sabato 6 settembre 2014

Lolita photoshoot & Real life update :) (spoiler alert: moving abroad…!)

Hey there :)!

As I had figured, I didn't have much time to post outfits this summer. My internship took a good part of my time, and the other half I spent looking for a home… 'cause I'm moving again :) and this time I'm going abroad.

From September 15th, I'll be living in Strasbourg :).

I'm going to end my bachelor degree there, and I'm staying until the end of May. I probably won't have much time to update my blog, because of the homework (yes, translation students have actual homework), my internship at Expo 2015 and my new subtitling job.
Also, since in Strasbourg it's very very cold, I won't be able to put on nice dresses - and even if I was, I don't have space to make them fit in my luggage, so I guess I won't post much.

But you probably won't even tell the difference xD
Well, here's my latest photoset by the way :) it was taken on a lakeside, among the woods.

[I finally got to wear my new wig :D! But I really didn't look good in bangs D:]

[All together! The second and the last girl from our left handmade their dresses. Aren't they gorgeous?]

[My jewelry :D all stuff that I bought recently on sale at a ridiculous price <3]

Classic lolita is definitely growing on me. The dress is new too - I'd been longing for it for ages, when I finally found it secondhand in my size… I couldn't believe my luck <3

Sadly there are not many pics of me because the place was full of mosquitos, also it was hot as hell and I really didn't feel like posing for hours D: I hope you like my outfit anyway, and those of the other girls as well <3

Have a nice weekend you all ;*!

7 commenti:

  1. Nice to hear from you again! You looked really cute in that outfit, although eÍ never pictured you in baby pink and flowers before... ;)

    1. Ahah XD me neither, to be honest! I'd always loved pink but I didn't dare wearing it. Then I guess I started thinking "what the hell" and here I am, in floral pastel dresses XD!
      Thank you for your nice words ;*

  2. Everyone looked absolutely darling! I love the simplicity of your coord, too; I've been seeing so many OTT outfits floating around that it's great to see a simple, pretty coord.

    And good luck abroad. :)

    1. Thank you so much <3!
      I have to say I'm not really into OTT either. I guess that's why my favourite style is now classic lolita - I'd rather have elegance and soberness, especially since I'm 26 and I don't feel like overdoing it anymore :)

    2. I know the feeling! At 25, I've not got a ton of time to go OTT. It's fun, but these days I reserve it for special occasions. It's a big part of why I've started collecting larger bow barrettes; they make it so much easier to pull everything together without having to do much with my hair.

    3. Exactly XD I just wear wigs, curling hair lolita-style just takes too much time and effort, and I should be careful all day not to even touch them or I might spoil my work D: I'd rather accessorize.

  3. Hi, I hope you are well and having a nice time in Strasbourg! ^^