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My St. Valentine's Day: Warm Bodies, Monster High Doll & One Billion Rising

Oook, let's get to something happier!
After yesterday's rant, I need extra sweetness in my blog, so I'll tell you about my St. Valentine's Day, hoping I don't switch from annoying to cheesy.
But you know what? I'm not falling in single people's guilt trip, you know, all the bitter facebook statuses and stuff XD I'm proud of being lucky! Hah!
Ok, so XD.
Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to the movies. And we saw Warm Bodies.

I was the one who chose to see it among three options (for the record, the other ones were Django and Les Misérables), which were all suggested by me, so I was sure I was going to see something I liked XD. My boyfriend wanted to see Django but on Valentine's Day I wanted to see something romantic, so he suggested to see this one.
You know, I was pretty skeptical about this movie. On one hand I wanted to see it so badly because there's Nicholas Hoult and I love Nicholas Hoult, he's my baby, I would see anything with him in it. On the other hand, it seemed worse than Twilight, 'cause the concept of "zombie" seemed to have been completely misunderstood, besides, it looked like the classic Beauty and the Beast kind of story.
Well, that's what it was: it was sappy, clichéd, the same old story we've seen over and over again, and it was clearly meant for a thirteen years olds public.
And maybe that's why I kind of liked it and my boyfriend took up the cudgels for it when I said that, in the matter of knowing what the monster they were talking about was, it was even worse than Meyer's work. Whoever wrote this book doesn't have a clue about what a zombie is, this I can assure you, and turned the whole zombie trend into a blatant chickflick (but my boyfriend loves chickflicks, maybe that's why he appreciated it). But it was so, so sweet, it really gets to your heart in a pure and innocent way I haven't experienced in ages.
Yesterday I told my boyfriend that maybe he was influenced by what I call "the Sloth factor" (you all saw The Goonies, right?), which means, a clumsy monster who is thought to be evil but in truth has a heart of gold, but only the protagonist can see that, while the others tease him and try to hurt him.
I mean, this is an evergreen, I guess no one can not get attached with this kind of character: you are basically forced to be on his side and to pray that no one kills him.
Plus, Nicholas Hoult is amazing. I mean, there are actors who, no matter what they do in their lives, you always think of them in a particular role, you know? Even in other movies or shows where they're playing a totally different character. But not Hoult. I've seen him in About a Boy, Skins, A Single Man, X-Men First Class and now in this one, in all of which he played very different roles, and he was great in each one of them, and not one time I thought of him as Tony Stonem, which is the character that brought me to liking him so much.
So: if you're into The Walking Dead and that kind of stuff, please avoid this movie, you'd hate it. Same goes if you can't stand chick flicks: you'd hate it even more. Do not expect to see zombies, because you won't see any of them. But do not expect Twilight either, 'cause, even if there's more ignorance about the creatures and there's even less effort in building a plot, this movie is sweet and moving in a way Twilight can never be. And that's because it doesn't take itself seriously, unlike Twilight, and the two characters (if I can call them so, since they're each a stereotype for their genre) are adorable in a way you could only see in the movies of your childhood.
Go and see it if you're free from prejudice and ready to feel like a pre-teen again, I mean that kind of pre-teens who have pajama parties drinking hot chocolate and watching vhss all night, giggling and chatting about that cute boy in the other class.

And after the movie...
My boyfriend gave me presents :D! I didn't expect that. We had agreed to not give each other anything 'cause we're quite broke these days XD he's unemployed and I recently had to pay for my and his The Muse concert tickets (oh, by the way, I'M GOING TO SEE THE MUSE NEXT JUNE!!), and then I had to spend a lot of money on an unexpected and unpleasant travel, and on top of that my wallet was stolen, so not only I lost quite a lot of cash but I haven't even been able to use my credit card since my bank lost the new one that was sent to me a month ago. (Which is insane, imho.)
So I told him that his present would've had to wait, and he told me that by the way he hadn't found what he wanted to give me, but he hadn't told me he had gone looking for another present!
But before I show you that, please have a look at this.

My favourite cake. Heart-shaped. That was so thoughtful of him! I was so happy with this cake that when I received another present I was appalled.

I'd seen her at the mall a few weeks ago and I was a little bit sad 'cause I liked her so much but didn't have money at the moment. I'd never figured he would've remembered that! And so after we came home from the cinema he gave me this present. This man knows me. And he's definitely the sweetest person on earth! All these surprises from him really cheered me up, I'm so grateful to him for caring so much about me.

And speaking of caring...
Yesterday I also went to the One Billion Rising flashmob in my city. This is the video of the event:

You can even see me in the distance in the very first seconds XD well, you can't really see anything... but if you look very carefully next to the column on the left, you can see two girls on the steps: the one on the right has a red thingie on her head and is holding something in her hands. Well, that's me XD with my bright red bow and my camera. (Side note: you couldn't imagine how much attention a bright red bow on your head can get you. Seriously, if I'd gone around in a full-goth outfit I wouldn't have gotten as many stares. Children seemed to especially appreciate it.)
This was a great event. There were even more people than it looks like on the video and the mood was absolutely good, there was some kind of energy in the air, full of positive vibrations. I didn't dance because I really suck at dancing, I couldn't keep the steps in mind for my life, but I'm glad I was there and filmed the event. To those who think that the whole initiative was controlled and exploited by politics, I say: you should've been there. Men and women and children dancing all together for women's rights. The crowded square and the feeling of sisterhood; nay, of siblinghood, since the whole thing was meant to be gender inclusive.
I think that going to this flashmob was as important for me as going on a date on Valentine's Day. And it convinced me that I'm fighting for something real and that I'm not alone. To all of you who relentlessly fight for women's right and face a wall of ignorance, indifference, hostility and violence, just know that you are not alone: we are not alone.

