mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Brand flats!

Hi everyone!
Today I want to show you the new flats I was talking about a few entries ago. Why do I want to talk about a pair of flats, which are the least interesting kind of shoes in the universe of footwear?
Because, for once, they're brand shoes. To be precise, they're Louis Vuitton.
Don't look at me that way! They were a present from my mom XD I'd never, ever, ever spend that much money for a pair of shoes. Or, at least, for a Louis Vuitton pair of shoes - I spent much more money on those New Rock boots I bought last year :D.
But, to be fair, she asked me if I liked them before buying them for me: a friend of hers, who owns a shop, had shown her these shoes and suggested that I might like them, so she brought them home and asked me if I did.
... God forbid me, I did.
Let me finish! XD
I usually don't like - nay: I usually detest - Louis Vuitton's clothes. I hate its pattern, I hate the colours, I hate the total lack of unicity and I hate that they make you pay so much money for their stuff, which is absolutely not worth it.
Of course, it's my mom's favourite brand. She has a collection of LV bags and wallets and key holders and God knows what else. She's always hoped for me to become a brand-addict like she is. As you can see, things turned out a bitter differently than she wished.
But these ones... these ones were black. And they had little cute bows. And the name of the brand was not all over the shoes, which is something I hate. And they have a leopard print!
You may not know that there are a few things I could never wear, which are:
-fake-wrinkled fabric;
-excessively washed-out or ripped-out denim;
-animal prints.
I don't know. Maybe it's just that alternative fashion is so into leopard right now. Maybe, as it sometimes happens to me when I hate something, I end up wishing to give it a try (it happened to me with Chuck Taylors: at first I couldn't even look at them, and I ended up buying five pairs of them). Or maybe it's because they're black and the leopard print is not tacky at all; plus I've totally jumped on the punk-chic bandwagon this year, and what's more punk-chic than these cuties?

I think they're neat. I just have to find the right outfit for them - I guess it involves hold-ups and minidresses, but I'm not sure. I have to think about it.

Do you like brand clothes? Do you ever wear them together with gothier stuff? How *_*? (I need ideas *_*)

Oh, and - totally unrelated - please look at this thing I found on Tumblr this morning.

Someone added:

"he looks like one of the italian people pushing one of those boats"

And someone else added...

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll laugh until I run out of breath and die.

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  1. I don't think it matters if something is specifically a brand goth or not goth a brand, I think it's how you style it. Since you like gothy fashion, it thus becomes goth! The shoes are cute, they would look great with a frilly dress or even paired with black skinny jeans and a top for a more casual look. Can never go wrong with a nice pair of cute flats!

    1. I agree with you :D I often wear clothes that I purchased from non-goth stores. But LV is like the anti-goth, anti-subculture, anti-everything I believe in XD that's why I was so shocked when I found out they'd done something I actually liked, ahah.
      Thank you for your suggestion, I think I know which pair of black skinny jeans I could match them with... besides, yes, flats are always good: they can go with any style, and with this cute leopard print they can even add a touch of punk in a "normal" outfit.
      Now I just have to wait for spring to come, so that I can wear them :D!

  2. I totally agree with Meagan, brands don't matter if you like something. But to be honest no effense to you or your mom, really! - I think, those more mainstreal Louis Vuitton products with the not so creative logo all over them look rather cheap and cheesy...but these flats are lovely, I like the print, and the bow, however the golden edge is a bit too much for me...:)

    1. None taken XD as I said in the entry, I usually don't like Louis Vuitton at all, for the exact same reasons you wrote in your comment. These flats are quite different from the typical LV product, I guess that's why I like them :D
      Yeah, at first that golden thing bothered me a little bit, but then I started liking it, 'cause that's what puts "classy" in a punky pair of flats :D I like the contrast!
      Thank you for commenting :)!

  3. That hamster game me my LOL moment for the night-- so dang cute!

    Well if you have to buy gothic brands to dress gothicly, than I guess I'm a hamster without a paddle... or should I say noodle? ;) It's personal preference where you'd like to spend your money. Some people pay $200 for a pair of LV, DG's or Chanel; others pay the same amount for a pair of new rocks, fluevogs, or Hades... each designer offering what their target markets desire.

    I feel the same way about animal prints; not because I think they're ugly-- I actually like them... but they don't like me back. I FEEL ugly when I wear animal print.

    1. It's adorable. I love his face when he sings thaaat's amoooreeehhh, he seems so passionate.
      I agree with you, brands are just brands. It just felt so weird to wear something by the only brand I'd promised myself to never, ever, ever buy something from XD
      Yeah, animal print is not for everyone. You must be able to tone it down a little bit and to match it properly, or there may be a risk of becoming tacky :/

  4. Those shoes are super cute! I say wear them with everything. That's what I do with my Kate Spade bag (it's black and white gingham and very vintage looking). I have a lot of thrifted "brand" finds and I just kind of wear them.

    1. Ahah XD well, they're easy to match, that's for sure.
      I thought the only brand I would ever have worn would be Alexander McQueen, possibly a clutch, but I have to admit you can find good stuff in brand collections. I would never buy them with my own money, though XD

    2. I would never buy them with my own money either. At least not directly. That's why I love buying them in random second-hand shops and sometimes, rarely I get really nice hand-me-downs.