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Outfit + Punk/goth in "Orphan Black"

Today's entry's going to be unusual.
Firs of all, because my outfit of the day is quite unusual for me :D since as you know I'm totally devoted to black and I rarely put on colourful stuff.
But once in a while my love for pastel and frilly things pops up - usually in the springtime - and I might be spotted wearing clothes people would never expect me to put on.
Like this dress.

... I love this one <3! I adore pink&white and, most of all, floral patterns.
It was actually a present from my mom; we'd gone to a children clothing store to buy my cousin a present for his ninth birthday, when I noticed this beauty.
It was a 16 years old size. And I thought, oh well, my Disney pajamas are for 10-12 years olds, there's no way I can't squeeze into that.
And I was right. Tsk. Thanks to my height, I can ALWAYS get into children clothes: I did it with H&M, Disney, Benetton and now I've done it with this dress.
Too bad I didn't have any shoes to match it with, so I borrowed these booties from my mum but I don't really like the altogether :/ I should buy white low-heels pumps with bows or something like that: those would be the perfect match for that dress.
You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find cute shoes with bows or lace or ribbons that aren't lolita. I hate squared heels (or better, I think I'd look to childish in them) so lolita shoes aren't really my thing, but stilettos aren't what I'm looking for, either. Sadly, this is all I seem to be able to find.

The second part of this post concerns a show I've been watching lately, Orphan Black.
Just to be absolutely clear: I *loved* that show. It's one of the most compelling stories I've ever watched, I really, really recommend it to you all. Trust me, you'll thank me.
That said; for once, I'd like to share some thoughts with you, regarding the representation of subcultures in media. That is not something I usually do, but after seeing the same shit time, after time, after time, I tend to get tired :D so let me rant a little bit about one of the tiny flaws of this show.
So, this is Sarah, the protagonist, as she first appears.

And my first thought was "she's a goth". I mean: she's wearing a total black outfit, black make-up, ripped tights and combats. What does she look like to you?
And this is the edgiest we ever see her.
Later we see her in black booties, a leather jacket maybe, or a leopard tee but that's about as far as she goes with her outfits.

But she claims to be a "punk". Even her foster mother once reminds her of when she introduced Sarah to punk rock; but she doesn't seem like a punk at all to me.
Except maybe when she puts on a Clash tee (... could they be more obvious? I mean, the Clash? Everyone loves the Clash, couldn't they to the effort to make her less mainstream...?), and her "husband" states she's dressed like "a punk rock ho".

[This is all it takes to be labeled as a "ho" in this show]

A "ho". Side note: wow.

But what bothers me the most is that, while she takes on the identity of another woman, who's rich and classy an can afford nice clothes and a beautiful home, the show seems to suggest the idea that she was dressing as a "punk-rock ho" because she didn't have the money to buy better clothes.
I mean...
That's prejudice, guys. That's not even bothering to check if dressing like a punk-goth ho is really something you could do by shopping in thrift stores only. Because I for one find dressing goth VERY expensive. You literally spend hundreds of euros in boots, let alone a whole outfit.
And of course she's a drug dealer, she has troubles with herself and she's a teen mom, 'cause you know, us alternatives, we're like that because we're troubled kids. Criminals, punks, or people who have been hurt and react with goth and punk, as if it was a protest of some kind and not, you know, just what you choose to wear, to the point that you end up spending a shit ton of money on it - and thats's because you like it, not because you couldn't afford "better" (which to us may not be "better" at all).
I find this trend rather condescending to us alternatives. Along with that "it's just a phase" rhetoric, you know, when the goth character's the one who's trying to find themselves after they've been hurt or something, but then when they find peace they go back to "normal clothing" and to being acceptable members of society. Like, just ew.

That's not a problem of this show in particular, I've detected in many media and I guess I thought with time people were getting used to the idea that alternative doesn't equal troubled or troubling (or both). But nope.
I'm the only one who's starting to find this offensive rather than just annoying? I mean, come on. And I won't even mention how the token Gay Guy in the show was portrayed, 'cause that would take a way longer entry and in this blog I only want to talk about clothes and the subculture.

What do you think? Have you noticed this kind of treatment in media? Does it bother you? It'd be great if you brought up some examples :D I'd be glad to discuss it with you guys ;)!

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  1. It sure is expensive to dress goth, even if I blend my designer clothes with lots of Second hand finds and DIY projects, because for some it's an obsession and my deepest obsession is shoes, cool designer shoes :P
    I think she looks more grunge in the pictures above.

