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Monster High Dolls: Draculaura, Operetta and Rochelle

Again :D!
Yes, I love those dolls. They're amazing. And they keep getting more and more amazing. These three new dolls prove my point: just look at them. At the details. At the amazing outfits. At the attention to the subcultures. They really are beautiful dolls, I don't even think children can properly appreciate them (but they probably do because little girls go crazy for these things. My ten year old cousin is always in awe in front of my Monster High collection).

Just look at her. She's magnificent *_*.

 She's wearing a mask <3
Her make-up <3

Earrings <3

Bag (can you see the skull?)

Look at the texture of her cape. I mean.

These tights.

They have curled her hair <3

The base of her wing is corseted and ends in a bat wing-shaped bow *___*

I love those fishnet bell sleeves <3

(And this came with the box. I put it near to Draculaura Super Sweet Sixteen) 

Ok, you already knew about my kink for Draculaura. She's my favourite Monster High character. That's because she's always wearing wonderful perky goth outfits and her colours are pink and black; pink is my favourite colour (together with light blue, which is one of Frankie Stein's colours, and in fact I love Frankie Stein but not as much as Draculaura) and black is what makes her gothy, so she couldn't not be my babe.

But look at what I found. I'll remind you that I had a huge gothabilly phase some years ago.
Look at this. Just... I don't know. I don't even.

Her cell phone T_T you can open it!

Her shoes are a red web with a spider on it. And look at those dices. That's what I was talking about when I said "details".

THIS PURSE. The spooky piano keys. The web. The notes.

My boyfriend was amazed by this re-interpretation of the classic monsters. I was too but I was mostly amazed by the cuteness of this mask and the paisley pattern of the scars.


You can find scars even under her dress.

 Of all the details above, I think this one's the most awesome. The beauty spot.

Hairdo and hair accessories. Look at that victory roll <3

And the last one in chronological buying order is Rochelle <3! Which is funny because she was the one I've longed for the most. But the other two didn't have a stock as large as Rochelle's, so I waited before buying her. (As well as I'm waiting now before buying Disney's Merida's doll. I'll just wait for the sales, I'm quite sure there are plenty of Meridas.)
So! She really is awesome. The reinterpretation of both a classic monster and lolita style is amazing, and I'll show you why in the comments below the pictures. I apologize for the quality, it's getting worser and worser, I'm well aware of that :/ but I accidentaly spilled a cup of tea all over my keyboard and my camera and they both stopped working, so this is the best I could do with a camera that has a black display xD
I'm also sorry about the location but I already had enough trouble taking pictures that I actually COULDN'T SEE XD didn't have time to look for a nice setting ''xD

 This is her pet, an actual gargoyle <3

Aww she has the cutest little ears <3 

Her hair colours are baby pink and baby blue: how could I possibly not fall in love with her?

Her face is a little bit different from those of the other dolls. Her eyes are bigger and her eyebrows have a different shape :D

Look at her skin <3 it's made so that it looks like actual stone.

Her outfit.

She has WINGS *__* how awesome is that?!

I think shoes are my favourite things in Monster High dolls. These ones remind of gothic architecture <3

She also has a quite nice choker, but it's not really visible over the black and white top.

Look at the detail of the scratched stripes <3

Details of her stone wings. 

 Since she's clearly a homage to lolita style, I put her in a classic lolita pose :D

Aren't they gorgeous? I think I'll soon have the problem of finding a place for them in my room. If they keep making such lovely dolls, I won't be able to restrain myself from buying them. <3

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  1. That draculaura outfit is so amazing! I also like the combination pink and black! <3
    I wish I could work as a Monster high clothing designer ;) seems like a fun job.

    One of my friend has Rochelle, and when I visited her and saw the gargoyle I just felt how much I wanted a huuuuge gargoyle decoration in my home! So cute :'D

    1. That would make an amazing job! By the way I found out that there are sets that allow you to customize your doll. They give you its body parts and you can paint it and create its outfit. I'm not so creative so I prefer to buy them already made, but there are lots of people (especially on DeviantArt) who do that, and they create amazing dolls. (Or they modify pre-made dolls)

      Ahah, a gargoyle would make the ULTIMATE goth decoration XD!

    2. I knoooow, I want one of those sets! :D The ones with skeleton arms because I wanna make corpse bride xD

      I have 3 monster high dolls that I have repainted, I have a Laguna as well but I dont wanna change her face, she is so pretty anyway. ^^

    3. Ooohhh please do it! The Corpse Bride is one of my favourite movies :D!
      Have you got any pictures of your repainted Monster Highs? I'd love to see them!

    4. Yes, I'm so gonna do it when I can afford a new doll and all the other stuff needed. :D

      I have some pictures here:

    5. Omg your dolls are beautiful *__*!

    6. Thank you so much :D <3 Comparing to other magnificent modded dolls i have seen they are quite plain, but I'm doing the best I can :'D

  2. The dress should fit approx 35inch bust/ 88.5 cm bust, 30 inch or 76cm waist with abilitiy to be slightly bigger/ smaller as it is stretchy. my hips are about 37 inches and it fits fine, it flares out a bit from the waist, so the hips are more free. measured lying flat it should be about 70cm/ 28 inches across or at my approx hip height. So 140 cm/ 56 inches around.

    Let me know if you are interested :)

  3. I know what you mean about custom fees, it is like when I want to buy something from England, but it is almost 3 times the price for me! And I have heard Italy has crazy custom fees! Never mind, I am sure you will find something like that in your country eventually. Maybe you could make one yourself with stretch velvet. :)

    1. Thank you so much for understanding! Actually I should pay like €15 (around $20) for every package or even letter that I receive from outside EU, even if they decide to not make me pay fees, because that's just the cost of documentation. Let alone if they decided to tax my item...

  4. These are all so awesome! Draculaura's my favorite too, I even got two of her for Christmas. I plan on collecting all of her dolls first. Although I may have to pick up that Operetta, she's gorgeous.

    1. Two Draculauras *_*! That's awesome *O*? Which ones?
      Yeah, Operetta is beautiful. She's got this amazing 50s pin-up style. The best thing about these dolls is that they all rock different alternatives or vintage styles <3

    2. I have the classroom one and the picture day one. She's the hardest one to find for some reason!

    3. I had to google them because I'd never seen any of them here and omg! They're so beautiful *_*! Draculaura has definnitely the best outfits u_u.

    4. Yeah definitely. I may have bought a third one today. Skull Shores! Which was nearly impossible to find.