sabato 8 marzo 2014

Back with new clothes ;D!

Hey :)!
It's been a while, huh?
I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I was very busy with my exams; also, major changes happened in my life and they're very likely to affect my future: my mind was elsewhere, I had to put fashion aside for a while.
This was my New Year's Eve outfit, for the record XD I know it's a wee bit late to show it to you, but I  really liked it and I wanted to share it ''XD

[I'm the one on the left]

There is something else that's going to be put aside for a while.
Yes, this is that talk :D the one where the blogger says she's going to take her distances from her usual style, probably for a while, or maybe forever, she doesn't know, but right know she doesn't feel the need to goth up and she would like to try on some mainstream clothes and see if she likes them.

It's not like this is the first time I get a little tired of corsets and fishnet hold-ups; it's happened in the past, and eventually goth started growing on me again; the difference is that then, even when I quitted goth for a while, I always kept dressing in total black. Now I want some colour in my life, and most of all, I want to be able to learn how to match colours again :D!
It's always been easy to combine clothes for me, since they were all black and they all belonged to the same style: now I want to find out how it is to match colourful, mainstream items together, and what my style might be if I wasn't an alternative.

According to the stuff I've bought by now, tuns out I'm quite the romantic.

Also, I've always been fascinated by Jessica Day's style in New Girl (actually, the next step might be getting bangs like hers, which is something I've been meaning to do for years).

Recently I even bought nerdy glasses like hers XD
Ok, so, you got it: a lot of a-line skirts and dresses, a lot of red/white/blue, or pastels sometimes, flats. It's not easy to pull out such outfits in the winter, but I guess I'm going to have to learn how to do this :D

I'm not sure what happened to me; recently I had begun to like classic lolita, which is quite far from the stuff I usually wear, and it's true that when spring comes I always feel the urge to buy colourful clothes, but this time is different. I have the feeling that it might last.
I guess I had always thought I couldn't have looked good in mainstream clothes, the ones the other girls wore: because the Other Girls were pretty, and they looked good in pretty clothes. I thought I didn't and would never have.
Now I've kind of stopped being so insecure about my looks, and I want to try all the things I haven't allowed myself to wear during all of these years. I have understood what kind of clothes look good with my body shape, I've learnt how to do a proper make-up, and I've sort of made peace with my natural hair colour: I want to taste what it's like to be what I thought I was too ugly to be.

In some way, goth has been my comfort zone.  It's weird to say that, considering it has brought me so many troubles and unwanted comments, but that's one of the things it has been to me.
Mainly it was just the style I like, by the way. I've always claimed that it had more to do with my tastes in clothing than with anything else, and it's still absolutely true. But there was something else.
With alternative styles, the outfit was all that mattered, so I didn't care if I didn't look good in a miniskirt and knee-high boots: the only important things were the clothes. I was trying to be a goth, not to be pretty.
Now I want to be what I found out I deem pretty. Which seems to be: crochet collars, pastel sweaters, a-line skirts, polka dots, bows and oxfords or mary janes. Something like this.

Do you like my new idea of style? It's kind of trendy, I know, but it's really starting to grow on me :) I hope you'll keep following my blog even though there isn't't always going to be alternative stuff!
Have a nice weekend ;*!

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  1. Good to see you back, although I understand you had to focus on studies, that is a good attitude!

    I like Romantic looking style too, I love fabrics that have a float to them! Never be scared of colours! You have chosen some nice colours that will be easy to match. When I first started wearing colours again it was a mess, it was like I was totally colourblind. Your choices are really nice.

    As you can tell from my blog, I recently got a fringe, it takes a bit of getting used to, a bit different learning how to style it. For instance if you have light hair and it might be a windy day, it's good to put a bit of hairpray in it to stop it flying around. But if you get it done right to suit you it will look great! And why not try it, at worst, you can grow it out!

    I love a-line skirts, long or elegantly short (which for me is about knee length), I like my skirts to flare out a bit, I think it's so much more flattering.

    I like those dresses and cardis, I think you would look lovely in them. Also it's hard to tell from a picture, but you might look good in blues, because you seem to have a pale skin tone. I have pale skin with a pale pink blush undertone and people always say that I look amazing in blue, light or dark. It depends on how blue makes you feel, of course.

    1. Wow, thank you, your words were a real ego-boost to me XD! I have to admit though that the white dress-black jacket match was on the window, and it was the shopping assistant who gave me a shirt to wear together with that golden skirt… but swear that next time I'm going to be able to choose colours bymyself! XD
      Actually I started with very neutral colours, very easy to work with :)

      As for the fringe, my worst fear was exactly that the wind might turn it into a mess D: or that if I didn't iron it properly, it would look like a disaster… quite stupidly, I hadn't thought about hairspray XD thank you for your tip!

      I like flared skirts too! They do wonders for hourglass shaped bodies, don't they? Plus they have this super romantic and vintagy vibe that I've learnt to love <3

      Yes, I do have a very pale skin tone, in fact everybody always suggest me to try blue, but it's sooo hard to match! And to think that together with pink it's my favourite colour… to be honest I had a lovely blue and pink dress in my wishlist that you would probably like ;D what do you think?

  2. Why should it matter if it's trendy or not? If it feels good, looks good-- do it! ;)
    I bet you'll look super cute in that style, too.
    I myself am loving a trend-- I really like that pastel goth trend, heheh.

    1. You're absolutely right! It doesn't matter at all :D but I thought it might matter to some of my followers (and actually I lost one right after I published this entry O.o).
      Aw, I love pastel goth! I think you'd look awesome in it, I can't wait to see some of your outfits *_*

  3. Everybody seems to be changing styles now, I'm dressing a lot more vintagesque myself. With that said, I like your new stuff, extept, that I prefer darker and more saturated, warm earth tones. I know I'm not commenting all that often, but it'd be interesting to see how your new style evolves.^^

    1. Vintage is soooo lovely <3 I've always like it to be honest, but I had never tried it!
      Thank you so much for keeping following me <3 don't worry about the frequency of your comments, I know you're there ;D!

  4. Hiii, finally you're back. I've been checking in here almost every day! *stalker*

    I'm curious to see how your new style will look, I totally understand you feelings, I have tried several styles other than goth, one needs to explore in order to know. :) Somedays I still feel like going all 50-s or bohemic or whatever and the older I get, the more okay it feels to not be bound to one style only. I just buy the clothes I prefer and 98% of the time it seems to be black :'D

    Jesses style is so pretty! One time I considered buying a yellow dress because she looked so cute in it, haha!

    Good luck in finding your new self, I will of course continue reading your awesome blog!

    1. Hi :*! Thank you so much, dear <3 aww, did you really do that? This is the sweetest thing ever T_T! *hugs*
      You totally nailed it, the point is not "quitting" the subculture, it's more about exploring other ones.
      Also, I have to say that lately I've changed really much as a person and I guess my wardrobe couldn't not be affected by that!
      Oh, Jess makes any colour look super good, but I'm not sure whether I'd look so good in YELLOW as she does XD I mean, I love her super colourful cardigans, but I love them on Zooey Deschanel, I don't think they'd have the same effect on me, ahah XD
      It's so good to know you'll keep following me <3 and - goes without saying - I'll keep following your blog; not only because I love your style, but because it's you <3

  5. I've been feeling that way lately too. Having some color can feel quite nice. Like a sunny day. I love this new style and Jessica Day!

    1. Yay! I had noticed your style was starting to get more colourful :D I'm curious to see how your style is going to evolve!

    2. Thank you! I'm still sticking with the gothy stuff on some days. Other days I want to be more colorful.