giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

My graduation!

Ok, this entry has nothing to do with goth and such stuff :D but it's a really important point in my life, plus there are a few outfit pictures XD so I'll just do an exception and post a few pictures of this event :)

Fist of all, this was my outfit:

And yes, I'm rocking my new spiked Jeffrey Campbells *_*! Which are my parents' anticipated gift for Christmas. I can't tell how much I love them, they're amazing.
Actually I wasn't wearing them during the discussion, 'cause I thought it would have been better to keep it as sober as possible. But I immediately put them on as soon as I got off with the discussion <3
Unfortunately my father only took half-length pictures and you can't really see my booties -.-; so I took some photos for you, because they DESERVE to be shown off.

I want to show you my "papiro", literally "papyrus". I wouldn't know how to translate this in english, I don't think people do this abroad; it's a tradition of north-eastern Italy and I don't even think people do it outside my region. But where I live, whenever someone graduates, they get this paper.
It's generally a caricature, often with a lot of explicit sexual content, with a long rhymed text that tells the most embarrassing moments of one's life. You're supposed to read it out loud and whenever you make a mistake, you must drink wine. Of course, the more you drink, the more mistakes you're going to do :D.
Besides, while you do this you must wear a costume. It's usually something very ridiculous and it's your friends who decide what you're going to wear :D you can be a nurse, a prostitute, a bear, whatever comes to their mind; the sillier the better. I once saw one guy dressed as Jesus Christ: he was even baring a wood cross, lol.
Oh, and when you come out of the building you must cross two rows of people who beat the hell out of you and then they cover you in stuff like flour, or tomato, or other food. One of my high school professors had fish rubbed all over his armpits.
Well, not everyone likes all that, so they can just read their "papiro", have a sip of wine and just put on some funny clothes; that's what most people do.
I told my friends that I WOULD HAVE KILLED THEM if they did something like that to me. I even made sure my boyfriend told them not to do it. I'm sorry, but that was an important day for me and I didn't want to make an ass of myself °_°
So this is what they did:

That is me in an Asuka Soryu Langley cosplay (with my Eva Unit beside me <3), a lot of tea (I'm a tea junkie), mangas, books, tv-series I love and some pictures of me, alone or with them.
And then there is a crossword, which refers to some anecdotes of my life :D

I hid my face but you can get an idea by my caricature XD well, the guy actually made my nose and my eyebrows bigger than they really are, but considering he had to do this with just a couple pictures of me as a reference, I guess he did a nice job :D.
They also made me a very peculiar crown XD

Because, like I said, I REALLY, REALLY love tea. I could drink nothing else but tea. Realized by my beloved cousin.

Of course my boyfriend couldn't miss the chance to do a silly pose XD

And these are all the AMAZING presents I got!

Well, this was actually  a sort of gift from Sephora because they spent a shitload of money there. But it will surely come in handy. It's cute after all :D

Biphasic cleansing cream, mascara and eye liner <3 I really needed a cleansing cream, the one I have now sucks :°D

50€ Sephora gift card. I can finally buy the face powder I needed so bad *_*!

THIS PALETTE. The Queen of all palettes. It has a very good primer (which is wonderful since mine from Kiko really sucks) and a proper brush. I mean, look at the colours. Look at them.
I have no excuses for not looking hot from now on :D.

All these make-up related gifts were from my friends. Not only from the few you can see above; many people could not come because of work or university, so they came in the evening. It's really too much anyway :O.

To get what this brooch is you should know the anime/manga Kuroshitsuji. It's the one Sebastian wears over his uniform :D
It's from a friend who made a car accident that night, so she asked my aunt to bring her to my home so that she could at least give me this present. She's been super kind.

These are from my boyfriend's parents. I had seen them some weeks ago and I fell in love with them, but they cost too much. They are GORGEOUS and I already know which beige and marine blue dress I'll match them with.

Well, this is actually just the bag in which my cousin's boyfriend carried the wine, but it was so cute I couldn't not take a picture of it.

This was from one of my aunts; it's a silver bookmark. Which is very welcome since I read a lot (and now I'll read EVEN MORE, since a finally have some time!) and I always have to use random stuff to keep the page.
Apparently it brings luck to students that are graduating :D

This pendant was from one of my grandmothers. It's so cute. I had seen a pendant like this in a shop some time ago, and I wanted one. My nana didn't even know that, and yet she bought the perfect present :D.