Yes, yesterday was definitely a good day.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing Warm Bodies, the trailer was actually pretty interesting! It starts here in Germany next week...

    And I'm happy that you are so actively involved in equality and political correctness. You are somebody to look up to!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I've never thought of myself as of someone to look up to, it's so great to see that someone shares my involvement in these issues. *moved*

      Warm Bodies was ok after all, if you don't expect much from it. It's a classic monster/pretty girl love story, but it's funny and sweet, and that's more than I can say of Twilight :D

  2. I think my boyfriend might rather die than watch a romantic movie xD your boyfriend seems very cool! But on the other hand I think I'd rather die than sit through one of my boyfriends beloved war-movies so maybe we are even, haha!

    I think I need to see that movie because Nicholas Hoult is in it, I liked everything he has done before so.
    But I dont know since I really love The walking dead so then I might hate it :'D

    I'm so happy for you that you get to go see The muse!

    And what is that cake? It looks like it's chocolate cereals on it?

    Yay draculaura, such a great gift. And also. Can I have her shirt in my size please? ;D

    Haha I tried several times look for you in the video but I might be blind!
    It has happened to me to that I have had some accessory on me that for me is sort of ordinary but lots of people think it's so odd so they stare and comment all day!

    Great flashmob, and for a good cause! I hope I someday get to be part of flashmob, it would be fun!

    1. XD Well, don't think we're always there watching chick flicks either XD (... mostly 'cause *I* don't like them, though XD) if it was for him, we'd be always watching horror movies or 80s movies for children, both of which I hate XD we have a hard time figuring out which movies to watch, too XD

      Oh, don't worry, I *love* the Walking Dead (especially this season, Glenn Mazzara did wonders for this show) but I liked Warm Bodies anyway :D

      The cake is "riso soffiato al cioccolato", it's very easy to make: you melt a bit of milk or butter and twelve Mars bars in a pot, and when it becomes liquid you add a box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. Stir and put in a casserole. Done! (If you try it tell me if you liked it, as for me, I could literally eat nothing but this cake for the rest of my life)

      How awesome is Draculaura's shirt? This is exactly the thing that made me fall for this doll, that is quite average comparing to other outfits she's had. But that pattern is to die for ;O;

      Ahah no you're not blind, it's just that I'm VERY small XD by the way they did this flashmob all over the world, they probably did it in your country, too. You know, this thing made me understand that I need to participate to more feminist events, 'cause that's what I want to do and that's what makes me feel good: I can't be considered as an activist right now, 'cause all I ever do is commenting on feminist facebook pages and arguing with every single sexist I meet, but this might not be enough. So I'll do more! And I feel this was a good start :D

    2. Yes it's very hard choosing a movie with so different taste. We usually watch animated ones :D

      I really must try that cake! It sounds epic! I love Mars-bars!

      I googled a little and you are right! They had that flashmob in Stockholm this week!
      I thought about that the last couple of days as well, that I should be more active figthing for feminism. So I joined a feminism-group on facebook for my town so I hope I can be a part of some good activites and also meet new friends with the same opinions as I have. :D

    3. It is! We usually find an agreement on Tarantino's movies, but he didn't make that many. Thank god they invented tv series, it's much easier to find one we both like :D

      Yes, that cake is the most delicious thing in the world. Mmh, I even had some at dinner. So yummy. *drools*

      Wow, that's amazing! It's good to actually talk about these issues, I mean with your mouth and in front of another person, instead of just typing stuff from a keyboard. What does a real life feminist even look like? I've never seen one in person XD!

  3. That's SO sweet that your man remembered you liking that doll. So thoughtful! And she's adorable. I covet her shoes! ;)

    1. Yes, it is :) he always remembers the things I like, I'm really lucky!
      And yes, the shoes are gorgeous, I think that the best part of Monster High Dolls are the shoes :D
      Thank you for commenting!

  4. That sounds like a lovely Valentine's day! I agree that Nick Hoult is just all sorts of amazing. Tony Stonem is what got me into him too. Also totally jealous that you have Scaris Draculaura! I got a Monster High doll for Valentine's day too. Apparently our boyfriends think alike.

    1. Tony Stonem was an awesome character; I couldn't not love him despite him being a total asshole. I hated him at first because of how he treated Michelle (and everyone else, but Michelle mostly) but then I saw him with Effy and his feeling were for once so strong and pure that I completely changed my mind about him. I even wrote a fanfiction from his point of view lol xDD

      Wow, which doll did he give you *_*? Hey, we're lucky we have such thoughtful boyfriends XD I think the perfect doll for Valentine's day would've been Cupid (which is also on my wishlist) but I can'f find her anywhere :/

    2. Tony's relationship with Effy is just amazing. I kind of want to read that fanfiction now?

      He gave me the Skelita (I hope I spelled that right >.>) Scaris doll. He really wanted to get me the Cupid one apparently but also couldn't find her. But he found Skelita so I'm pretty damn happy.

    3. I'm sorry but it's in italian ;_; you know what, maybe I'll try and translate it :D

      Wow, Skelita is awesome *_*! I'm not really into mexican calaveras but this re-interpretation is really interesting. Its skirt is perfect :D