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I'm selling clothes :D!

As I wrote in my last entry, I'm selling some stuff ^^
I thought some of you might be interested since we share the same taste in clothing :D besides, I'm into many alternative styles, so if you don't exclusively wear goth I think you could still find something you like ;D.

If you're interested in one of this items, feel free to ask me any questions about them in the comments.

Here are some general infos about the clothes:


I'll give you the size of each item; they're all S, M or S/M by the way. If you're interested in one of my clothes and you need to know its exact measurements, just ask me in the comments and I'll be glad to take them for you.
Just so you know, since I'm the one who's wearing the clothes in the pictures I'm going to post, my measurements are 89-67-89 and I'm 156 cm tall.


You can find any info you need at this link; there are several options for shipment abroad, please pick your option of choice.


I'm selling these clothes because I realized, after buying them, that they weren't for me. Most of them I've worn only once. Some of them are even new. I'll give you more detailed infos for each item :)

Payment method

Paypal. If you're willing to buy one of my clothes, please give me your e-mail so that I can send you an invoice :)

All that said... on to the clothes *___*!

1. Black lace tutu

You've already seen this one in this blog: I think I've worn it a couple times, once in London and once at a comic convention.

This is how it fits, although the studs are a bit hidden under the shirt and the corset.
The size is M, but it can actually fit any size from XS to M.
I bought it on emp at €40; I'm selling it at €25 + shipment costs.

2. Black corseted satin tutu

This one was never worn outside my house. I tried in on once or twice for like five minutes, just to see if it could go with my outfit. It's very beautiful, but it seems like I can't match it :(

Here you can't see the corseted part because it's under my tank top.
I bought it at an italian store at €40; I'm selling it at €25 + shipment costs.
The size is M.

3. Spiral longsleeve

This is the one I bought in Camden. I've only worn it once before realizing it just wasn't for me.
The size on the label is S, but it's totally ok for an M size. I have a c cup breast and it could take even more XD
I've worn it once, and luckily enough I was photographed.

As you can see, it's not too stretchy, as all Spiral tops.
I bought it at £20 in Camden, I'm selling it at €18 + shipment costs.

4. Victorian pinstripe skirt

I bought this one at a local store. Worn once. It's so pretty but, as usual, I have some trouble matching it.


This is the only picture I have of this skirt; if you are interested in this skirt, I can take a full-figured one.
Please remember that I'm very short XD so if you're taller than me it would probably look more like a mini-skirt (nothing looks like a mini-skirt on me, not even mini-skirts).
I bought it at €40 at Oviesse; I'm selling it at €30 + shipment costs.

5. Black "ripped" skirt

This one I wore more than a couple times, but it's still perfect.

I'm selling the top too, for the record XD
I'm selling it at €10 + shipment costs.

6. Black studded top

Its label says it's an L size; I really don't think so. I'm an S/M size (and when I bought it I was an M; I've never been an L) and it still fits me perfectly.

As you can see, this is definitely not an L size, although it's not that tight-fitting on me. I'd say it's ok for an M size. Feel free to ask me its exact measurements on the comments.
I'm selling it at €15 + shipment costs.

7. Black studded minidress SOLD

I've worn this dress just a couple times: I like it very much, but I can't find the right occasion to wear it.

It's an M size; I'm an S/M and this is how it fits me. I'd say it can work for both sizes.
It's from Zara.
I'm selling it at €23 + shipment costs.

8. Trypp NYC black tutu minidress

You've already seen this one on my blog. It's one of my favourite dresses, but I recently realized that I have too much tutus in my life: I have to let go of some of them.

The skirt has garters underneath the first layer of veil.

This dress is an M size.
It's by Trypp NYC; I bought it at €80. I'm selling it at €40 + shipment costs.

9. Burleska black brocade overbust corset

It really bothers me that you can't see the brocade on my pictures; that's why I added one from the online catalogue. It's the same corset.

I've only worn it twice, over a blouse, because it's too small for me; I don't have proper pictures of it.
It's a size 24'' and it's from Burleska: if you've already got a corset from Burleska you might know how it fits. It's a size S and I really don't recommend it to a size M, it wouldn't fit.

I bought it at €70 and I wore it just a couple times; I'm selling it at €45 + shipment costs.