This is a towels set, and it's PINK <3. It was from two of my father's colleagues.

And then there's my bay-wreath you saw me wearing above. Do people wear these outside of Italy? That's something people do here when they graduate. The colour of the bows depends on your faculty. Mine's was white - well, actually I'm not sure about that: Lettere e Filosofia (which I guess is liberal arts college...? The literal translation is "Literature and Philosophy") has white, but my course was related to two faculties, one of which is Political Sciences, which has another colour. Besides, in my city there isn't a faculty for the studies of foreign languages, but in some cities there is and it has its own colour.
I was unsure but in the end I just went for white. My mother's friend had it done for me and she still wanted to buy me a present; she's so kind, but it really wasn't necessary, I bet she spent a lot of money. I got many compliments for my bay-wreath.

After the graduation (I got 101/110, by the way, which is not bad at all :D) we went to a bar where we had sliced meats (which is a very typical dish) as a starter, a vegetables pie and venus rice with shrimps and zucchini.
After that, I spent my whole afternoon doing these:

Those are the remaining muffins. I also did a chocolate cake.
They don't look very pretty but they were quite good.
It's kind of ironic that the first thing I did after graduating (... with a dissertation on women's studies...) was going back to the kitchen and cooking cakes :°°D

It really was a nice day. My best friend even shed some tears; he was more moved than I was XD. I really enjoyed my party thanks to my friends and now I'm SO relieved for not having to worry about exams and dissertations anymore; I can't even describe it.
From now on I'll have ALL the time I need for blogging, planning outfits, reading books, correcting my novel and sending it to a publisher, watching movies, buying Christmas presents and so on. This is so great!
Thank you for reading; next time I'll show you my new Alchemy watch and my new Monster High dolls ;D stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations! I love the skirt! AND the shoes <3 so perfect.

    The papiro sounds like a weird tradition xD But would be troublesome for me since I dont drink alcohol.

    Great presents! Sorry if this makes me seem stupid, but what will be your "job" after this education? Some sort of teacher maybe? :D

    1. Thanks! I love the skirt too <3 my mother wore it for the first and only time in 1989 at her sister's weeding and then she buried it into the wardrobe.
      I found it some weeks ago and fell in love with it. It's authentic vintage! Plus it's really pretty. Why did she hide it from me *__*

      The papiro *is* a weird tradition, and I have to be honest, I don't like it. But my friends did a nice thing :D it's usually kind of vulgar. Also, there's this tradition of singing a song which sounds like "fucking doctor go fuck yourself" (because when you graduate in Italy you gain the title of "doctor"), this kind of things I made sure weren't done at my graduation. But you're not obliged :D

      As regards my job, well, I've studied foreign languages and I've focused on translation; my master degree will be on literary translation. I want to translate books, in short. But my course was named (I'm translating literally) "Sciences of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation". The Mediator is a person who goes in neighbourhoods where there are a lot of immigrants who do not speak italian to "mediate" when there are conflicts with natives or among foreigners. (I also studied economy, law and sociology, which should help me in this job). Of course I'm never going to do something like that XD italian government doesn't even acknowledge this profession. And it's not what I've planned to do anyway :D

      (Sorry about the long answer!)

  2. Congratulations on your graduation! :o)

  3. Congrats on your degree! You got some amazing presents, but the degree will be more important once you get over the shock of finally graduating... ;)

    1. Thanks :)!
      Yeah, I guess so... right now I still can't believe it's finally over! Ten minutes of talking and there I was... free at last XD! It was so fast I still have to get used to not having to study or write a dissertation!

  4. Congratulations! Those sound like very fun traditions. I don't think we really have anything like that in the US. Also it's totally awesome that none of your presents are the typical graduation presents.

    1. Thanks ^.^!
      I don't think that any country aside from Italy does this kind of stuff (actually, it's a tradition of north-eastern Italy, so you wouldn't see that at a graduation in, say, Rome :D)
      I was really lucky, my friends and relatives thought about my tastes more than to tradition, I was really glad about that. My boyfriend even suggested to buy me an action figure XD which would have made me even happier XD!