lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

Outfit post + wishlist

How come the spring/summer collections came out exactly when I'd been stolen my wallet and I had to pay for two concert tickets and a travel? (Or better: how come I've had all these unexpected expenses right when the SS collections were coming out?)
There were only two possible options:
-spending all my savings;
-selling some of my stuff.
I chose the second one, and that's also because I've been meaning to sell some of my clothes for a while. I have tons of stuff that I've only worn once or twice and then forgot I even had it, and it was about time I at least tried to gain back some of the money I so irresponsibly spent.

So maybe the next post will contain some pictures of the clothes I'm selling, in case some of you are interested.
But for the moment, let's go through my wishlist! And the outfit I wore yesterday to go play Magic the Gathering with my boyfriend and some other guys :D

One thing I hate about being "curvy"... my belts never stay straight XD they, like, hang from the top of my butt XDD

I bought these boots two years ago at €20. Best purchase of my life.

It's still uncharged, but eventually I thought, who's going to care? Nobody's going to check whether it's working or not. Instead, everybody's going to notice how awesome it is, and for that it doesn't need to be charged.

And this is the necklace I bought from Madame Mari Mortem some time ago :D.

This outfit looks like an everyday outfit, but actually it's the best I can do in the winter when it's freezing outside. I promise I'll do better when the weather's warmer :D
This is a preview of what I'm going to wear this spring/summer, aka my next orders:

I don't know how I've managed to live 24 years (and a half) without one of these. I mean, not that I'm this huge fan of a grungy look, but lately, with grunge becoming trendy and eveything, well... I've started to wonder why I didn't have a flannel blouse. I can't wait to pair it with a denim miniskirt, legwarmers, black Docs or Chuck Taylors and a band t-shirt. And as much make-up as my face can take.
I want to look like Ellie from About a Boy XD

Oohh, this one. Finally my favourite italian online shop is selling it. It's my top priority: years of being a redhead have prevented me from wearing red stuff, which was torture 'cause red is one of the few colours that actually look good on me. But now that torture's over: this beauty is going to be mine *__*

This is something I needed, if we can call "need" a shopping-related desire... by the way, I don't have any black blouse, and by any I mean "any". With this one, I get to wear corsets even in the coldest months of the year, and my outfits are going to considerably improve. :D

I had to renounce red for way too long a time. This blouse has many things I just can't resist: the colour (dark red), ruffles and the X straps. It's beautiful. I just need a nice gothic lolita skirt, but I'm working on it XD (aka, I'm waiting for Bodyline to restock that one I loved so much)


These leggings alone can goth up even the lamest outfit. I'm planning to match them with the little black dress you can find below :D 

Isn't this beautiful *_*? Not only it reminds me of an old Vivienne Westwood blazer, but it's also something Chloe from Apartment 23 would wear.
Lately Chloe has been my greatest fashion inspiration... too bad they suddenly shut the show down :/ her outfits were stunning.

Aw yeah.
No more going to conventions with amazing long dresses and super lame shrugs: this jacket is the perfect match for my Burleska Mollflander dress :D

And this is just a skirt I want to buy because I don't have any black miniskirts. Simple as that.

And finally, this is the little black dress I was talking about earlier. At some point I realized I had more tutu and corseted minidresses than regular, plain, everyday black dresses. I was kind of shocked.

And then there are a short blazer from H&M and a t-shirt by Sisley I absolutely want, but their catalogue pictures are nowhere to be found.

Ok: consider that this is only my *clothes* wishlist. Because there is also my figures wishlist, which is WAY more expensive :D
Well, this week I should be able to purchase the first two items, the flannel blouse and the red minidress. And possibly to sell some of my old clothes. Wish me luck :D

Next time I'll write here, Italy will have a new government. Expect me to be disappointed, whatever the result is going to be. Except if the old jerk wins: in this case, expect me to be mad. We will see :D!

Have a nice week ^^!

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  1. I've loved plaid flannel shirts since I was a teenager - and now they're trendy. After 57 years I'm finally trendy! :D

    I've been looking for that exact pair of boots for about three years now, but haven't been able to find any over here in Canada yet. They're either slightly shorter or the buckle flap doesn't look good or something's not quite right. Maybe I should check eBay Italy for a pair?

    1. Ahah XD same for me with goth... I'm always like "NOW you find out crosses are cool? Couldn't you find it out when I was a babybat, which would have spared me a lot of trouble?"