    1. I'm like you, I can buy super expensive New Rock boots and a plain black tank top at €5 at the market, I don't care.
      But if someone likes brand goth clothing, instead of just buying black stuff and matching it together or diying their own clothes, they'll sure end up spending a lot of money :O
      Like, with corsets. It's not easy to find one (a good one I mean) at a low price :)

      Yeah, she's basically a mixture of styles... at one point she actually has a flannel, also, she likes ankles boots and leg warmers :D

  2. I love those white strappy boots! I want them!

    People outside subcultures never seem to know how they dress, what they like, etc. One of my other friends and I were saying we were more likely to be recognised as Goth or alternative if we wore plain black pants and a top than if we wore an over the top frilly outfit or the like.

    Wow, all that stuff does sound a bit like subculture bashing, it makes me really angry, it's crap like that that caused so much trouble with my parents refusing to understand me and making my life hell.

    And yes, Goth is very expensive. I can't believe the money I used to spend!

    1. I'll ask my mom where she bought them XD! And to think I picked them quite randomly XD
      Yeah, I'm totally with you on this, this crap's seriously misleading. Parents tend to think that kids who choose to dress "alternatively" have some psychological issues or, worse, that they're doing illegal stuff of some kind. Which is obviously bigoted bullshit. But society fosters this kind of prejudice.
      I mean, "ho"? Seriously, Orphan Black? And I bet as soon as she gets a happy life with her daughter and maybe a boyfriend she'll quit the style because, you know. She's grown out of it.

      Lol I know, I can't believe the money I *currently* spend XD I wish I had the creativity it takes to sew or even just to modify my own clothes, but I don't :/

  3. I definitely agree with you here! I hope you don't mind but I linked this post on my blog because I thought you made excellent points in it.

    Also that is a very beautiful dress you are wearing =D It's perfect for a tea party!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, I don't mind at all - I'm flattered!
      And thank you for your nice words about my dress <3 too bad it's too hot in here for a tea party, even for a tea addicted like me XD!

  4. This is a pretty floral dress!

    1. Thank you so much :D*! And thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment ;D

  5. You know what, often when there is a goth in a movie or serie, I get a little "oh no" directly because it is usually so that the person is mentally disturbed and therefore the dresses in goth.. or just to annoy the parents or the person is soooo deeply depressed and as soon he/she is not depressed they become "normal" and everyone is just like - AAAAA you're so pretty now without all the black stuff.
    BAH! So I understand that you are annoyed.

    1. Omg, when they do it just to annoy the parents. This one wins over all the other bullshit: my parents thought I dressed alternative because I wanted to rebel against them or to differentiate myself from them and their lifestyle. I don't know if they're still convinced of it now that I'm not 16 anymore, I guess by now they just think I have a very bad taste in clothing, but still, it really got on my nerves that they thought everything I did revolved around them.
      Teens do things because they want to, not as a reaction to their parents or to their problems or to society or stuff like that.
      A guy once asked me if I was trying to send some kind of a message, a rebellious message maybe and I was like, why on earth should I? There's no message. Or maybe the message's something along the lines of "I really like black clothing".
      I mean, nobody ever polices anyone's reason for dressing mainstream, so why would I have a "reason" behind my clothing choices?!

      And omg the "you're so pretty without all the black stuff", like, who fucking asked you? And why should you dismiss my usual clothing choices with such a patronizing attitude? And most of all, I hate how media try to convey the idea that people are prettier when they're not goth, as if to say that being a goth or an alternative somehow makes people ugly. Just fuck off.
      And when you have people telling that to you in real life you'd just slap them in the face, at least I feel the sudden urge to do it. I never comment on other people's clothes, why do they think that my style allows them to take such liberty with me? I'm not there for people to say their unasked opinion.

    2. I have been questioned like that as well, actually more now that I'm so "old" , people think I should have outgrown of this style, but that's impossible because this IS me! I cannot grow out of myself. :P

      That is so true! I get so angry when people come up to me and say; You would be very pretty in blue instead of black with your skincolor. It's like WTF, I don't go around telling them they should be goth even though I belivie that is the prettiest style for everyone on the planet. :'D (and lolita, if everyone, even boys were dressed in lolita it would be a fantastic world, I tell you ;D)

    3. Yes! Omg yes, me too, they're always like "you should know better now that you're 24", and I'm like "yeah, well, I think you should leave me alone and understand this is my choice of style, EXACTLY BECAUSE I'M 24" :/

      Ahah I totally agree, a world where everybody's in lolita would be amazing. There are a lot of lolita styles, I'm sure there is one for each age, gender and taste XD