domenica 4 agosto 2013

My 25th birthday ^^

Uhm, I'm a bit late... like, almost 20 days late... XD but my boyfriend handed me the pictures just the other day D:
And next time I swear I'll post the pics of the Muse concert X'D

Well, let's start with my outfit :D

I finally got the chance to wear that dress! (And those gloves, but mostly the dress)
Sadly, it's not that flattering on me. I mean, the top part of the dress is an actual corset with boning and everything, so it kind of flattens my chest XD
But since it's so pretty, I don't mind. I kind of like the outfit I pulled out; but I'd like to wear that dress in some other way than with the usual fishnets&platform shoes. Do you have any suggestions :/?

And these are the presents I got.

Let's see them all in detail :D

The bag was from a coworker of my dad. She was such a doll; she brought me to a shop and told me to pick a bag. I chose this one 'cause I needed something to go with sweet and classic lolita outfits, and coloured clothes in general. It's cute, isn't it?

That figure over there is KAWORU <3
He's a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion (well, actually, this one's from the Rebuild of NGE). I already had two Medicom Real Action Heroes figures of Evangelion; I've been eyeing this one at the comic shop for (I'm not kidding) THREE FUCKING YEARS. Three years of me looking at it drooling and mumbling "one day you'll be mine, one day I swear I'll have the money and you'll finally be mine". In fact, the only reason why I hadn't bought it yet was that it is EXTREMELY expensive. I'd already spent pretty much the same amount of money on Rei and Asuka, and I'd done it gladly, but would not spend so much money for him, even though I wanted it so badly.
But my boyfriend knew how much I longed for it, so, together with my friends and his family, he managed to buy it.
When I opened the package, basing on the shape of the box and on its colour, I knew what it was even before I actually saw it. Then I started screaming.

And since my boyfriend wasn't satisfied with that huge present he had made me... he also bought me a book he knew I wanted because he had heard me saying that at a bookshop. He remembered that. Plus he bought me books!! No one ever buys me books (except for him :D) even though people know I'm quite the bookworm. I guess that's because I talk about clothes and figures more than I do about books but that's just because very few of my friends enjoy literature, so I just keep the topics shallow. I'm so lucky my boyfriend knows me so well <3
(Oh! It's Vanity Fair by Thackeray by the way :D)

My boyfriend also made me this birthday card; it's meant to represent my own throne XD while the various stuff represent him and my friends. He made them with magnets so that I could move them around the drawing XD that was so incredibly sweet.
I'm so grateful to have such a thoughtful and loving boyfriend, and not only because he buys me great presents. Anyone can buy you expensive stuff, but it isn't necessarily stuff that you like. You can tell who really cares about you when you realize that they've been listening to every single thing you've said and that they've kept it in mind in order to make you happy. This really means a lot.

And lastly...
I really don't know what to say here; talking about people who take note of what you say and remember that and then make you amazing surprises.
While it's kind of normal coming from your boyfriend and/or close friends and/or parents, I would never, ever had expected this from someone who has never even seen me face to face.
I'm talking about Caitlin and her unbelievable kindness. I don't even remember where I said I wanted Cupid, maybe in some comments many entries ago. And I don't know if this was meant to get to me on my birthday, but it did, and if it was, it would be even more surprising to me because that would mean that she remembered that one year ago I mentioned when my birthday was.
I mean: there's a super sweet girl who lives on the other side of the world who cared about my tastes and wishes more that the majority of the people I see on a daily basis.
How awesome is that, when people surprise you in such a good way? It warms your heart, doesn't it? As for me, it really made my day.
So, Caitlin, if you haven't read my email yet, let me thank you so much for what you did. More than the doll itself (which I truly wanted, and immensely liked!), what really moved me was your thoughtfulness, and your generosity. I hope I can get in touch with you soon ;)!

Oh, and also, my relatives gave me money and my parents decided to pay for most of the expenses due to me scratching the side of my car D: which was all their fault by the way 'cause they are the ones who decided to destroy our gate and build a new one that's even narrower, I'd never scratched my car before so that means that it's EXTREMELY difficult to get through our new gate, everyone says so -.- but oh well, enough complaining; in the end I was lucky they agreed to pay for most of it as a birthday present X°D.

Have a nice Sunday ;D and thank you for reading!

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  1. Buon compleano !
    E la gonna è bella su te ;)

    1. Grazie mille ;*! Per entrambe le cose XD

  2. Late congrats to your birthday, sweetheart! Seems like you had a very special day with lots of love and gifts...

    1. Thank you :D*!
      Yes I did ^^ I received things I needed and/or really wanted; also, I had great japanese food for dinner, which made my birthday even better XD!

  3. Oh i have seen that dress on ebay! It's so pretty, I want it too :D
    Your outfits is always so perfect, I think the shoes suits very well.

    OMG that Caitlin seems like a very sweet person, how nice of her!

    Late congrats on your birthday! :) <3

    1. Thank you so much dear :D*! I hadn't noticed it on ebay, maybe I could have found it at a lesser price XD!

  4. What a great birthday you had! Lovely gifts and the dress fits you, it's lovely eventhough you say it's a bit too tight at the bosom.

    1. Thanks <3!
      Oh, the problem with that dress is that it's not tight enough on my chest XD I want my corsets to flatter my hourglass bodyshape and this dress isn't good for that :/ but all in all, it's true that it's lovely *_*

  5. I'm glad the Cupid got to you! I never got your email though. That's so odd. I hope you had a happy birthday.

    1. Oh no D:! Well, at least now I know you never got it, I was starting to worry ;_;
      I'll write to you again, I really want to thank you for your kindness. :*