early movies/ TV series my boyfriend showed me, one of his childhood favourites, so it's kind of our thing. I wouldn't talk to anyone who despised it, because they would have to be an idiot!

    Thanks for tagging me! If I can think of any more odd things about myself that I haven't already told I will put them up :P

    1. I'm feeling less alone ;A; that's what happens to me exactly. Like, last month? I was having a cup of tea while reading a fanfiction on the computer, when suddenly, I don't know what happened exactly, but I spiller the whole cup of tea on my Apple wireless keyboard. €70. That's the kind of damage I do.
      And yesterday? I was cleaning one of my make-up brushes with the cleaner (which is a spray) and I accidentally sprayed all over my toothbrush. Which I had to throw away because you can't put that stuff in your mouth. This kind of things happen to me all the time.
      And OF COURSE when something happens it's always my fault XD omg, I hear you.

      Aw, it's so nice that you wouldn't talk to anyone who despised Evangelion <3 I mean, let's be serious: they can not like whatever they wish, but you can't not like Evangelion and be worth my friendship at the same time. We just couldn't click. °_°

      Ahah, I think you can not do it if you've already been tagged XD my tags were just meant to show my appreciation ;*

  5. Thanks for the tag! And, man, I know what you mean by five. It's quite saddening actually. :/ Also, fuckyes to the leather skirt! Leather's is every winter!

    1. You're welcome :)!
      Yeah, it's quite saddening, isn't i? Reaching a good level in everything... but not being able to cross that line. Especially when there's something you'd really like to do well. T_T

  6. I'm glad you wanted to do this. ^^

    And I agree with 3, I'm so clumsy too. It feels like i have no control over my bodyparts, my arms and feets are everywhere hitting dorrknobs and tables. :'D
    And YES, the 5. I always say that I'm forever average in everything. I'm so jealous of people who are truly skilled at something. I just to never get pass that "good enough but not the best".

    The operagloves are pretty, I'm so gonna buy such a pair someday, I bet they are very cheap on ebay too :D

    And yes, a closet is no closet without a leatherskirt! :'D

    1. We should think about creating a Clumsy Anonymous, like "Hi, I'm Shannon and today I broke another glass. I don't know how it happened, I just feel like the objects are moving on their own behind my back to get closer to my elbows. I... I think I need help."

      Me too, I'd like to be really gifted at at least one thing. I even chose which one, I'd like to be a truly good writer. I'd give up all the other things I've started and never went ahead with, if I could publish just one novel in exchange. T-T

    2. Haha! Yes maybe we should xD I bet there already is that sort of facebookgroup somewhere.

      I know how you feel :/ I think I would want to be better at making pretty cakes and pastries. I do know that I'm good, but I'm nothing compared to other amazing people who hasn't even been trying as hard as I have to get better. They have magic in their hands. The world is so cruel sometimes ><

  7. Thanks for the tag! I'm also a bit clumsy and very diverse (nice way to phrase that I don't have a real talent), so I can relate witht he stuff you told about yourself...

    And I really love your leather skirt! I could never wear such a skirt at work, but maybe I could wear it for going out?

    1. You're welcome :D
      I could never wear it for work or university either, it's for going out, maybe to places that aren't goth... lately I've been drooling over the outfits of Chloe from Apartment 23 and in the first episode she was wearing this awesome outfit with a leather skater skirt, I guess that's where it comes from XD