lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Lolita outfits and events

Hey there :)!
I'm back - for the moment :D.
You know, one of the reasons why I haven't posted my outfits is that photographers never handed me the pictures they took of me. I stg that gets on my nerves to no end. What's the point of even taking them, if you don't plan to ever upload them anywhere ever, or you know - to just give them to the model, which may want to share them with her friends *_*?
Gah, I'd better not even start ranting about that. I'll just show you the few pics some friends took.

So; the first outfit was meant to be a twin concept with my friend Beatrice.
I'm only posting a couple pics because the other ones were practically identical to these ones XD.
The idea was "a gothic-spooky-circus-lolita twin".

Guys, the looks we got by passersby XD.
We were at a lolita event which had Fiore Manni as a guest. Fiore is an italian lolita who hosts a lovely tv show on which she teaches little girls how to express themselves through clothing. She presents it in full lolita outfits. If you'd like to know more about it, just look for "Camilla Store": she's very talented, her outfits are always stunning and I think it's a great show for children!
I took a picture with her :) (I had put on a blouse because it had become a little chill outside :D)

And then there's that time me, Beatrice and Deborah we went to visit a Klimmt exhibition in full lolita. 

I'm the one on the left, in total pink XD. But I have to say I wasn't very glad of how that outfit turned out.

And lastly, my friends Beatrice and Nicole's birthday! We went to eat at a japanese restaurant - everything was sooo yummy - and then took pics. A lot of pics. I'm only posting the ones featuring me :D

[This is me, for the record. The one in the blue dress]

[I didn't know how many of them were willing to have their faces shown on my blog, so I censored all of them except for Beatrice who doesn't give a fuck <3]

[The idea was looking melancholic and full of mal du siècle but Beatrice told me I looked exactly like the blonde woman in this painting]


[The old lady on the right <3]

[Nicole and I did a little bit of shopping! I found the perfect bracelet I've always been looking for *_*]

[And this is the print of my lovely Marie Antoinette jsk. Finally, I got to sport it *_*!]

[And my accessories! The rose ring and the crystal ring came with the dress - they were a gift from the shop. I love the second one <3]

I've waited so much time to show you these clothes! Like my new H. Naoto bolero I bought secondhand from a friend. Recently I bought a very lolitable Liz Lisa dress from the same friend I can't wait to show to you guys. Maybe I can wear it at the next Harajuku Fashion Walk next month <3

I hope you liked my outfits and that they were worth the waiting XD!
Have a nice week, my darlings :*!

11 commenti:

  1. It is so beautiful to twin in lolita! I really like your outfits, love the striped stockings! Looking at these pictures I really wish I felt more comfortable in lolita. :3

    1. You should! Those few times you pulled out a lolita outfit you looked absolutely lovely.

  2. Yay! I hope you are feeling better. Your outfits are absolutely darling.

    1. Thank you *_*!
      Well, let's say that I'm holding on… :P thank you for your concern <3

    2. Well, holding on is better than thoroughly overwhelmed, yes?

    3. It is, definitely! I used to be in despair and now I'm still sad, but at least I'm functioning.
      Thank you for being so nice, really :*!

    4. As much as I love reading your blog, I'd much rather know that you're doing what you have to in order to be happy and healthy. :)

  3. I love the Marie Antoinette dress, it's beautiful and has a perfect blue colour!

    1. Thank you so much, I love it too! I think it's my favourite piece of my wardrobe <3

  4. Stunning, every single one of those coords!