mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Christmas Presents part 1

After all this time, finally an outfit post! Yay!!
This post is actually about the presents I've received so far, but since I haven't posted an outfit in such a long time, I'll start with it.

I think the last time I wore that kilt was in 2006. I'm not kidding. It had become too small for me after gaining a fair amount of weight, and since then I've always thought that it was too short anyway.
But I wanted to be Christmasy, so I decided to use it all the same. I also put on that tartan hairband I've bought years ago and worn maybe once.
My problem with tartan is that I tend to associate it with punk, so when at first I planned to wear my Doc Martens I immediately thought of pairing it with striped tights and my spiked hairband, and that's what I was trying to avoid: I wanted to be sober. This is what I came up with.
The stockings are my mom's and they're actually really nice: they have a ruffled lace hem and a velvet bow. My intention was rocking this outfit with my Jeffrey Campbells but then I thought... Christmasy, Shannon. Remember: CHRISTMASY. Hence the boots.
The ring is my good old Alchemy ring (which is red, that's why I chose it) and the necklace is one of the two red necklaces I own. The other one was also by Alchemy but it was a bleeding heart, bit macabre. So I went for this one. (You can't see it here but I'm wearing my Kodocha earrings here, one of which has a red heart, which matched the one on the necklace.)
And finally, the bracelet was a gift from my boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law. You can see a better picture below.

And now, on to the presents <3!

This came from a guest at my uncle's house: I was talking to him about me wanting to study literary translation, and he told me that he was a writer, and gave me a copy of his book. I'll count it as a Christmas present :D considering that lately I was thinking about buying a new book, I was really lucky to find this guy.

This was from my parents, and it contained money XD.
I also got money from my grandparents.

Manicure set from my uncle&aunt :D

Scarf from my uncle&aunt

Bracelet from my mum's friend. I love the colour but this isn't really my style. On the other hand, I know she must have spent a great amount of money over this bracelet, and I appreciate it.

Also from my parents. Since I'm always cold :°D

Aw, this is the card that came with the gift below. One of my boyfriend's friends girlfriend (... lol, is it understandable?) shares my passion for Monster High Dolls and drew my two favourite ones <3.

And this is what she bought for me <3 awww this is so cute!
Plus I really needed one, in fact I was trying to save some money to buy one because I really don't know where to put my jewelry anymore.

Isn't it a lovely outfit *_*? I'd totally wear this dress!

This is what it looks like now XD this is like half of my gothic necklaces.

Bracelet from my boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law... I love it! They really got my tastes. Black roses are among my favourite things to wear.

And THIS  *_* was from my boyfriend and his parents *__* omg, I've been drooling over this figure for a few months and now it's miiiineeeee *__*
She's Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach: she's a death goddess and a warrior, and she's super gorgeous. Also, her story is heartbreaking. I'm so glad I have a portrait of her <3

I wish I had taken pictures of the presents I made and, most of all, of the cards I drew <3 I made customized cards for everyone, drawing me and/or my boyfriend in Santa clothes doing things that the people concerned liked. So every card was different and made appositely for each person. Unfortunately I didn't have the time and my camera doesn't work (I was planning to use the money my parents&grandparents gave me for a couple sweaters, but I probably should buy a new camera... ._.)

How was your Christmas? I hope you had a good time, presents aside :D

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  1. I LOOOVE the outfit. I have a skirt like that but it's fallin to pieces, I need a new one.
    I really like the combination with the kneesocks. :D

    Your necklace is really wonderful!

    Great gifts, the drawing is so cute! Why can't I draw like that xD
    What a cute jewelry-hanger! I also have a problem where to put all my stuff. I have them around a mirror on the wall because if I had them on a table my cats would kill all my necklaces.

    1. Thank you <3! I usually suck at matching hosiery ''XD I'm glad I did well this time XD
      Ahah, luckily I don't have any pets XD I would kill them if they broke my precious jewelry XD maybe you could buy one of those jewelry hangers that you can put on a wall, where the cats shouldn't be able to reach them :D I have one of those (heart-shaped <3) and they're very useful because you immediately find what you are looking for :D

  2. Yay for Rangiku! She's one of my favorite shinigami in Bleach!

    And that jewelry stand is just gorgeous. I'm quite jealous! ^_^

    1. Really *_*? She's one of my favourites too! My babies are Toshiro, Byakuya and Soi Fon, but she comes right after them :D

      Thank you, I love that thing too ^^! And it really came in handy XD