lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Sales haul + Make-up!

Heeey :D!
How are you doing?
I've been doing quite fine: I went to a Harajuku Fashion Walk in Venice AND to a Muse concert in Turin! Sadly, I don't have the pics of these two events yet: the photographer of the HFW is still working on my photoshoot, and I haven't seen my cousin's boyfriend (who took pictures of the concert) for a while. I promise I'll post tons of pics when I'll manage to get them :D

In the meantime, I wanted to show you the stuff I bought in my first day of sales.
Please note that I haven't been in H&M, Zara and Pull&Bear yet :D so I mostly bought make-up and accessories, and very few clothing.

This is an overall sight of my haul. Still pretty poor, I know, but give me time.
I'm very proud about buying that sweater because, as you can see, I got it at only €5. Believe it or not, I spent the whole fall and winter looking for a black-and-white striped sweater, and I never found one.
I found it in a summer day at the H&M kids section. (I know, I said I hadn't gone to H&M, but that's not quite true: I went to the H&M at the mall which doesn't have the same stuff as the H&M downtown, the one that really interests me because it has the Divided line.)

These ones are so extremely cute. I'd seen them with a friend last week and I decided to buy them. Unfortunately, though, they weren't on sale and I payed them full price.
But look at them. They're just so cute. And they'll go wonderfully with the dress the friend aforementioned gave me in exchange for one of my skirts (which I'll show you in one of my next entries, as soon as I give it a good ironing).

My boyfriend saw these and thought I might like them: for some reason, I loved them. This really isn't my usual style, even when I'm wearing pink, but they're so pretty, aren't they?
I'm lucky to have a boyfriend that not only comes shopping with me, but actually goes and looks for stuff I might like in the stores. I can't believe I'm so lucky, guys.

Aw. This wasn't on sale, either, but I really needed a bracelet that could go with a twee or sweet loli outfit. It's perfect. Looks at its sweetness.

I've been eyeing this thing for almost a year.
Every single time I entered that store, I went straight to this minihat (or whatever this is) and checked if they'd finally lowered the price.
And they hadn't. Not even in the fall-winter sales.
But now they have. I'd promised I'd never buy this thing at more than 8 euros (and it cost 15) and I got it at €7,50.
Perseverance, my darlings. Perseverance, and a lot of penny-pinching.

And then I bought a nail polish to match the minihat. I tried on nine polishes before finding the perfect colour.

And well, since I was there, I took a look around and I found these. I needed new fake eyelashes and Kiko's are quite cheap.
I like this new style: they're shorter so you can apply them to the outer corner of the eye only. It's good form me since I have kind of round eyes and it was almost impossible for me to get the eyelashes to go along with my eye shape.

And then there's the make-up! <3
I've probably already told you, but I have this uncle who works with make-up firms, and every time he visits he brings us boxes full of make-up. This time he had lipsticks, I mean a bag filled with them (or better: full of what was left after my cousin took her share. Fair enough).
This is what I chose for myself:

I picked quite different colours because I still need to know which ones suit me the best.
I look good on pinks, so I chose a few (the third one from left looks particularly good on me; it's very similar to the colour of my lips, so it looks kind of natural); then I tried a purple because they told me purple goes well with grey eyes, then a nude (I guess a nude might be useful), a dark red and a coral. I tried coral before and I think it's a good colour for me.
It's so good to have all this make-up for free, isn't it? Especially considering how much all this stuff would've cost me in a store.

This one I bought. I've spent all my goth years looking for a dark red lipstick. This is exactly the colour I was looking for. Unfortunately it's a gloss, and I'm not really a fan of glosses, but that was all I could find. I put it on at the Harajuku Fashion Walk and I was very satisfied with its lasting.

And that would be all, for the moment!
But I still have to buy a pair of creepers and to check a few stores, so there's a huge chance my haul's going to increase :D.
Thank you for reading and have a nice week :3!

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  1. I'd love to see a picture of you wearing the hat, I can hardly imagine the size. But all your haul looks really good...

    1. It's quite small actually, it's a fascinator hat :D and it's on a headband ;D but I'll try and take a picture of it soon, I promise ;)!

  2. I love those earrings! Don't they remind you of the rose bushes in Alice In Wonderland?

    Oh and that fascinator/ mini hat! Very lovely! The waiting paid off!

    1. Yeah, that's true! I love flowers and especially roses, though it might not show from my usual outfits... but these little pink roses with those bows are just the cutest little earrings <3
      Oh, it did pay off. I knew nobody was ever going to buy something that weird and that they had to cut the price eventually X°D and I was right :D!

  3. Yay a new entry! I really enjoy to stare at your new purchases haha.

    The flowery earrings are so cute :D they almost look wedding-ish!

    The bracelet is wonderful, it makes me think of Giselle from the movie Enchanted.

    1. Yeah, a new entry XD! I'm always like "oh, this has to go on my fashion blog" but then I'm like "omg taking pics... editing them... uploading them... writing in english... urghhh..." but eventually I'm like YOU'VE BEEN IGNORING THIS BLOG FOR TWO WEEKS!! so here I am.
      You're right, omg, they look like wedding earrings XDD yesterday I was talking to a friend that works at a shoes store and I described them the kind of shoes I was looking for (white, with bows or maybe lace) and she told me they were quite wedding-ish XD looks like I enjoy dressing up as a bride! XD (Brides get to wear amazing clothing and accessories though. Lucky you!)
      Oh, Giselle was so pretty <3 that's true, that bracelet's definitely something she would wear. Those little pink roses are so Disney princess-y XDD

  4. That sweater is a great find! I'm a little jealous.

    1. Ahah thank you XD maybe you can still find it at H&M!
      By the way I sent you an email a few weeks ago, I hope you received it 'cause I really wanted to thank you for what you did <3!