domenica 25 agosto 2013


There's one thing about me that's always left people quite confused: I like different styles. I guess people just wanted to stick a label on me so that they could figure out "what" I really was. When you're an alternative, people are rarely interested in "who" you are; they'd rather focus on "what" you are, wouldn't they?
By the way!
What I was trying to say is that you can see me in two totally different outfits from one day to the other. These three last outfits, which I wore at work in the last month, are the perfect proof to what I'm saying.

In chronological order...

I love this picture <3 the photographer of the even came himself to ask me whether he could take one. He asked me to strike the classic pin-up pose and well, I did my best XD

This one I'm kind of proud of. I'd been planning to wear this outfit since I bought that shirt months ago XD for some reason, I like to think I took inspiration from Chloe McGruff (the protagonist of Don't Trust the Bitch from Apartment 23). You know: a bit trendy, but with an alternative vibe. And in fact I met a girl and she told me I looked kind of gothish, so it still showed what my nature really is X°D
I had a long interesting chat with that girl, until she asked me "listen, that guy behind you, is he het...?" (since we were at a gay friendly event).
"That's my boyfriend", I replied.

Here you should be able to see my accessories a little better (if you right-click on the pic, you can open it in a new tab and see it in a better resolution).
The necklace is the "I wanna do bad things with you" one from Restyle; on my right wrist, a chain bracelet. On my left hand, the Vivienne Westwood replica ring that the girl aforementioned complimented me on so much, before telling me what she really was after from the very start of our conversation XD.

And this is from last night. I'd forgotten my waistbelt at home X°D and I think I should have added more necklaces.
Also, in this pic you can't really see my hold-ups, so here's another one where you can XD

The dress, the creepers and the bracelet I'm wearing on my left wrist are new <3!
The dress is exactly what I was looking for: a plain, black dress without sleeves. Believe it or not, it took me the whole summer to find one!
I'd been longing for a pair of creepers for ages before getting these ones... they are unisex, which means they have a straight platform, and the platform is double. They're perfect, but not as easy to walk in as I thought.

 Close-up on my accessories <3 the necklace is quite old, while the bracelets are quite new.
The last one, on my left wrist, I found in a small boutique in a small town where the friendliest gay guy showed me spiked and chained leather bracelets telling me that they were inspired from some Dolce&Gabbana collection. I guess he told me that because that day I was dressed in pink and he thought I was a fashion victim who needed to be reassured that they looked rockish, but hey!, rock chic, like, from brands...! Ahah XD

Bonus pic of me wearing a pink wig XD I kind of like that colour; when I was younger I wanted to dye my hair that exact bright pink XD they told me it looked very good with black. I think so too :D!

I hope you liked my outfits, even though they were not all goth <3 does any of you like different styles, like me?

4 commenti:

  1. I like the first one best, although they alll look great on you. The first pose is so cute ^^

    1. Thank you so much <3! I'd never thought the first one would've been someone's favourite, since it's not really that edgy XD

  2. I like all your outfits, no matter what style :D

    Actually when i buy clothing I always buy just what I like to wear, and since black is my favourite color to wear my outfits tends to end up all black, so I think that some of the most "hardcore" goths wouldn't even call me a goth since I'm not so very edgy xD I just really like to wear black, haha.

    1. Thank you dear <3
      Lol I'm just like you, my outfits are nowhere near what a "proper" goth would wear. I just really, really like black stuff XD. And my outfits aren't really edgy either, yet I didn't even show the last one to my parents 'cause according to them it would've been exaggerated.