10. Sinister long lace skirt

I *love* this skirt, but I never get to wear it - although I paid good money for it at the time. I've worn it like twice or thrice.
It's an M size but I believe it can fit slightly smaller or biggest sizes, for the waist elastic is very stretchy.
I'm selling it at €45 + shipment costs.

11. Black corseted top

<3 This one's very pretty, but I prefer shorter corsets, so I'm selling it.
The label says this about the size: E 44 - D 40 - F 42 - UK 14 - USA 10 - MEX 34 I 46
It's an L size, but I'd say it's an M. It would probably fit an L too, but take a look at the pictures: this is how it looks on me.

I'm selling it at €19 + shipment costs.

12. Black ruffled blouse/jacket with satin bows SOLD

:/ For some reason the picture didn't come out really good.

This one's a lot better :D you can close it with those satin bows and use it as a jacket, or you can wear it under a corset as I've always done.

The label says it's an L size; again, it fits an M very well.
I'm selling it at 15€ + shipment costs.

13. Sinister black longuette

The pictures don't show the thickness of this veil. This skirt is very pretty <3

This is an XS size; I've always worn it despite being an S/M size because I used to wear it on the waist.  Well, "always"... I may have worn it a couple times. I don't have pictures of it worn; if you're interested in this skirt, I can take one for you :).
I'm selling it at 15€ + shipment costs.

13. Mini-hat hairband

By H&M. Worn once. I'm selling it at €4 + shipment costs.

14. Waistcoat+blouse top

This is just one item; the waistcoat is fake and so are the buttons of the blouse :). It's meant for a corp-goth look ^^

Size is S/36/8, according to the label. Never worn.
I'm selling it at €8 + shipment costs.

15. Black blouse with satin bow

The pictures are a bit dark, but they show the pinstripe pattern :).
I love this blouse, but I have a hard time matching it. That's why I only wore it like, twice.

This is a gothic outfit, but I guess you can use this blouse in a corp-goth outfit too, maybe over a tank top or something.
Size is M/38/10. I'm less than an M size and you can see how it looks on me on the picture above.
I'm selling it at €8 + shipment costs.

16. Red blouse with satin bow

That's right: same model of the black one above.
Same size (M, but ok for an S too), same price (€8 + shipment costs).
I swear the colour isn't as bright as in the first picture XD (while in the second one it looks a little bit orangy O.o'')

17. Black tulle dress

This is a really nice dress and I like it a lot, but it's not goth enough for my usual outfits and it's too much goth for an everyday outfit. XD

In this picture I gothed it up a little bit with the boots and the accessories, but it actually can be used on its own, for a fancier look.
It's an M size and it's from Zara; I wore it once.
I'm selling it at €28 + shipment costs.

18. Black suede bow heels

This picture is bigger so that you can see the little scratch on the heel.

These shoes... I love them so much, but I never get to wear them. I've only worn them once. And to think I paid so much money for them T_T
Their size is 39.
I'm selling them at €35 + shipment costs.

19. Black&white dress

;-; I love this dress so much. But, same as usual: I never have the chance to wear it. I've only worn it once.
The size is S, but someone who's an M size could wear it as well.

I'm selling it at €40 + shipment costs.

20. Tulip pleated skirt with hearts pattern

You can't really see it in the pics, but this skirt is tulip shaped. It's a 38 size - I guess it's an S/M.
I don't have pictures of it worn, but I can take one if you're interested :) just ask in the comments.
It's from Zara; I'm selling it at €25 + shipment costs.

21. Black skater skirt with waist bow and apples pattern

22. Phaze 50s red polka dot skirt SOLD

This skirt's size is M.
I've worn it once, and I only have one picture where you can see how it fits :/ sorry about that. Feel free to ask me to take a picture if you're interested in this skirt.

I'm selling it at €20 + shipment costs.

23. Punk rave yellow sweet lolita dress

I've worn it twice and I didn't take pictures, but I can take one if you're interested :)
This dress is by Punk Rave and its size is M, but it's perfect even for an S size.
I bought it at €70; I'm selling it at €35 + shipment costs.

24. White lolita blouse

This blouse is by Anna House and it's an M size, but I had it modifies on the waist 'cause I have a small waist. If requested, I can take the exact measurements :).
I only wore it once. I'm selling it at €15 + shipment costs.

25. Living Dead Souls tartan blazer

Its size is L, but when I bought it I was an M size and it fitted me well - of course, it wasn't snug.
I'm selling it at €20 + shipment costs.

