sabato 17 agosto 2013

The Muse concert

Almost two months later, ladies&gentlemen... the pictures of the Muse concert!
These were taken from my cousin's boyfriend, I was too busy jumping and singing at the top of my lungs :D unfortunately, since it was dark and we didn't have proper camera equipment, they came... well, as good as they could XD but I guess they can give you an idea of the setting.
It was my first big concert and I was very excited; the Muse were extremely good, you couldn't tell any differences from the studio versions. Also, it was so fun seeing my beloved Matt jumping around in his skinny red pants <3 jokes aside, he's extremely talented and so is the rest of the band; their performance was flawless.
Some friends told me that you can't really say you've been to a concert if you were sitting in the box seats, but let me tell you a few things: for one, I didn't have to stay in line for half an hour just to take a pee, because we had proper loos, and they were clean too...! Secondly, I didn't have anyone jumping in front of me, preventing me from seeing the concert or stomping on my feet or hurting me in some way. Call me a sissy, but I'd like to actually *see* the concert and to actually *listen* to the music, as peacefully as I can, and that wouldn't have been possible for me if I'd been in the field.

That said, here are the pictures! They're in quite good quality, so you can right click them and open them in a new tab if you want to see more details :D.
The first one, of course, is my outfit :D. I had to go for "comfortable", so I know it's really not my best outfit (agh, that bumbag... that's the most horrible thing I've ever worn).

[Yes, they're exactly who you think they are :D there was even Angela Merkel, and at a certain point a wild naked Berlusconi appeared! They might not have known he hasn't been our premier in years XD]

 [You can see from the angle of the camera that I was pretty far from the stage, right? Believe me or not, whenever the fire came out, I felt a wave of boiling heat.]

 [This one was taken during Unintended, which is a very sweet ballad. It was so romantic <3]

[And this one was during Guiding Light. That little sparkling thing that's hanging from the bulb is actually a PERSON, and she was DANCING. That was so amazing!] 

[Can you see it? That was a robot :D quite huge, actually! But he was soooo cute, he appeared before the concert and once in a while he blurted out "Unsustainable...!" and in fact he came out again during Unsustainable, which, for the record, is my favourite song in The 2nd Law.] 

I have to admit it might have been even more exciting if I'd been on the field, especially because I could've stood still and jumped as much as I wanted, but I'd also have been forced to stay still the whole time, so.
Also, in the afternoon the weather was very hot and there wasn't even an inch of shadow in the field, so all in all I guess my choice was good.
I'm very happy I went and saw them; they've been one of my favourite bands since I was a teen and they definitely deserve to be seen live, trust me :D.

Have a nice weekend you all ;*!

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  1. Andare a un concert di un gruppo che ama è sempre un super momento !

    I've tagged you =)

    1. Grazie del tag <3! Purtroppo però ho già risposto alle domande di quel meme un paio di post fa, quindi non credo che lo rifarò ^^ ti ringrazio comunque per aver pensato a me ;*!

  2. Wow, it seems like a great concert.

    1. It was *-* they were really worth the quite expensive tickets and the five-hours long trip to Turin!

  3. I truly understand your choice of seat! I think that it can be a little to much standing in the crowd at conserts. The most important thing is so get to see the band and hear it :D

    (but if I ever see Evanescence live I might just climb up on the stage to kidnap Amy Lee)

    1. Exactly <3! The only thing that matters is getting to hear the band and to peacefully enjoy the music! XD
      Ahah, Amy Lee was my beauty inspiration for most of my teenage years XD I kind of liked Evanescence back then, but are they still together...? I've never heard of them in years.

    2. Mine too, I even did and eyebrow piercing just because she had it xD

      It seems on their facebookgroup that they are still together and planning for a next album :D

    3. Really XD?? Wow, it looks like you REALLY loved her XD! I thought she looked like a gothic snow white, with her cute face, her huge eyes and her long black hair <3