      Mh, I wouldn't know if you'd find them in the italian eBay, I bought them at this shop *click*, which doesn't even have a catalogue... but I'm quite sure I saw them in that shop some weeks ago. If you want I can check if they still have them in your size, and ask them if they do international shipments :)

    2. Oh my, that is so sweet of you to offer but I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble! Maybe (if you don't mind) you could just give me the brand name and I can try and search for a site that has them and ships internationally. But thank you so much for even offering to do this for me!! :D

    3. The brand is Chorus Line, but I don't think you'll find it on the Internet :/ I wish you luck XD!
      If you want them, just remember I can go to the shop myself ;) it's really not a problem, I'll go downtown on saturday anyway :D

  2. There are some very similar and cheap outfits to the red and black lace dress on Ebay. Here is a corset and skirt set that looks almost the same:

    there are also a couple of similar leggings, but none identical.

    1. Thank you for giving me this link!
      I'm aware than I can find gorgeous stuff on eBay for a lesser price, but unfortunately Italy's customs is very strict on importations, especially the ones from China. Aside from the fee they'd make me pay, they would keep my package at the customs for ages, or more probably block it, and the procedure to unblock it is... well, let's say my country is VERY protectionist. :/ That's why I'm forced to buy brand stuff from european shops only :/ but thank you anyway for your concern!
      By the way I couldn't see the pictures of that set :O maybe they haven't uploaded them...

  3. I really like your outfit, it's exactly something I could wear myself. I get your belt problem. I have very wide hips with very narrow waist, so belts doesn't suit me at all, I even have trouble with my karatebelt where to put it xD

    The fanplusfriends items are soooo pretty <3

    There must be very bad candidats if you will be disappointed no matter what in the choosing of government :/

    1. Aw, I hear you! I have the same problem (aside from a very round butt XD): having M size hips - and breasts - and an XS size waist. It's always a problem to order clothes from online shops 'cause I never know what size will fit me! We should have born in the fifties, back then they appreciated our body shape XDD

      And yes, the candidates are VERY bad. We don't know who the next premier's going to be yet, but I'm appalled that the old jerk has reached the highest share, together with two other parties (his opposition, and a party that's lead by a comedian). They're all pretty shitty candidates, but I just prey it's not him or one of his acolytes.

    2. That is true, i want more 50-s dresses because they suit my body perfectly :'D

      Oh that sucks! >_< I hold my thumbs that the best choice (possible) will win!

  4. What what?! You should embrace those curves, not curse them! Even if belts don't sit flat ;)
    What I wouldn't give for a shape like that-- my family's genes gave me a pouchy-protruding navel/ mid section. It kind of looks like I'm wearing a deflated fanny pack inside of tight attire. I've mastered the art of hiding it for the most part haha!
    I adore that black blouse and the first pair of stockings; ah what gorgeous picks!
    I love your taste in clothing, so I just may be an interested party to see what you have to sell. =D

    Also quite I'm thrilled to see that you are giving the necklace a good home! <3

    1. The necklace you made is super pretty, I was just waiting for the weather to be warm enough to allow me to expose my cleavage XD

      You know, eventually, in my adult years (by which I mean... the last few years?) I've grown to accept and even like my curves. But they just don't go with certain styles, i.e. trad goth XD I stopped giving a damn eventually, but still sometimes I wish I was tall and skinny so that mid-calf boots and miniskirt suited me better.
      And by the way I think you're being too hard on yourself! If I hadn't seen pictures of you I'd think you look like Homer Simpson; your belly really isn't as fat as you describe it :)! You know, I've spent years trying to hide this or that part of my body too, but then I realized that they weren't as awful as I'd always thought; it's just that they didn't fit society's expectations, which are unhealthy and unachievable for a normal eating person. And there's nothing wrong with your body either.
      In the end I just think that life is short and I'm not wasting my precious time on this planet worrying about whether a dress exposes my flaws or not; as long as I like that dress. Yay for body positivity \o/!!
      And finally, wow, that's cool! In the next post I'm going to show the pictures of the stuff I'm selling <3
      Thank you for commenting!

  5. Your wishlists always make me want to go shopping! I need those slashed leggings things. Plus a flannel shirt would go nicely with my new combat boots.

    1. Ahah XD I'm sorry I tempted you XD
      Those slashed leggings arrived last friday, they're amazing, but not very warm ;_; I hoped I could wear them in wintertime but nope.
      How would you pair a flannel shirt with combats? :O I'm curious, that's a match I've never thought of.