26. Tartan irregular skirt with spider patterned lace

The pouch is detachable :) unfortunately I don't have many pictures of me wearing this skirt, I think I just wore it that once.

It's a one size fits all. It's surely ok for an S/M by the way.
I'm selling it at €20 + shipment costs.

27. Alcatraz corseted longsleeve top

Worn once; bought at €30, I'm selling it at €15 + shipment.

28. Alcatraz corseted top with lace sleeves

Worn maybe twice. Bought at €50, selling it at €25 + shipment.

29. H&R red and black lace corseted minidress

Worn once. Bought at €60, selling it at €40 + shipment.

30. Garcja damask dress

Worn once. Bought at €30, selling it at €15 + shipment.

31. Red flocked Hell Bunny minidress
Worn once.
Bought at €30, selling it at €20 + shipment.

Whoa, I'm sorry I've been quite absent lately, but I've been quite busy uploading and editing pictures for this post :D
If you're interested in any of these clothes, please let me know in the comments and leave me your email, so we can discuss the purchase privately :)

Have a nice day!

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  1. la prima gonna mi piace molto *_* e pure il vestitino giallino *_*

    peccato che non sia un buon periodo per gli acquisti questo ç_ç

    1. Ahah XD ti capisco (non per nulla sto vendendo roba... per avere più potere di acquisto :D)

  2. There's two pieces I would really really love to purchase; the black blouse with satin bow and the black ruffled blouse/jacket with satin bows.

    But this month is bad for me since I just dropped $200 for my cat's surgery; I can purchase them next month, if you were willing to wait for me-- I'd be very grateful!

    1. Of course I can :) take your time! And I hope your cat gets better ^^

    2. I can purchase those items I asked for:
      my email is
      Cheapest post would be my choice, hehe.

    3. I'm having second thoughts about the black blouse with satin bow, but I still want to buy the long sleeved jacket blouse please =)

  3. If you're willing to ship to the US I would love that red polka dot skirt. :)

    1. Yes I am :)! Have you chosen the kind of shipment you prefer?
      If you give me your email we can talk about it privately ;)

    2. Whichever one is the cheapest I guess. My email is :)

  4. La prima gonna Sinister mi piace molto ! (quella

    Avresti i dimensioni di quella alla cintola, per favore ?

    (Non ho parlato italiano da 2 anni... mi dispiace se non è giusto...)

    Volevo aggiungere che i tuoi abiti e scarpe sono magnifichi ! Ho le stesse New Rock ! ♥

    Ciao da una francese lettrice !

    1. Ciao! Innanzitutto, grazie per i complimenti ;)!
      Poi, la gonna che ti interessa è una M, ma è molto elastica, quindi potrebbe stare bene anche a una taglia un po' più grande o più piccola.
      Comunque parli molto bene italiano, non mi ero accorta che fossi straniera finché non me l'hai detto :D!

      (En tout cas je parle français, si tu as besoin d'une traduction de ce que j'ai écrit ou tu préfères parler en français, pas de problème ;)!)

    2. Bah, mi dico che con (francese + inglese + italiano), dovremmo arrivare a communicare xD

      Non ho avuto bisogno di una traduzione di quello hai scritto ;) Per il momento preferisco parlare italiano, mi fa lavorare ^^ E grazie per il complimento ! =)

      Per la gonna, no ho paypal.... =(

    3. Come preferisci XD! Io sono disponibile con qualsiasi lingua :D capisco il bisogno di esercitarsi, io ne ho un sacco di bisogno con il francese XD (l'ho studiato alle medie, al liceo e all'università ma ho pochissimo modo di praticarlo!)

      Per quanto riguarda la gonna, purtroppo senza Paypal non saprei come fare :/ però ti conviene farti un account, perché per acquistare qualsiasi cosa dall'estero ti serve :)

  5. I quite like 10.11. and 17, although not sure if they would fit. If I could get measurements that would be great, Also how much they would cost to post to Australia, because I am worried that would be a lot.

  6. Also kind of interested in the ripped skirt, but I don't know if it would fit. and I really love the two tops in your newest post. I kind of like the white anna house blouse too, but it depends on exchange rate. you are in Italy aren't you? Well, let me know maybe a guess re postage if possible and we can try and work out exchange rate and see if I can get stuff :)